Wyclef Jean torn apart by Redditors in ill-advised AMA: “What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get to hell?”

When Jean said “ask me anything,” did he expect questions on “all that money you stole from those poor Haitians?”

Wyclef Jean’s ‘ask me anything’ did not require he respond to any hostile questions—particularly regarding his thoroughly corrupt charity, Yele Haiti, from which Jean and his famous acquaintances reportedly siphoned and mismanaged approximately $16 million following the 2010 earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince.

Yele effectively closed its doors in 2012 under threat of prosecution, but has since been sued by private hospitality firm HVS Global Hospitality Services for $108,972 in unpaid fees.

Jean responded (mostly at or under tweet-length) to only 25 questions; only one of which regarded the Yele controversy:

CHNYC: With all that money you stole from those poor Haitians, why couldn’t you help Lauryn Hill out with her tax bill?

Official Wyclef Jean: its so important that u understand that if u fully do real research u will understand that whenever u decide that u are going to do more then sing and dance u have to be ready for the lies that comes with it i have never stolen from my people i brought Haitian pride to my people and despite what they tried to do i am growing stronger everyday and will continue to do my part as i can see you are doing your part as well

“Haitian pride” is not quantifiable, nor a required disclosure on income tax forms, allowing the former-Fugee to dance around the incriminating topic and get back to more important concerns, like what he’d have done had he met the requirements to run for President of Haiti in 2010;

“well i think its starts with Education and jobs over 50 percent of our population youth …. Haiti do not need hand outs it needs job creation”

Or, “What makes a DJ? What makes an MC? What makes a refugee?”:

“D j moves the crowd the M c control the crowd the Refugee are those that search for a place of peace”

Most of Jean’s replies are hidden on the main topic thread because of the number of downvotes each have received. But should you want to see what Jean has to say about Carlos Santana and what he’d be up to if he weren’t performing (I discourage you, though), it’s all visible on his user page.

More entertaining, however, are the creative ways people call Jean a dirtbag.

“As a young songwriter myself, I have a question for you,” one user wrote. “What’s a good fake charity I could start up to rob people of money who really need it?”

“[What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get to hell?” asked another.

And my favorite:

“Fire your publicist.

Do I need to ask a question?

Who told you this would be a good idea?”

Legendary R&B/hip-hop artist Wycleaf Jean hopped on the Reddit AMA train this week to chat about the classic Fugees album The Score, which turned 20 years old last week.

Although it started off well, the artist was soon fielding questions about his controversies rather than his music, most notably the misuse (aka theft) of $9 million in funds which were supposed to go to a charity he’d set up to help those in Haiti.

At more than 4770 points, the most up-voted question of the session was,

“Hi Wyclef,
I have a question for you, how do you sleep at night knowing that the money people were donating to your charity Yele could have been spent improving the lives of “your people” but instead you spent it on yourself and your celebrity friends? How do you justify $600,000 in donations went to Yele’s headquarters, which have since been abandoned, $375,000 to cover ‘landscaping’ costs, $470,000 spent on food and beverages, you paid yourself $100,000 to perform at a “Charity” event for your presidency bid, $100,000 to your mistress, $30,763 to fly Hollywood Lindsay Lohan from New Jersey to a Chicago. You have stolen a total of $9 million dollars of the $16 million donated to Haiti. Do you feel like the biggest douche bag on earth or do you like stealing from the mouths of the poor and needy?”

Shortly after the AMA derailed, Jean quickly deactivated his Reddit account, meaning his answers were removed. A couple screenshots have been found:

And these were some of the lighter answers, by all accounts.

Needless to say, when you’ve stolen $9 million from charity, it’s probably best to stay the hell away from Reddit. 

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