Many have claimed that Puerto Rican truckers are “not” on strike and that they are trying to dispel “the rumor.”

Our website can be found at SNN.BZ and to avoid being accused of generating or publishing “fake news” we have always included the associated legal briefs filed in courts so that we can avoid arguments and simply refer the public to either the legal brief or a video showing the “words coming out of someone’s mouth.”

Here is a video of the Puerto Rican Truckers Leader stating clearly that the truckers were ordered by him NOT to drive in retaliation for the Governor having established a recent ruling that he (Victor Rodriguez) felt would reduce the number of licensed truck drivers on the island.

When confronted by the reporter about whether his actions are retaliatory he does not deny it. He says clearly that he had called for a GENERAL STRIKE but that Irma and Maria (the hurricanes) arrived but that he still holds his position.

WAPA Television confirmed that the strike is related to a recently passed law known as “The Senate Project 525 meant to Administratively Transform the Public Service Commission.” The law covers the recognition of UBER and other transportation methods but Rodriguez refuses to listen to reason or hear related facts.

The law is more commonly known as “The Senate’s 525 Project.” 

This video should dispel the rumors as to whether or not the supplies are sitting in the port because there isn’t fuel or because the drivers have been instructed NOT to drive.

There is no question that drivers were ordered NOT TO TOUCH THE TRUCKS as a retaliatory measure against the Governor of Puerto Rico.

The Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin decided to keep her mouth shut about the strike and insult President Trump instead. It was a foolish and unfortunate choice considering Puerto Rico is out in the middle of the ocean. President Trump doubled down his efforts and was preparing for the tragedy “even before” the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico.

Being a builder by profession and knowing what construction can handle (or not) Pres. Trump took tremendous measures and made extraordinary attempts to get goods to Puerto Rico and succeeded.

The last thing he expected was that the local drivers would refuse to drive the trucks.

When the statement of a rumor came up, we confirmed with three (3) independent and directly involved sources within media on the island as well as with Victor Rodriguez whether the “strike rumor” was true or not. Rodriguez stated that he would not change his position.

Get to know San Juan Mayor’s true interests before you judge her too harshly.

Carmen Yulin has known of the strike all along. Instead of addressing it, she chose to insult President Trump instead. To further prove her inability to lead, she chose NOT to attend FEMA meetings which are attended by all leaders.

She said “Let FEMA come to me – I’m not going to them, I’m an official.”

Unlike any other Puerto Rican Mayor, FEMA had to assign Carmen Yulin a “body person” to stay with her at all times both because she is a leader that has proven herself uncooperative during this horrific emergency situation and because her decisions have put her own people at risk.

A police officer (whose identity has been confirmed) called in to a radio station confirming that Carmen Yulin will not go anywhere without a full video crew along to record her movements (which she feels will help her affect the public’s perception thus her re-election).

She refuses to fulfill her obligation to cooperate with the U.S. Federal authorities to protect Puerto Ricans right to needed food, medicine and general supplies. 

Here she is in happier times celebrating a “coming home” party for Oscar Lopez.   

President Reagan fired the air traffic controllers when they risked American lives and President Trump should do the same and fire the Puerto Rico truckers union leaders and correct San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin for remaining silent on a critical matter of great importance that she knew would risk American lives.


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