Kathy Griffin shares TMZ’s Harvey Levin’s private phone number and accuses Andy Cohen of offering her cocaine each time she appeared on his show.

She created the video herself so it is another instance in which she cannot hold anyone else responsible for the calamity but herself.

The real difficulty with this latest failure at attempting to be funny is that when she accuses Cohen of offering her cocaine, the accusation exposes Bravo TV to all sorts of attention from legal authorities and their own legal division whom do not want any more complications than they have already had.

Offering drugs on a television set creates a truly nefarious problem since cocaine is still a controlled substance and is not a semi-legal (depending on the state) what most refer to as “light hearted” drug like marijuana.

Comedian Kathy Griffin is still dealing the consequences from the ill-advised photo shoot in which she posed with a severed head resembling the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

The controversy cost her a number of gigs, including hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper. To add insult to injury, CNN tapped Griffin’s former boss, Bravo’s Andy Cohen, as her replacement, and recently Cohen threw some serious shade in the direction of Griffin.

Despite their 10-year working relationship, Cohen pretended to be unfamiliar with Griffin when speaking to TMZ last week. “Who? I don’t know her” Cohen told the paparazzo.

[Above]  Andy Cohen of Bravo TV and Kathy Kriffin

[Above]  Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin, Gloria Steinhem

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