Trump. He is the president-elect and will take the office he has won through our system – the Electoral College. If one does not like the results of that system set up by the founders, then work to change that system, but for now Trump is president.


By John McEuen

In my travels to 130 cities a year I do not understand the ‘make America great again’ slogan, as everywhere I see it is great in so many ways. Though greater than it has ever been in so many ways, it still needs improvement and as always there are problems that must be addressed.

I hope Trump has ideas and changes that address the problems and continue to make America healthier, and a place people can work successfully at their dream to become citizens. Other than the native Americans, we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

I wish president Trump much success in pursuits that are for the good of America, and if he fails to accomplish the good things he aspires to, or creates havoc and weakens the country, then the system will eject him – if those who do not agree become the majority – as it has done with others over time.

If he does not take care of America’s veterans then whatever his other accomplishments may be, will be diminished.


Note:  John McEuen, one of the founders of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is now a native son of Sarasota, Florida where he has established his home and moved his family and businesses.  He is also CEO of SNN.BZ


To the Veterans with thanks. from John McEuen on Vimeo.