Marlo is an over-burdened Mom with a school-age daughter, a younger son with extreme personality quirks, and a fussy newborn infant. Add to that, a husband whose job includes traveling out of State frequently so that he is barely there to help at home. So, when Marlo’s very wealthy brother offers to pay for a “night nanny” to relieve Marlo so that she could get some much-needed sleep and return to the happy, funny, engaging Marlo she once was, Marlo reluctantly, finally, says okay.

And the mystery begins. Who is this night nanny named TULLY who instinctively knows exactly what Marlo needs, to be Marlo again?

Very subtly, we find out at the end of the film, making for a very thought-provoking conclusion.

It was inspiring to see Charlize Theron “not so glamorous” – post-pregnancy flabby belly, dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, unwashed hair, baggy sweats, etc.  – although, she was still Charlize Theron-gorgeous!

The story was real, the characters very believable, and the acting was superb. Women with children will relate. Those without, will learn.

Although we saw an advance screening of TULLY, as the opening film at the Miami Film Festival, this movie was a perfect choice.



Charlize Theron as Marlo
Mackenzie Davis as Tully
Mark Duplass as Craig
Ron Livingston as Drew
Director: Jason Reitman, writer: Diablo Cody

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