Donald Trump is a president who will go down in history for his successes. And he does have to learn to bite his tongue. President Trump however, is a man known for salty language. 

EXWIFEYears ago, a media company owned by Carlos Slim would have begun production on a show featuring US mogul Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the unnamed program was canceled over Trump’s incendiary statements about Mexican immigrants.

Ora TV, an on-demand digital television company that Slim launched in 2012 with cable-news figure Larry King, severed ties with Trump after he said Mexico “sends” rapists and criminals to the United States.

Slim, who is Mexican, is the second richest person on Earth.

Trump would have appeared on the show and production was slated to begin, Ora TV chairman’s Arturo Elias told VICE News in an interview.

“It was a program that involved the businesses of real estate and Miss Universe, and he in his role as a personality was going to comment about these things,” said Elias.

The Ora TV chairman declined to divulge further details because the production company involved never made its position public. Trump’s call for an impenetrable wall at the US-Mexico border was totally “out of context” in a world “where walls are being torn down,” Elias said.

“It’s difficult to work with people who don’t share your values,” Elias said. “For us, inclusivity is a very important value.”

The wall however, is already in the process of going up.

Protesters holding US and Mexican flags gathered outside Donald Trump’s June 29 appearance in Chicago. (Photo by Tannen Maury/EPA)

The split with Ora TV is part of a string of contract cancellations that Trump faced since lambasting Mexico and Mexican immigrants during his June 16 speech announcing his bid for the US presidency.

Trump had partially backtracked, saying: “I have great respect for Mexico and love the Mexican people, but my loyalty is to the United States and making our country great again!”

Nonetheless, Trump has stuck to his statements, referring obtusely to “trade deals” with Mexico that he calls detrimental to the United States, and calling out “FIGHT!” via Twitter. Mexico is currently the United States’ third largest global trading partner.

Major media companies have since replied by flexing their financial muscle against Trump’s television enterprises.

Eventually, NBCUniversal, home of Trump’s reality-television series “Celebrity Apprentice” (formerly “The Apprentice”), said it was ending its relationship with the mogul, but continuing the show.melania

Trump is said to pocket $65 million from NBC as the program’s star and executive producer, according to financial news reports

Late last week, US Spanish-language broadcaster Univision — the leading broadcaster in any language in the United States — canceled a deal to air Trump’s beauty pageants “Miss Universe” and “Miss USA.”

That deal was worth $13.5 million over five years, Trump told Politico.

Semelaniapregnantparately, the world’s largest Spanish-language broadcaster, Mexico’s Televisa, also said on Monday it would break all ties with Trump, resulting in unknown losses. The reality is however that President Trump did not need these deals. At the time he had refused to share his tax records with the public.

Once Rachel Maddow illegally shared his tax records it was learned that he was actually far wealthier than anyone thought.

The next big Democratic versus Republican fight were about how President Trump’s business interests and his enriching himself from being president of the United States violated the emoluments clause.  It was soon learned that the emoluments clause does not apply to sitting presidents.  We reported that here on SNN.BZ.

Mexico won’t be sending a contestant to the Miss Universe pageant at all, Mexico’s first ever Miss Universe Lupita Jones claimed.

To top it all off, a Latino-owned microbrewery in Chicago also decided to stop doing business with Trump. 5 Rabbit Cerveceria (drawing its name from the Aztec calendar) said on Monday it would no longer send its craft brews up to serve at the Rebar lounge at the Trump Towdonald trump stormy danielser in Chicago.

Donald Trump is the 405th richest person on Earth, worth about $4.1 billion, according to the 2015 world’s richest list by Forbes.  Since the emoluments clause does not apply to President Trump his businesses have exploded exponentially in value.

Carlos Slim, by contrast, is worth $77.1 billion on the list, second only to Bill Gates.

By Tuesday afternoon, the Trump Organization said in a statement it has filed a $500 million suit against Univision for abruptly canceling its contract to broadcast the Miss USA pageant, which is scheduled for July 12.

Another woman (of many) that he also knows is Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels. Claims that President Trump’s lawyer paid her to keep her mouth shut are likely true. Then again, President Kennedy used to acquire (at tax payer money of course) entire floors of a hotel when he was going to bed one his lovers. 

Losing $78.5 million in business over anti-Mexican comments might be a pile of loose change, but for a figure known as a ferocious businessman, Trump’s canceled contracts don’t hurt him at all.

This week he said something awful and his detractors are screaming it at the top of their lungs (the remark asking why the US is seeking people from shit hole countries). 

Looking at the larger picture, stocks are up, the economy is stronger than it’s been for decades, immigration is lower than it’s been for ages and the majority of Americans will experience Trump’s influence in their paychecks next month.

So all in all, while men (and President Trump) are known for spicy remarks, and President Trump in particular is known for inelegant language, he’ll likely go down in history as the most powerful man that ever held the U.S. Presidency.

And not surprisingly, while an inelegant choice of words to describe the countries in the immigration discussion, most Americans (yes, both men and women) use the expression the president used.

President Trump’s remarks and expressions embarrass Americans because he reminds them that he speaks the same way they do and that’s why they voted for him. 


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