By Jane Fulmer

Regarding the Immigration ban on 7 nations. Trump, thru his spokesperson Kellyanne Conway has already said that each of the 300+ immigrants who were detained both here and abroad are being vetted again individually.

The 109 people that have been stopped at our airports have been released, except fot 2 dozen who are being questioned a bit longer. It should be noted, the immigration from those 7 nations are less than one percent of the people who come to our nation for business and to live.

ACLU Complaint vs. Deportation of Illegals by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

 Judge’s Order and Decision re: Muslim Ban by Trump by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

They will be allowed to come in if they pass the extreme vetting. It is just a short delay as is the ban on the 7 nations. . Trump wants a more thorough vetting. Having witness the social disruption and terrorist attacks in Europe from the immigrants, it makes sense to improve our vetting.

Radical Islamists said they would infiltrate the refugees to harm us. We should believe them. That is what is being done. Where was all the fuss when Obama stopped all Iraqi immigration for 6 months so that we could form a better vetting program?

It is the number one job of our government to protect us. The more thorough vetting from Trump is to protect our people. One other thing, while the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates, like CAIR, are protesting this ban, the Muslim Reformists , who reject political Islam, are supporting it.

Regarding lumping Iraq in with the other …has Iraq partnered with Iran or not? Are there Iranians Shite radicals in Iraq or not? McCain should rethink his objections…just as he should rethink his support for arming the Islamists to depose Assad. McCain is wrong in his zeal to depose Assad and to ostracize Putin.

There are better ways to encourage good behavior than the interventionist policies that have cause so much destabilization and violence around the world. Trump really needs his cabinet, especially his Secretary of State and Attorney General. Who can blame him for not trusting Obama’s politicized bureaucracies?

Every terrorist attack under Obama have been failures of our bureaucracies to vet people coming into this nation and by our bureaucracies ignoring the radicalized rhetoric of our citizens. I support an overhaul of the vetting procedures and I support a list of the radicalized people and organizations already here, citizen and non citizen.

Obama recklessly purged that list and tied the hands of our law enforcement to stop more attacks.

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