TravelHost story resized smallDENA STEWART and STEWART STEWART – are definitely “ALIVE ON SOUTH BEACH”

Everything that happens on South Beach turns into a party, and a fixture at almost every private party and public event is a small man with a handlebar mustache wearing Harry Potter-like glasses carrying a microphone accompanied by a petite lady with purple hair carrying a video camera. They are South Beach pioneers – internationally-known visual artists/community activists/educators – Stewart Stewart and Dena Stewart who are among the people who arrived on Miami Beach more than twenty-five years ago and helped bring it to its current glory as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world.

Stewart and Dena currently produce and co-host an Internet video show called “Alive on South Beach” for SyndicatedNews.NET, an international news-gathering website. “Alive on South Beach” is a quirky, fifteen-minute, fast-paced show with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It takes viewers behind the scene to meet the passionate people, peek inside the glamorous events and see the celebrities that make South Beach … SOUTH BEACH! 

SyndicatedNews.NET is an international news-gathering site with bureaus all over the world. It currently has more than 35 contributors who do radio blogs, write articles and produce videos that cover a very wide range of current news, hot-button topics, and thought-provoking and talented people. Dena and Stewart, in addition to co-hosting “Alive on South Beach” also serve as the South Florida Bureau chiefs for SyndicatedNews.NET, LLC and can be reached at: [email protected] and 305.534.8807.

STEWART STEWART is a talented studio artist. His work is creative imagery depicting his fantasies and experiences on canvas, wood, and in multimedia boxes.  His artwork has been showcased in international and national periodicals and newspapers.  Stewart (and his artwork) was featured in a documentary for 1ARD German Television.

Stewart is also a professional actor. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (AFTRA), and Actors Equity Association (AEA).  He has appeared in numerous films and commercials.  He had a brief role on the CBS soap opera “The Guiding Light” in the late ‘80s.

DENA STEWART is a visionary artist.  The first time she picked up a paintbrush, with no formal training in art, she was able to translate her feelings, hopes and dreams into pictures for others to identify with.

Their media interviews include local and national TV news programs and talk shows such as hard copy, the today show and NBC Nightly News. Publications that have featured them include Modern Maturity Magazine; The Washington Post; The New York Daily News; The Miami Herald; The Sun Sentinel; and Associated Press syndicated newspaper articles. Mr. Stewart and his artwork have been showcased in Country Living Magazine and Salon (Tokyo, Japan magazine).

Stewart and Dena were selected by the Sun Post as “Best South Beach Art Couple”. SUN POST BEST SOUTH BEACH ART COUPLE

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