Todd Brassner dealer in Fine Art died in today’s Trump Tower blaze.  He was close friends with Andy Worhol. The fire victim was an art dealer that had filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and was in arrears with the mortgage on his $2.5m apartment.

His father had left him a great deal of money and his Trump Tower apartment was worth a great deal more than what he paid for it but he had sunk into a depression and had stopped handling his finances.

Brassner was found unconscious Saturday inside his sprawling 50th floor apartment that FDNY Commissioner Dan Nigro described as completely engulfed in flames.

“He liked fine dining and the best things in life and I think his expenses got ahead of him,” a friend of his told The Post.

Brassner’s family had supported him financially for years, but debt and failing health plagued him in recent years.

His only Facebook posted was posted on October 6, 2012

In his personal Facebook bio he wrote the following about himself…

i’m a fine art dealer and patron of the arts, divorced a long time, if your reading this Llydia be well my ex. no children yet?  guitar player, i noodle around with ukuleles, have great collection of art instruments, its an addiction”help!”  dog lover dachshunds, friends all around the world. i’ll get a photo up soon, AS far the ladies, i hold auditions every full moon at the 92nd street YMCA, so don’t be late, DIG!!!



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