People avoid getting sued whenever possible but when a person or a company he or she owns commits crimes in public view they can’t have any expectations of privacy. Nothing posted here is secret or confidential.

By Ruthie DiTucci

Facebook has been selling out its customers since it went into business. It makes extraordinary revenue by betraying selected Facebook users.

FACEMASH:  Was a direct copy of “Hot or Not.”  Without the owner’s permission or consent, pictures were submitted of Harvard students (mostly female) whom were then rated on attractiveness as “hot or not.”  Zuckerberg barely escaped expulsion over that project.

Coincidentally, about that time, the Winklevoss Twins contacted Zuckerberg offering him a “work-for-hire” contract for a job to come help them write some code for their project “HarvardConnection” and help them launch it.

While writing the code, for, Zuckerberg secretly kept copies of the website and the code he added to secretly launch “TheFacebook” well “before” the HarvardConnection could launch since Zuckerberg himself was timing the launches so that his version of the Winklevoss’s project would launch “first.”

Both sites had the same requirements, an email address, a profile and a photo to join.

Zuckerberg even publicly bragged in a chat room about deliberately delaying the brothers project so that it wouldn’t be ready “before” he took their ideas and relaunched them as his own. So again, nothing I have written here is private or confidential – it is all well contained in this lawsuit below:

Winklevoss Petition for Rehearing en Banc by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

In 2014, Facebook launched a secret experiment with Cornell University, California to manipulate the emotions of 689,003 users. It is still referred to as the “Emotional Contagion” project.

Tests were conducted to deliberately feed and filter “false information” through Facebook users’ own personal news feeds.

Study results were used to change search results so that anything searched related to Hillary Clinton would produce a positive result. Anything searched about Bernie Sanders and then President Donald Trump would produce negative results.

One test deliberately hid “positive” posts from friends in order to provoke the expression of negative feelings. It worked beautifully for the democratic party campaigns whom used the device very successfully.

The other test deliberately hid the opposite. It hid “negative” posts from friends to promote positive feelings. Either way, it was a deceptive practice because Facebook was deliberately manipulating millions of human beings.

Innocent Facebook users were unaware that they were the subjects of Nazi-like war tactic experimentation and Facebook refused to apologize for the intrusion.

That testing was a tiny part of the research manipulating that Facebook users have endured in order to stay online and click ads. Users don’t realize they are being manipulated into clicking.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid Zuckerberg millions for the re-direct service.  The tool means to misinform people with “fake news” when they run a search. The tool turned out to be so reliable that it is now available for use to the highest bidder (any corporation, country or political candidate) as a “business tool.” This is “fake news” at its most despicable.

In 2014, Facebook moved messenger into an app of its own. Why?

Facebook Messenger going on an app of its own is meant to access users phones. That means your phone book, your private texts, photos, videos, passwords, everything would be available to it. When you use Facebook Messenger, the fine print states that you authorize Facebook to access EVERYTHING. A recent glitch brought it to my attention when I was using Messenger to speak to one of my business partners while he was in another country and all his personal connections and groups migrated from his phone to mine.

Facebook “promises” not to use the permissions they have on file to spy on people, even though the company was caught tracking logged-out users in 2011. Privacy advocates are terrified that a repeat of Facebook’s 2009 spying incident can be relaunched at any time and probably will be because it’s so profitable.

More than 860 million people use Facebook daily. They share 4 billion pieces of material that “needs to be reviewed” for objectionable material.

Even though Facebook brought in $8 Billion in 2013, Facebook took all that “objectionable review” material and outsourced it to third world employees paid $1.00 US dollar per hour. Those 3rd world employees state that they are forced to view shocking material such as “pedophilia, necrophilia, beheadings and suicides.”

What’s really incredible and far worse to United States security and safety is that the outsourced employees are hired with absolutely no security checks and they are NOT prevented from downloading posts they review.

Those people could be terrorists whom already know this is an excellent method of obtaining information from senators and congressman that use Facebook and send “messages” internally thinking those are private. Our entire government’s secrets might have easily already have been given away to terrorists this way.

And former moderators have admitted and testified that they were sometimes forced to dig uncomfortably deep into the lives of users.

Facebook deliberately made the privacy settings difficult to control since Facebook directly benefits from being able to data mine and access unprotected user personal data.

Facebook claims that the users’ information stays in its “black box” and is only used to enhance advertising using customers’ relevant content.

In 2010, the Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that Facebook was making its users’ personal data directly available to advertisers.

Third party companies such as Zynga are able to access the private information of users as well as their friends and connections networks.

Other third-party apps were found to have sold Facebook User ID’s to black market data brokers who could link them to websites they had visited.

This video below will show a quick version of what is posted above it.

The public forgets that when talking about his customers, Mark Zuckerberg said (about Facebook users) “They trust me – Dumb.”

Larry Summers publicly called the innovative Winklevoss twins “assholes.”

The twins originally hired Zuckerberg to work on a dating site for them while at Harvard.

When they fell out with him over the creation of Facebook, the twins tried to get former US Treasury secretary Larry Summers, then Harvard president, to intervene.

Asked about the dispute last year, Summers said: “One of the things you learn as a college president is that if an undergraduate is wearing a tie and jacket on Thursday afternoon at three o’clock, there are two possibilities.  “A job interview or they are assholes.”

This is a former US Treasury Secretary speaking this way of young innovators. With Treasury employees speaking and thinking this way, it is no wonder innovators leave the United States to establish their businesses.

Considering the manner in which Zuckerberg obtained Facebook, is it a surprise that he would try to grab Oculus?  A jury found Facebook had to pay Oculus a $500 million settlement.

Divya Narendra, center, with twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The trio successfully challenged Mark Zuckerberg over his claim to creating Facebook. He did NOT create it.

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