Americans always wish they could look away when a senior citizen has commits a crime. And they’re far more annoyed by a sexual incident than they are angry over a violent one because they think the senior should have known better. The thinking is totally irrational but its origins come from the reality that American entertainment still includes everything society claims to loathe on Sunday morning during church service.

By Ruthie DiTucci

A recent SONY hacking event revealed that a SONY Executive was asking a Director if he couldn’t “add a rape scene” in a movie they were discussing in order to make the movie more attractive to the 14-35 year old market share of their audiences.

But in reality, when the crime involves a senior citizen deliberately using drugs to disable victims for the purpose of sexual exploitation, society in general vacillates between wanting to punish the accused for having committed the crime while simultaneously wanting to forgive the senior because of his or her advanced age.

And in the case of old codger Bill Cosby, little was different at the end of this trial as in the beginning other than the exorbitant cost in time and turmoil it cost everyone but Bill and Camille Cosby themselves. When the couple didn’t laugh at the victims directly to their faces they mocked them with carefully placed sarcastic, snarky remarks read off by carefully chosen, paid spokespeople.

Kevin Steele

When the jury began its deliberations, the couple appeared to be little more than inconvenienced. It was hard for Bill and Camille to understand why the public couldn’t just assume the position and play the role NBC Executives played up until the time when their own insurance companies wouldn’t justify it any longer – you know – to just “go along.”

The hardest hit was the AIG insurance company that held a policy on the Cosby’s Pennsylvania home. The policy had a killer clause in it that basically held them hostage to pay for Cosby’s crime no matter how big, bad or how long ago it was. AIG begged the court to let them off the hook but the judge refused.

The case didn’t just try Bill Cosby for his successive sexual assaults. The case was also trying everyone with any authority that surrounded Bill Cosby and whom were active or even passive in aiding and abetting his sexual abusiveness since the sixties. Basically, the case wasn’t just trying Cosby it was trying western society.

Bill Cosby didn’t just wake up one day and decide he was going to assault people. The assault aspect of these crimes were just a minor part of the tragedy. The larger aspect of this horrific case is that drugging people in order to sexually exploit them was part of the unspoken but recognized Hollywood / NYC professional entertainment scene left over from the sixties. It’s embarrassing now but it was a well known aspect of western party culture.

A day-to-day John Q. Public fella would have eventually been arrested and charged with repeated assault and spent the rest of his life in prison. A well placed entertainer with a high priced law firm protecting him was able to enjoy his sexual proclivity for far longer.

The jury was polled and each answered “yes,” (in response to the question about whether they were deadlocked). Why would they be deadlocked?  Because normal, healthy, good thinking guilt-ridden Americans have an awful hard time with the idea of sending an old man to prison. Especially a well known man whom in their heads “they grew up with.”  Americans are a television viewing society that doesn’t distinguish between friends whom they know personally and television characters from the television screen.

Steele told the jury in his June 12 closing argument about the alleged drugging and sexual assault of Constand at Cosby’s Philadelphia-area mansion, that “If you have sexual relations with someone when they’re out, when they’re asleep, when they’re unconscious, that’s a crime.”

So how best to win this case for Cosby?  How about throwing a brand new twist to the drama? By having the world focus in on one victim versus all of them. And don’t forget – the women we know about are only the ones that came forward. There are far more that did not come forward expecting nothing would come of it or what’s actually happened in this case – a hung jury.

Jurists have no problem finding Bill Cosby guilty, they have difficulty in remanding him, at his age, to prison.

But be aware that lawyers for either side of the case may be able to keep their witnesses and their clients quiet on this matter but they have absolutely no control over people whom were victims of or witnessed Cosby’s violence for the last 50 years.

Trust that people will come out of the woodwork now and tell their stories and there are some, whom did not come forward and have far more evidence and stories to tell than were ever shared in these proceedings.  And don’t expect the next woman that gets raped to go to the police. This case has taught the public that if the rapist is a celebrity, reporting the rape will be a waste of time.

Unfortunately for Cosby, there is no way in hell attorneys will be able to keep anyone quiet now.

The prosecutor means to try this case a second time.



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