On his daily commute home, Michael McCauley (Liam Neeson), just fired from his job of ten years as an insurance salesman, is approached by a beautiful woman (Vera Farmiga). She poses a puzzling question: Would he be willing to identify a total stranger on the train before the train reaches the last stop. This passenger has information that is needed by the government, and in return he (Michael) will receive $100,000 for his efforts.  

With a mortgage payment due, as well as expenses for his college-bound son, Michael weighs his options. When he finds the stash of cash the woman said was on the train, he realizes that there is no turning back, only to discover that he is in the middle of a criminal conspiracy that endangers his life and the lives of all the passengers on the train.  

From that point on, The Commuter turns into a mystery with plot twists and turns accompanied by non-stop action and death-defying stunts that were fun to watch, providing reality is not questioned.  As an action-adventure-mystery, the movie works well on a big screen and cleverly ties up the loose ends for a very satisfying, surprising ending.   



Liam Neeson – as Michael McCauley
Vera Farmiga – as Joanna
Patrick Wilson – as Alex Murphy
Jonathan Banks – as Walt
Elizabeth McGovern – as Karen McCauley
Sam Neill – as Capt. Hawthorne
Florence Pugh – as Gwen
Directed by – Jaume Collet-Serra

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