Tiziana Cantone had tried to kill herself three times before her fourth attempt when she successfully committed suicide.

At the age of 31, she was still quite sensitive. She had moved back home with her parents, she had changed her name and and fought relentlessly and failed at having courts remove a sex tape in which she was featured. The courts did not help.

When her frustrations reached desperate levels, she would turn to alcohol. Her life became a nightmare.

tiz3When she took her case to court, she won “the right to be forgotten and the right to have her video taken off the Internet” but the court had her pay  €20,000 (the equivalent of  (£17,000; $22,500) in legal costs. Many considered the court charging her so much cash for the removal of the video from the Italy’s Internet, as a punishment by the court.  After all, she foolishly recorded the video in the first place.

Sadly, the court acted too little and too late. Once posted, the video was immediately copied and republished in the thousands.

Seeing herself online was bad enough but seeing how defending herself was costing her financially, she just gave up.

Many Italians grieved with Tiziana’s mother but many felt Tiziana had brought the mess on herself.  Some radio jocks went on the air to further humiliate her for having the sex video online.


Some continued to condemn her, such as Walter Caputo, a Turin city councillor for the Democratic Party of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. He made fun of her whenever he could.

On Facebook, Caputo posted that when Tiziana sent her video to acquaintances, she might have been trying to be notorious but that he didn’t see her as an innocent victim.

He later apologized for those comments.

Roberto Saviano wrote that the hostility and anger towards Tiziana (who should be treated like a victim) stems from Italy’s deadly relationship with sex.

Another posted stated that if Tiziana had been male, that if her name had been “Tiziano,” she’d still be alive because a man is not judged the same way as a woman is judged because Italian society holds a gender double standard.

Another mourner thought it was remarkable that there were so few men present at the event.

Tiziana’s suicide occurred when his friends thought the incident was behind her.

Women felt it hypocritical that the many men who made loud public statements against the video, were simultaneously enjoying TIziana’s images online.



Taziana’s video is pornographic in nature hence we cannot show it here.


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