Congressman accused of harassment denies having ‘sexual fantasies’ about ex-staffer who’s suing him – but admits he likes redheads. Taxpayers paid for the entire case. 

  • She also claimed the married congressman and father of two ‘regularly drank to excess’ and had ‘a tendency to flirt’- especially with redheads
  • The former aide asserted that the congressman, GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold, once told his staff he’d been propositioned for a threesome’
  • Farenthold denies most of Greene’s allegations but admits he did tell staff about the threesome and staff made jokes about his affinity for redheads

A Republican congressman accused of sexual harassment is denying charges levied at him in court by a former aide who says she is a victim of gender discrimination.

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The ex-staffer, Lauren Greene, who was admittedly fired, alleged in a December a court filing that Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold told another staff member that he had ‘sexual fantasies’ and ‘wet dreams’ about Greene.

Greene also claimed that the married congressman and father of two ‘regularly drank to excess’ and it was a topic of concern in the office that Farenthold ‘a tendency to flirt’-  especially with redheads.



nnocent? Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold says he didn’t tell his assistant that he had ‘sexual fantasies’ and ‘wet dreams’ about his then-communications director, Lauren Greene  

The Plantiff: Lauren Greene, an ex-staffer for Farenthold, claims the married congressman and father of two ‘regularly drank to excess’ when she worked for him. and it was a topic of concern in the office that Farenthold ‘a tendency to flirt’- especially with redheads – when he was drunk

Formerly the communications director for Farenthold, Greene claims the congressman and his chief of staff created a ‘hostile work environment’ and she was later wrongfully terminated.

She’s asking for back pay and compensation for emotional distress.

In the process of lodging her complaint against the congressman’s office over the circumstances surrounding her departure from his staff, she accused the congressman of inappropriate behavior ranging from discussions about his sex life with staff and and sexually-charged commentary about her attire.

The court document asserts that Farenthold once told his staff about a ‘female lobbyist had propositioned him for a “threesome.” ‘ Greene also claims he said he and his wife Debbie were ‘estranged’ and had not had sex in some years. 

In one instance of alleged sexual harassment, Greene claimed her former employer suggested she might have semen on her skirt.  

On another occasion Greene says Farenthold, responding to a complaint that her shirt was ‘transparent’ and her nipples were showing, told another staffer that Greene ‘could show her nipples whenever she wanted to.’

Once the congressman commented that Greene’s skirt was unzipped, the lawsuit claims, but the ‘opening was so small that Farenthold would have had to be staring at her closely to notice.’

In a Response filed in court, an attorney for Farenthold’s office denied most of Greene’s allegations, including all claims that the congressman was sexually attracted to Greene and made passes at her and that staff found his behavior concerning.

Farenthold said its true he ‘occasionally complimented’ Greene on her appearance but he also praised other women and men in the office for their appearance from time to time as well.

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And while he did once comment that her skirt was unzippped, Farenthold flat out rejects the claim that he on another occasion made a joke about Green possibly having semen on her skirt. 

Furthermore, the court filing states, he did not make any other tasteless comments about Greene’s work. When she showed up to work once ‘in a shirt and bra that were made of such flimsy fabric that [her] nipples were visible,’ she was notified by a female staffer that she was dressed appropriately.

Family Man: Congressman Farenthold is pictured here, from left to right, with his wife Debbie, and daughters Morgan and Amanda

Taking a shot back at Greene, the court document claims that multiple staffers in Greene’s old congressional office noticed that ‘on a number of occasions [she] would report to work with an extensive amount of animal hair on her clothing.

While the three-term congressman’s office acknowledged that ‘some staff occasionally joked that Rep. Farenthold finds redheads attractive,’ it claimed it wasn’t a source of concern for staff.

Farenthold also admitted that he did regale a tale about an offer to have a threesome,’ except denies that the woman…was a lobbyist and denies the allegation’s implication that Rep. Farenthold told his staff about the proposition for an improper or lascivious purpose.’

Greene, the court document implied, is merely a disgruntled staffer who was fired over her ‘poor performance’ as communications directer and her ‘failure to report to work and appear for multiple media events.’

The Texas lawmaker’s office claims that Greene was fired a day after it was discovered that she lied about the reason for her absence.

Farenthold came under fire weeks before his election to Congress in 2010 for a photo he took with blonde a model in lingerie at a Texas nightclub while attending a friend’s birthday-fundraiser 

Farenthold was first elected to Congress in 2010.

Just after Greene filed her suit in December, the Huffington Post discovered comments left by Farenthold between 2006 and 2010 on a website for frequent flyers deriding his wife and in which he derided his wife, joked about infidelity and told a story about a flight attendant worrying she’d overserved him alcoholic beverages.

Talking about upgrades, Farenthold  wrote, according to HuffPo, that ‘Pregnant wife in [business class] with me in [economy] = waste of 9 hours of free booze’ and ‘Pregnant wife in [economy] with me in [business class] = waste of 9 MONTHS of my happiness.’

In another thread, Farenthold noted that he is allowed reallocate his upgraded seat or keep it for himself.

‘I can give it to my wife if I like, or if I’m traveling alone the hot redhead in 12B in hopes of……’ he wrote.

Farenthold also came under fire weeks before his election to Congress for a photo he took with blonde a model in lingerie at a Texas nightclub during a friend’s birthday-fundraiser. She wore black negligee while he donned blue pajamas covered in yellow ducks.

Still, he went on to win on to win November’s election, and has been reelected two times since in the heavily Republican district.








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