In Episode 65 of Alive on South Beach, at the 2017 NATPE Miami Expo (National Association of Television Program Executives) Dena and Stewart spoke with reality star Brooke Hogan, along with several television content providers and hopefuls. Barney Rosenzweig, Television Producer visited the Stewarts in their studio to talk about his current interests, and at the Miami Book Fair, Tom Austin, former night-life columnist talks about his most memorable times on South Beach.

Hour 4-Stewart@6and6

CONVERSATIONS with Stewart B. Stewart@6and6 For the past 25 or so years, I have had a studio on South Beach. From time to time whenever my friends or friends of my friends were in town they would stop by...

CAGNEY & LACEY and ME – Barney Rosenzweig

Barney Rosenzweig, Emmy-Award winning Television Producer, talks about his very busy life during retirement, growing older with dignity, the end of Gilbert & Sullivan Opera since the Doyly Carte Opera Company let their copyright lapse, and the latest activities of his very talented Emmy-Award winning wife, actress Sharon Gless.


These stories stimulate philosophical dialogues about ignorance that generates fear that is at the root of most prejudices and "why" prejudice is just not right!