Saloote is the world’s first collaborative platform of music lovers and artists for streaming, performing, recording, and mashing up music videos online. Just launched on iOS, Saloote’s iPhone platform introduces music artists and enthusiasts to a new world of digital performance and collaboration.

Attachment-1Saloote takes the aspirational artist from his bedroom out to the world, uniting music lovers and artists online to jam out,  connect, and create music videos for everyone to enjoy. Whether an enthusiast, indie or a professional, Saloote gives users access to hit songs, an active community of artists and enthusiasts, and easy-to-use tools for recording and collaborating with other users.

Since its founding in 2011, the company has invested three years developing the advanced, media- centered platform that enables Saloote’s collaborative audio/video production capabilities. Its proprietary technology ensures the highest quality of streaming, recording, and mashing up of music and videos on Saloote.

Through a strategic partnership with Sony Music, Saloote offers users a collection of hit music from such artists as Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Sia, Sara Bareilles, and Chase Rice, among others. Performances recorded by users do not include the original song.  This way, users can play, sing, or dance along to the original music of their favorite artists while separately recording their own audio and video.

But Saloote is much more than an online recording tool, it is the first platform ever to enable music lovers and artists from all over the world to create single music videos by synchronizing and mashing up separate, individual performances.  

Who knew you could create a virtual band with a drummer from Miami, vocals in New York, a dancer from Los Angeles, and a pianist in Austin? This is how Saloote connects people through music.

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