[Above]  Jerry Lewis had one biological daughter, Suzan Lewis [Left] in this photo she is accompanied by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’ granddaughter Cassandria Arnaz [Right]. Photo taken this week in Philadelphia.

NOTE:  “We would like to thank you for your interest in speaking with Suzan about her iconic father, Jerry Lewis, and his passing.  As one can imagine, the outreach to her has been overwhelming and she is incredibly grateful.  Suzan will be available for interviews in late September.  Interview requests should be directed to Cassandria Arnaz of AnotherDesilu”  at 224 500 5574.


Jerry Lewis’ and his first wife Patti Palmer were married for 36 years during which he had multiple affairs.

[Above]   Lewis met his first wife Patti Palmer August of 1944. She was a singer with Ted Fio Rito. The couple married 2 months later in October of 1944 in Detroit. 

Two years after the wedding they welcomed their first son, Gary Lewis in 1946.

The couple went on to have five more boys, Ronald Steven ‘Ronnie’ Lewis in 1949, Scott Anthony Lewis in 1956, Christopher Lewis, in 1957, Anthony Lewis in 1959 and Joseph Lewis in 1964. Ronnie was adopted.

Although the marriage lasted a total of 36 years, Lewis often had trysts with various women and has admitted to his adultery openly in numerous interviews.

He once mentioned the era was full of infidelity on his part and said:  ‘This is when I was having sex with everybody in Hollywood.”

It was during this time that Lewis had a 3 year long affair with model Lynn Dixon resulting in the pregnancy that resulted in Suzan Uchitel in 1952.

When casting small parts for a movie, he met stewardess Sandee/Sandy Pitnick. 

Being a movie star brought Lewis many sex partners and Lewis wrote openly of his many partners. After 36 years of marriage and six sons, Patti Lewis sued her husband for divorce in 1982. She later wrote a book claiming that he was an adulterer and drug addict who abused their children. Son Gary became a pop singer whose group, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, had a string of hits in 1965-66.

While casting small roles in a comedy film, Lewis met a stewardess named Sandee Pitnick who changed the spelling of her first name to Sandy Pitnick.  In his late 50s, Lewis married Sandra Pitnick, 32, a former airline stewardess turned bit part actress. 

 [Above]   Lewis (c.), his wife, SanDee Pitnick (on the right), and her daughter Danielle from another relationship (on the left). Pitnick insisted that Jerry adopt her daughter, give her his last name and completely ignore his biological daughter Suzan.  

Suzan Minoret Lewis and her brother Gary Lewis who stepped up for her DNA test proving she is biologically Jerry Lewis’ daughter.

One day when Jerry Lewis was in Paris, the daughter he fathered with Lynn Dixon who had been living in Paris since she married, came to see him at the hotel where she knew he was staying.  Father and daughter spent a wonderfully sunny Parisian day together.  When Suzan returned to the hotel the next day at her father’s invitation, his representatives barred her from seeing him and told her to “disappear.”

When Jerry refused to provide paternity DNA, his son Gary Lewis came forward and offered to provide it since DNA can be proven through siblings as well as parents. 

And as luck, or nature would have it, of all of Jerry Lewis’ biological children, the one child with the highest percentage of matching DNA is his daughter Suzan.

And of all his children, she carries the strongest likeness to his features. She’s virtually an exact replica of her father.


By Ruthie DiTucci

Jerry Lewis died today. Now I can publish what I have known for many years with certainty and freely because Jerry is now gone. When the Associated Press published an article about how Jerry Lewis, his wife and his only daughter, we asked the Associated Press reporter why she identified his adopted daughter and did not mention his only biological daughter who had been DNA proven through her brother Gary Lewis.

Associated Press had the facts about Jerry Lewis and his biological daughter but chose not to publish the truth in order to stay on the good side of Jerry’s Agents.

Jerry Lewis was married when he met a woman he could not resist. She too was married to someone else at the time. As love happens, they had an affair and she got pregnant.

Jerry continued his life and denied his daughter Suzan Lewis for decades.

It was one of the several serious reasons he was forced to walk away from his very lucrative “Jerry’s Kids” telethon which was an American TV standard.

The show’s producers were living in terror that someone would eventually identify Suzan whom had suffered a cranial injury in a car accident in Orlando, Florida.

It would be too hard to explain to the public why Jerry Lewis was completely dedicated to “Jerry’s Kids” but couldn’t be bothered to help his own handicapped biological daughter.

And his daughter’s condition was even more unfortunate because she received her head injury in a car accident so she was not handicapped due to Muscular Dystrophy or another natural illness but it left her disabled nonetheless. She never recovered from the concussion.

Although she insists on transacting her own business, her ability to comprehend legal matters is very limited. Many have exploited that condition to wrap her into contracts that take advantage of her.

[Below]   Jerry Lewis threatening to bite Lucille Ball on her arm. In the following photo he does actually bite her.

Jerry Lewis and his handicapped daughter Suzan whom he refused to recognize. Luckily for Suzan, her brother Gary accompanied her to a DNA exam where they learned that she is definitely Jerry Lewis’ daughter.  Their mutual resemblance is unmistakable. 

[Below]   Suzan Lewis living on the streets of Philadelphia

When Esther Lynn Schaffel (Suzan’s mother) signed this letter, she had no idea that DNA would exist in the future and that Suzan would be able to prove what she was saying (thanks to her brother Gary coming forward and accompanying her to a DNA test).  Since DNA did not exist at the time, Esther Lynn Schaffel composed this letter to help Suzan reach the status of proving who she was.



[Below]   Suzan as a 16 year old teenager with actress Jane Russell exchanging embraces.

[Below]   Image of Suzan taken from a photo she has carried for years.


As Suzan tells it, her mother, Lynn Dixon, was a successful fashion model who wed and had a son in the mid-1940s. That marriage crumbled quickly, and Dixon soon met 23-year-old Jerry Lewis. At the time, the man who one day would be an international celebrity was just getting started in show business, teaming with Dean Martin and making radio and early TV appearances.

Milton Berle introduced Dixon to Jerry one night after a Martin and Lewis performance at the legendary Copacabana club. Though Jerry was married with a young son, he couldn’t ignore his attraction to Dixon.

Their three-year affair became an engagement when Jerry gave Dixon a ring, Suzan said. But Jerry couldn’t get a divorce—his wife, Patti Palmer, was Catholic.


Suzan was born on Feb. 3, 1952. Jerry was on the road at the time promoting his soon-to-be released film, Sailor Beware, so he convinced Berle to visit Dixon in the hospital on his behalf, Suzan said. Two years later, Dixon married prominent Big Apple restaurateur and nightclub owner Hy Uchitel, who—along with his brother Maurice—was also known for his alleged associations with some of the country’s biggest organized crime figures.

The Uchitel name still resonates in New York’s social circles. Maurice’s granddaughter Rachel Uchitel is the shapely nightclub hostess who famously lost her fiance in the World Trade Center attack then years later gained notoriety as one of Tiger Woods’ love interests and as a reality TV personality.

Suzan’s mother however, when she married restaurateur Hy Uchitel, was known as Lynn Uchitel to her closer friends such as Pat Nixon. 

Lynn Uchitel was Suzan Lewis’ mother. Pat Nixon shared a meal with Suzan’s mother regularly at the Voisin restaurant owned by Suzan’s dad Hy Uchitel. While Pat ate at the restaurant with Lynn, her daughters went upstairs to Suzan’s room to play with Suzan and her dolls as did Liza Minelli and Lorna Luft when their mother, Judy Garland dined at the restaurant. Judy Garland was friend to both Uchitel brothers and their wives.

When Suzan would talk about how her mother dined with Pat Nixon in the family’s French Restaurant and mentioned that Pat Nixon was wearing a fur hat everyone thought she must have made that up because “Pat was known for her cloth coat” and supposedly shunned fur coats.

The truth was that the “cloth coat” was a wonderful way to reach the every day voter but it was in essence a “political line” meant for political photo-ops. In reality, Pat Nixon was known for her extensive collection of fur coats and fur hats.  

As a youngster, Suzan and her parents lived in the hotel above their French restaurant, The Voisin, located at 63rd Street and Park Avenue in the heart of upscale Midtown Manhattan. (James Bond fans will remember the restaurant from Ian Fleming’s novel, Diamonds Are Forever.)

Zsa Zsa and daughter Francesca Hilton

Each day brought Suzan into the company of real-life icons from the entertainment, business and political worlds.

“Zsa Zsa Gabor’s daughter, Francesca, came and played in her room with her as well. Leslie Bogart [daughter of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall] was in my class in French school.

I had them all to my birthday parties.

“My mother would find time to have lunch with Ethel Merman and dinner with Pat Nixon.”

John F. Kennedy also was an enthusiastic patron.

“When he was in New York, he had to go there,” Suzan said. “He made the Secret Service set everything up the day before and when he came he made them walk all the way down Park Avenue from 76th Street to 63rd Street following him.”

Suzan’s scrapbook is filled with photos from that period of her life. There’s an image of her as a 9-year-old chatting with actress and pin-up model Jayne Mansfield. Yet another photo depicts a teenage Suzan posing with pop idols Davy Jones and Peter Tork at the height of The Monkees’ popularity.

Suzan’s own palpable charisma leaps from the photos, too. Her long dark hair, big brown eyes, broad smile and dimpled chin seem to blend the best qualities of both her biological parents. These days, she still has a broad smile and that pronounced chin—a Jerry Lewis trademark—although her hair is graying and her overall appearance is of a person that has enjoyed better days. 


[Left]   Suzan Uchitel (at the time) married Francois P. Minoret, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jean Armand Minoret of Rochefort-sur-mer, France. They married on December 21, December 1970.  The papers featured Suzan as the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hy Jason Uchitel. The reception was held at Voisin, Palm Beach. The couple were to honeymoon in Paris and Rochefort-sur-mer, France with plans to reside in Paris after December 28.

The Daily Beast’s reporter Dana Kennedy wrote that Suzan somehow “took off” as though she ran off with a man. Nothing could be further from the truth and you have to wonder why publications would not bother to research public records which detail that this young girl had a proper society wedding published in newspapers all over the United States as well as all over Europe where the prominent Minoret family hailed from. Suzan Lewis had a proper, formal society wedding.

When Suzan was met by a reporter who interviewed Suzan for the story published in Philadelphia recently (they met near Cottman and the Boulevard in Philadelphia), Suzan wore layer upon layer of old flannel shirts, sweat tops and insulated jackets, as well as a faded blue winter scarf and a gray cap. She carried three or four oversized duffel bags to tote her other personal effects.

Like those celebrities whom Suzan once knew so well, Jerry Lewis was a frequent, though irregular, presence in her childhood. As Suzan’s mother kept the true identity of her daughter’s biological father a secret from Hy, she nonetheless found ways to reunite father and daughter whether they met on Miami Beach for several play dates.

A good example of that cooperation was that when Suzan was 2, Jerry and Lynn (together) enrolled Suzan in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

And when the Uchitels vacationed in Miami Beach, they stayed at the posh Fontainebleau hotel. So did Jerry—that’s where he filmed perhaps his most famous movie, The Bellboy, in 1960. During the filming of that movie, Jerry met with Lynn several times in order for him to spend time with his daughter Suzan.

“When I was little, we’d have a cabana around the pool and he’d get the one next to ours so he could be near us. He’d play with me in the sand, all of that,” Suzan said. “He’d be silly. He say something like, ‘Let’s play ball,’ and then he’d fall all over the place.”

Back in New York, they’d arrange discreet meetings periodically and often cross paths by pure chance. After all, they socialized in the same circles. Publicly, meanwhile, Jerry led a happily married life: By 1964, he and Palmer had six sons including one adopted—but no daughters.

“He was very affectionate. He gave me gifts, dolls. And I loved dolls,” Suzan said. “He wanted a daughter but he could never tell anyone he already had one.”

QUEEN MARIE’S EMERALD TIARA – Was a diamond and emerald kokoshnik tiara bought by King Alexander I of Yugoslavia for his wife, Queen Marija (Marie). Made by the jeweller Bolin. After the fall of the monarchy, it was later bought by Van Cleef & Arpels, who removed the emeralds and replaced them with paste.

The diamond and emerald tiara was not part of Suzan’s imagination. The diamond and emerald tiara Suzan often spoke about was real and it was owned by Van Cleef and Arpels Jewelers.

Suzan’s scrapbook contains news clippings from Suzan’s own flirtation with stardom. At 17, she wore a white gown, pearls and a tiara and mixed with the daughters of princes, politicians and industrialists at the 1969 International Debutante Ball at the Waldorf Astoria.

The tiara she wore was owned by Jeweler to Royalty and Hollywood Stars, Van Cleef & Arpels. The jeweler knew exactly who Suzan’s father was and he adorned her with priceless jewels for events with frequency.

During a television interview Suzan mentioned that she had been dressed by a jeweler in an expensive Russian tiara when she came out to society as at the Waldorf Astoria.

Her Majesty Queen Marie of Yugoslavia, named Princess of Romania at birth

Anyone watching the interview could see the reporter’s eyes roll over implying that Suzan was making the whole thing up.

The interview went downhill after the eye roll because it implied to anyone watching that everything Suzan had said was unreliable because the interviewer herself did not believe Suzan.

After all, who did Suzan think she was? She was basically saying she had been a Debutante wearing fine jewels at the Waldorf Astoria in fact, wearing a priceless Russian Emerald and Diamond tiara. It was just too much to believe – and it was all true!

The jeweler’s archival photographs identify the tiara’s provenance very clearly.

Suzan Lewis was telling the absolute truth about jewelers adorning her in fine rubies, saphires and diamonds. They did it because they knew she was Jerry Lewis’ daughter.

As a society, we all need to ignore Jerry Lewis and his handlers ridiculous dismissal of this woman and employ our collective compassion for Suzan Lewis. And we cannot forget that she suffered a serious cranial injury in a car accident in Orlando, Florida that left her with a seriously disabled sense of self.

She cannot judge the difference between safety and danger.  She has been living on the fringe for a very long time. Suzan needs help in all aspects of life. When he was alive, she sent him a notarized letter saying that she did not want a dime from him. That she had the where with all to do that must be respected by us all. She has never asked for a hand out – not ever.

[Below]   Suzan Lewis today on the streets of Philadelphia with her friend

Source:   PhiladelphiaWeekly

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