After a number of women accused Donald Trump of sexual assault this week, those both inside and outside the Trump camp argued that if the incidents the women allege had really occurred, they would have come forward earlier.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said on CNN that the women had plenty of previous opportunities to come forward “if this incident had been so important to them.”

Spokesperson Katrina Pierson asked why they would have waited until less than a month from Election Day, and accused them of seeking “15 minutes of fame.”

What is unfortunate is that so many professionals stand to earn so much in tems of cash and notoriety in the mere attempt to bring this case.  Summer Zervos however will be left alone with legal bills and very little to show for this case. She is bringing what is for all intents and purposes a minor case against the most powerful office in the world. She is basically suing the Office of the U.S. Presidency. She stands to gain nothing.

Summer Zervos sues Donald J. Trump for Defamation by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

Entering a lawsuit into the record in any court room in the United States does not mean that what charges made will be charges won.  In the sad case of of Summer Zervos, she truly is a little David facing a Goliath.

Zervos’ cousin states the opposite

“I am completely shocked and bewildered by my cousin, Summer Zervos, and her press conference today. Ever since she was on The Apprentice she has had nothing but glowing things to say about Mr. Trump,” John Barry, Zervos’ first cousin, said in the statement.

He went on to say, “That was until Summer invited Mr. Trump to her restaurant during the primary and he said no. I think Summer wishes she could still be on reality TV, and in an effort to get that back she’s saying all of these negative things about Mr. Trump.”

This is what Zervos claims she wrote to Mr. Trump.


In 2006, Zervos said in an interview that she left the Apprentice “admiring Donald Trump a lot more than when I arrived.”

The documentation supporting this article seem more like an attempt to bring notoriety to a failing restaurant than to solve or relieve women’s causes. When Zervos invited Mr. Trump to her restaurant and he refused, she then took this path.

It’s unfortunate that the wiser, more seasoned business people around her (including Gloria Alred) did not stop her from this foolishness.



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