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It was only 2 months ago today when both @HiddenCash hit Twitter and SpareCash SRL launched its app and their unbelievable success made marketers, bloggers and game lovers alike take notice. Many people have been mistaking Dale Scott Marion from SpareCash as Jason Buzi from @HiddenCash. Here’s what Dale had to say about that.

Although they both started around the same time, one with an app and another with envelopes, both Dale Scott Marion and Jason Buzi have been funding their ventures with their own money.  Both to the tune of about $50,000.00 USD being given away in the last 2 months.

However, in Dale’s case there was also $120,000.00 spent on app development, licenses, patent applications, business registration, accounting and taxes, not to mention branding, design and marketing to push the app into center stage in the Adventure Category across the nation.

“Money aside,” as if quoting both icons, the comparison has been made by many that the use of SpareCash in businesses would cause people to act like the people who storm parks in search of juice containers filled by@HiddenCash.

“That simply isn’t the case with SpareCash” Marion said, “Back in April when I began posting to Facebook under SpareCash I made it clear that I would not be giving weeks of advanced notice for any of our cash drops.  The reason being is social chaos causes more problems than any company wants to deal with, I actually feel bad for Jason doing what he’s doing, the way he’s doing it.

We seldom drop more than 1 marker within 1km of each other, which makes people spread out looking for the biggest one. With all of that said, people with cellphones don’t need to dig, or overturn park benches to find a virtual marker, so you’ll never read about how a SpareCash player has destroyed property to find $50.00.”

Since they began, Dale in April and Jason in May, both have gone viral, Jason in the US and Dale in Eastern Europe. Although both have plenty of followers on their fan pages, SpareCash has taken a great deal of time to weed out negative users, spammers. fake accounts and bots.

“We should actually show about 300,000 followers on Facebook,” stated Marion, “But if you read back in our timeline you’ll see many weeks when we were sitting at the computer clicking delete on thousands of bogus profiles and banning spammers and bots, so we now have users who we can actually engage with and who aren’t posting negativity or demeaning posts, too often seen on @HiddenCash’s profile.”

Numerous people have also made the mistake of thinking that @HiddenCash is behind the SpareCash App.

sparecashDale says, “Absolutely not, Jason did his thing his way, I’ve offered to help him many times, because I know the economics of what he’s doing.  We have made an open offer to Jason to use our technology free of any charges or fees to place cash markers, make tournaments, put out big cash drops and more, but to date we’ve gotten no response.” He continued, “But as a business we need to make one thing very clear; our patents cover the application of money to a virtual geo location collectible by the users of an application that allows such an activity. I would rather give Jason our technology freely and let him use it, than see someone who’s not familiar with the tech-space have problems later on trying to develop it themselves.”

There’s also one last little difference that Marion has stood behind since day one.  SpareCash has focused on building a sustainable system.

“Having made millions in media and technology over the years, I can honestly say that when I originally saw Jason come out with @HiddenCash, I thought for sure it was a temporary deal. I believed he knew that his model was unsustainable, and I felt the only way he could possibly continue would be to use technology to offset the costs he’s incurring for travel, lodging, and of course – envelopes.”

Marion adds jokingly. “If anything I completely understand Jason and his drive to help people. It lives in me and I believe it lives in most people. I’m hoping this invitation allows him to realize the potential of using technology to further his cause and I hope in some manner I hear from Jason soon.”

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