By Eduardo Quezada Escandón

Who needs Baseball in Los Angeles when Dodgers games are blocked from certain cable companies that leaves fans without being able to watch the games.

Who needs an NFL team in Los Angeles? LA fans have had no team to follow for 16 years after the Raiders and Rams.

What’s left? Well, for me today it was Football (Soccer) and it was enjoyable!

I was able to catch the game between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid and it was an intense game where I witnessed  “Little Pea” Javier Hernandez score the only goal of the two legs in the Champions League quarter finals.

In the end “Chicharito”  Javier Hernandez scored the goal that ended almost 180 minutes of deadlock between these fierce city rivals.

“Chicharito”  is on loan from Manchester United for a season, it was a goal that means Hernandez will be adored at the Santiago Bernabeu long after he has gone.

Congratulations “Little Pea” from this side of the world.

This is a headline that was repeated in the media around Europe:

“Little Pea” saved Real Madrid from elimination, and became an unexpected hero in the Champions League finals.

Eduardo Quezada


Eduardo Quezada

Eduardo Quezada