SyndicatedNews.NET Forms Strategic Partnerships with to Advance its role in the burgeoning Cryptocurrency industry and now Bankcoin.Global and Bankcoin have further partnered.  The “the bankcoins” are now available at the [email protected] Cryptocurrency Exchange in Mexico.  

To date, the U.S. Government has not authorized U.S. persons to use the exchange. Americans are advised to keep checking back here at SNN.BZ because once the U.S. makes a decision the details will be announced here.


Company also announces several key personnel appointments.
 [Titusville, Florida] SyndicatedNews.NET, a Titusville, Florida news and information Internet site founded and directed by Ruthie Barrows, has announced the company’s Cryptocurrency partnership with, a regulatory, reserve and advisory company working in the cryptocurrency industry based out of Queensland, Australia. is led by Chairman, Gary McAlister. The agreement is effective immediately.

The new twist is that Bankcoinreserve and SyndicatedNews have joined Bankcoin.Global where both are legally registered and properly licensed in Mexico City, Mexico.

Capt. Ric Garwood USN Ret., Hon. Mayor Jill Egizii, Eduardo Quezada, Hon. Judge Michele Lowrance Ret.

The Mexico City, Mexico based [email protected] will now be the home of Bankcoin.  The established cryptocurrency exchange now offers Bankcoin where Bankcoin.Global is already exchanged. It is the perfect pairing and is offered along with several other cryptocurrencies.

As with all cryptocurrency exchanges, the ability for a citizen to transact at BAEX is determined by that citizen’s own country. Check with your country’s cryptocurrency and tax laws to learn whether you are permitted to transact at BAEX.

At this moment, most of the entire world is invited and legally able to transact at BAEX. To date, Americans are eager to transact but the United States government has yet to make a decision on the matter so until further notice, U.S. persons are asked not to sign up for an account and keep checking because the U.S. will eventually make a decision allowing U.S. persons to participate.


All SyndicatedNews members are in agreement with the move to have Bankcoin join Bankcoin.Global at [email protected] as they have already enjoyed stellar careers in all walks of life or are semi-retired.  They agree that this is a good union between two companies of similar names.

The members of SyndicatedNews are The Honorable Madame Mayor Jill Egizii (Leland Grove, Illinois), the Honorable Judge Michele Lowrance recently retired from Cook County Family Court and has recently established a private arbitration business in Chicago, Illinois. Both Egizii and Lowrance will continue with SyndicatedNews.NET in their advisory roles.

TingTing Li, Roberto Argüello LAPD Ret., Ruthie Barrows and John McEuen

daMs. Barrows, an expert in Web domain acquisition, is the former Founder, President and Director of Sales and Personal Domains for, a strategic arm of the Wyith group of companies in Hong Kong, China.

mckinsey_companyShe also brings technology experience acquired while working at McKinsey Management & Co. as a document specialist then went on to teach at Columbia University’s Outreach Program under TANF Federal Funding Programs.

SyndicatedNews.NET, is owned and managed by a formidable group of mature, proven professionals that will inspire the public’s trust and participation in the new cryptocurrency technology.

In addition, the two entities have engaged the international, multi-practice law firm of GreenbergTraurig, LLP to represent them in connection with regulatory and transactional matters.  GreenbergTraurig has approximately 1,900 attorneys serving clients from 38 offices in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


Michelle Bostick Tax Specialist, Tony Crespo NYPD Ret., Pastor Abraham Brignoni

“I couldn’t be more pleased with our new relationships with both and the law firm of GreenbergTraurig,” Ms. Barrows commented. “These engagements put our Bankcoin in an ideal position to play an important role in the ever expanding cryptocurrency industry.”

Gary McAlister added, “Bankcoin cryptocurrency is distinguishable from other digital assets. Bankcoin auto-generates up to 10-percent interest per year. Bitcoin is a volatile medium of exchange whereas Bankcoin is a fixed store of value.”

Brian Bard,  Lee Zimmerman, Gary McAlister

”GreenbergTraurig has extensive experience in representing clients in matters involving the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission,” said Douglas Arend, the Greenberg Traurig attorney leading the team. “In light of the Commission’s determination that virtual currencies are commodities as defined in the Commodity Exchange Act, we look forward to working with SyndicatedNews.NET and as they move forward in this emerging area.”

In addition, SyndicatedNews.NET announced that the company has retained and appointed several individuals to key roles within its organization. John McEuen, internationally known and respected musician now performs with Matt Cartsonis, John Cable and Johnny Cash’s son and daughter (Roseanne Cash and John Carter Cash). John continues as SyndicatedNews CEO and Music Director.

Prize winning Ian Williams will lead SyndicatedNews.NET as Editor-in-Chief. He is a broadcaster, journalist and author. Lee Zimmerman, former Director of Communications for the CBS Television Station Group, has been named Executive Director of Communications for SyndicatedNews.NET.

Dena Stewart & Stewart Stewart Miami Bureau Chiefs,  and Ian Williams our Editor-In-Chief

Eduardo Quezada, formerly of Univision and Telemundo, will handle North America Spanish language projects. Roberto Argüello, formerly of Univision and Telemundo, will guide operations in Central and South America. The company plans to open an office in Havana Cuba.

Dr. Kevin Maguire, D.O. continues in his role as Health Director.

Dena Stewart and Stewart Stewart, both artists, educators, and founders of Center for Folk and Community Art, a non-profit arts outreach organization, will continue to operate the Miami Bureau and oversee its office move to Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. As major content providers to SNN.BZ, they co-host “Alive on South Beach” (7-1/2 years), and Dena Stewart reviews movies. 

Capt. Ric M. Garwood (U.S.N Ret) of Merritt Island, Florida will serve as Global Operations Director.

Brian E. Bard, Sr. originally of Guelph, Ontario Canada and a life time member of the La Cita Country Club and Golf Resort serves as a consultant to the Titusville, FL projects.

Michelle Bostick, owner of Shelley’s Tax Service of Titusville, Florida remains with the company. Tony Crespo, former NYPD member now living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will remain with the company.

Judge Michele Lowrance, recently retired, Cook County Family Court Judge and the current Madame Mayor Jill Egizii of Leland Grove, Illinois have been with SyndicatedNews.NET for 7 years. They hosted the FAMILY MATTERS radio program about Parental Alienation. They both remain with SyndicatedNews.NET.

Local Florida professionals are Capt. Ric M. Garwood (USN Ret) from Merritt Island, Florida, Brian E. Bard originally of Guelph, Ontario Canada (now a native Titusville, Florida resident for 30 years) who will guide the Titusville projects.  Michelle Bostick who has had her own tax business for years in Titusville, FL will serve in her capacity as tax advisor. Ruthie Barrows taught Seniors how to use technology at Brevard Community College as a contribution to the community and also lives in Titusville, Florida. Stewart and Dena Stewart, residents of Miami, Florida have been the Miami Bureau Chiefs and will remain in that capacity.

The most important aspect of cryptocurrency is its international appeal. The Winklevoss Brothers, Cameron and Tyler who founded GEMINI, the first cryptocurrency bank of New York, went to London when it came time to establish their cryptocurrency exchange.

SyndicatedNews.NET and continue to study cryptocurrency and appreciate all the new welcoming legal situations and new cryptocurrency laws being established internationally. When it comes time to do business, the company will establish itself in any country that welcomes cryptocurrency in a positive and favorable way.

Rabbi Nathan Segal of Staten Island, New York and Pastor Abraham Brignoni of Deltona, Florida provide our prayer strength.

All other personnel currently associated with SyndicatedNews.NET will remain. 


[SyndicatedNews.NET contact: Lee Zimmerman, Executive Director of Communications
email: [email protected]

[Bankcoinreserve contact: Nina Taylor skype: [email protected]
[Bankcoinreserve contact: Gary McAlister skype: [email protected]
[GT GreenbergTraurig contact: Elizabeth McCarron Hodgman [email protected]


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