By Lillian Mehan

It is true that Donald Trump “fat shamed,” one of the new Miss Universe contestants when he first bought the franchise. Twenty years ago, in typical Donald Trump fashion, he went out of his way to make a big deal of embarrassing a 19 year old.

And now, two decades later, the democratic machine got in gear and has done everything possible to use Alicia Machado’s story to portray how Donald Trump fat shamed and verbally abused the Venezuelan beauty queen. And it would make this a heartfelt story if it were not that Alicia Machado has been a professional porn figure for almost 20 years.

The democrats have brought Alicia Machado in and offered Machado what she wanted most in exchange for telling story about how she suffered at the hands of Donald Trump.

Instead of a beauty title, this time she won something far more valuable – she lives in Los Angeles and was given U.S. citizenship and a brand new U.S. Passport.


What the democrats did not know is that of all the possible men Machado could have chosen to father her child, she chose one of the world’s most notorious drug lords.  He is one of the leaders in the Beltran Leyva Drug Cartel. His name is Jose Gerardo “El Indio” Alvarez who is currently jailed.

When Machado wants to pressure people into doing something, she has been known to throw the weight of his name around in order to exert pressure through fear. Americans are not impressed with the name of Jose Gerardo Alvarez or his associates but in Venezuela the name frightens people into compliance.

Machado has been known to throw his name about as to suggest he has influence and that she can borrow his influence while he’s in prison.


Machado has denied the allegations that her daughter was fathered by El Indio and has claimed that the father is a Mexican businessman by the name of Rafael Hernandez. These contradictions are a few of the matters that affect her credibility.

This year, Machado claimed that the Mexican government was going to release an official document clearing her name and legally proving that her daughter was not El Indio’s and publicly naming the business man. So far the Mexican government has not released any documents at all because the business man named will not sign documents supporting the claim.

Alicia Machado proudly displays her Playboy center spread.

There is an Inside Edition interview between Machado and Jim Moret where they cover Machado’s weight issue. But Alicia Machado, then only a 19-year-old was ordered by Trump to lose the extra weight.

In one Howard Stern interview, Trump (not known for being tactful) referred to Machado as “an eating machine.” We should also keep in mind that this was 20 years or so ago. There was a lot less political correctness then than there is now.

What Machado did not tell the pageant or anyone outside her family is that she suffered from bulimia for many years. Her relatives whom were cooperative a few years ago now refuse to talk. Bulimia is a very secretive condition and sufferers often do not display their symptoms and sometimes spend years throwing up in secret.


Unfortunately, Machado signed a contract that did not allow for her to take on so much weight. The franchise lost the Kellog cereal sponsors as a result causing added tension between Trump’s Miss Universe organization and Machado.

Showman that he is and not the most sensitive of men, Trump put Machado on a workout schedule and called the press in to document it making her a spectacle.  It was reported by several that Trump continued to refer to her as Miss Piggy.

And now as a presidential candidate, Trump is having a hard enough time with women and Hispanic voters. Alicia Machado embodies both but while she’s very interesting as a media item, the democrats did not vet her background. Aligning themselves with Machado to use as a tool against Trump is turning into a democratic public relations nightmare.

As a result of coming to the US to provide interviews against Donald Trump in exchange for a US Passport, Machado’s sorted background which is not thought of well in Venezuela either is now being featured in news media all over the world.

Alicia Machado’s citizenship was fast tracked by the democratic machine as they always do when they need to bring in someone from outside the country to fulfill a role an American can’t pull off. This one however will not end well for Alicia Machado or the democrats since once she’s outlived her purpose will be dispensed with as they are known to do with people they no longer need.

What the doe-eyed Machado is much too young to realize is that the democratic machine will use her for their purposes. A string of democratic operatives have testified that they “were invited” to do the dirty work thinking they were going to be important and famous. Millennials recently working at the DNC come to mind.

After loyally following explicit instructions, they wound up having to plead the fifth and their careers ended abruptly in silence.

Once Machado outlives her usefulness to the democratic machine, she will find more cold shoulders than welcoming arms because her history is so laden with misfortune and negativity that being associated to her is real hardship.

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Court hearing: Alicia Machado leaves court with her lawyer Ricardo Koesling (left) in Caracas after denying that she was involved in the attempted murder of her boyfriend’s brother-in-law at the funeral for her boyfriend’s sister, who jumped to her death while eight months pregnant.

Bobby Abreau

Alicia Machado was supposed to play a simple role in a “big brother” type Venezuelan television show known as “The Farm” (La Granja). When she signed on as a cast member she was very engaged to baseball player Bobby Abreau.

The competitive Alicia Machado thought she would edge out her cast mates by getting sexually involved with the show’s host, Fernando Acaso. It worked.

Machado and Acaso made television history when Machado when the pair had sex on the set of the show during the actual taping of the episode. Their sex act was aired on national television.

Fernando Acaso

The show didn’t call for a sex scene but Machado and Acaso created one anyway. The episode got far better coverage than the Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian sex tapes ever did because those tapes wound up on American BlueTube (porno version of YouTube) but weren’t really viewed by the general pubic.  Alicia Machado’s sex tape was very different due to it being filmed while she was having sex on the set with the show’s host. The tape became the property of the network.

The episode appeared during the evening time slot as a live event which gave the film, national exposure and it has been aired frequently on Venezuelan television.

Juan Rafael Rodriguez Regetti

The production crew shot still photos and short versions of the video of Machado and Acaso going at it. Video cuts often serve as the show’s “teaser.”

In another Alicia Machado real life soap opera event, she was dating Juan Rafael Rodriguez Regetti who shot his brother-in-law because Regetti held his brother-in-law responsible for Regetti’s sister having committed suicide during her eight month stage of pregnancy.

Regetti’s indictment names Alicia Machado as a co-conspirator of the attempted murder for having driven the get away car which the court saw as complicit involvement in Regetti’s attempted murder case.

Judge Maximiliano Fuenmayor

Three months after the shooting, Alicia Machado stated publicly that Rafael Caldera [above] was “a powerful friend of hers who would ruin a judge’s career” if the judge (Judge Maximiliano Fuenmayor) dared indict her as an accomplice in her boyfriend’s attempted murder case.

Court documents and phone records prove that Alicia Machado called the judge and threatened to use her powerful friends to ruin his career and she threatened his life by telling the judge he could/should be killed.

Judge Maximiliano Fuenmayor who had indicted Machado’s boyfriend, Regetti for the attempted murder announced it on national television. He said that he believed that both Regetti and Machado were responsible for the shooting since when Regetti shot his brother in law – it was Machado who sped them away in her sports car.

He also declared on the evening national news that Machado had threatened to ruin his career and have him killed.

Powerful individuals begged the judge not to indict her because she was acting out of “feminine emotion” which is not a legal defense but at the time it was an acceptable legal claim but a common response to behaviors by “hysterical women.”

Here is the actual clipping of the article when it was written by Steven Gutkin and published worldwide by the Associated Press on February 5, 1998.



Alicia Machado and Bill Clinton have both experienced very active, well publicized sexual affairs.

José Gerardo Alvarez (center) aka “El Indio” aka “El Chayán” aka “El Inge” is a leading member of the Mexican drug cartel. Alicia Machado’s herself claimed he was her daughter’s father. As the years passed, she changed the story saying a business man fathered her child and that the courts would prove that – the business man has never signed documents to that affect.


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Alicia Machado while having threatened a judge’s life may not have meant it at the time. Speculations suggest she was just being loud and angry. And having sex on prime time TV while immoral is not illegal in Venezuela where the FCC is more relaxed about sexual matters than in the USA.

Alicia Machado however is a fine opportunist and the cameras really do love her!

Unfortunately, Donald Trump was not lying when he said she had a dicey background and should not be taken seriously.

In this video, in her best Venezuelan Spanish, Alicia clearly compliments Fernando Acaso on his “talents.”  Here it is UNCENSORED.


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