In Wuppertal, Germany, a group of young men took it upon themselves to enforce sharia law. They wore orange safety jackets, patrolled the streets and forced German citizens to abide by sharia law. The young men aged 20 to 38 were subsequently sued for taking the law into their own hands.

When the trial was over, and the only thing the men were charged with was violating Germany’s “using a uniform to imply authority” law, things went from bad to worse.  The German Judge ruled that the young men had not broken any German laws.

One would think the ruling would make for a peaceful solution – it did not. The “sharia law” police as they call themselves, mistook the judge saying they had not broken any German laws as an approval of their activity.

Sven Lau, on the right, in the mosque in Wuppertal.

The incident has made the “sharia police” more brazen and forceful against Germans than ever. They now yell to passersby that “your own judge backed us up – we are the law now.”

The sharia police hand out pamphlets telling Germans how to dress, how to speak, how to live and in general they are imposing their version of sharia observant life on local Germans. That affront is taking a serious toll on German citizens.

Yunus Sahin, 27, on the left, Sven Lau in the middle and Isa Schneider, 23, outside of a casino in Wuppertal.

The shariah “moral police” are unofficial however they are forceful, self appointed and they use their physical power to push and move Germans whom do not customarily touch strangers.

These Islamic young men wound up in court only because they wore the orange vests and were more than just intimidating the community, they were bullying anyone they came across.

There is a law against wearing uniforms in Germany but there is no law against the men going along the streets imposing their faith on the German public.

Over sixty percent of Wuppertal citizens believe the Islamic men are bullying them and forcing them to accept a religion against their will and that Angela Merkel is responsible because the street agitation with the Islamic refugees does not affect her personally.

Sven Lau and company walk past a sex shop in Wuppertal.

The leader of this vigilante group is 34 year old German born Sven Lau. He blatantly recruits fighters for Syria for the ISIS and now that his “sharia police” were charged with nothing more than violating the “uniform” law, he’s more emboldened than ever.

Merkel’s only involvement with the refugees is to take selfies with them. As the highest political figure in Germany she and her family are protected by body guards on a 24 hour, 7 day per week basis. She is never subjected to the every day violence the refugees freely show the police that guard the areas where they live.

Wuppertal residents blame their situation on Angela Merkel’s interest in pleasing the European Union which demands all members give up their borders which allows refugees with sharia beliefs to move in waves across Europe at will.

President Elect Donald Trump made it clear during his campaign that he would not allow sharia law to grow and take a foothold in the United States as it has in Europe.

The American citizenry is counting on the President Elect to make good on his campaign promise.

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  • Roberto Arguello

    When are we going to wake up? The Jihadist are on the move and what’s happening in the European Union will happen in America if we don’t pay attention. Can you imagine what it would be like living under Sharia Law or having NO-GO Zones in your city where the police are not permitted to enter? This is happening right now in England, France, Germany, and Sweden. By the way, they are already here in America and will not stop until they achieve their objective which they have clearly stated — Sharia Law worldwide!