Several publications have reported that that the male and female members of Bill Clinton’s Secret Service detail refer to Bill Clinton’s mistress as “The Energizer Bunny.” They’ve known of her for over 10 years.

Julie Tauber McMahon is such an intelligent woman that she has a legal action named after her – it’s called “The McMahon.”

While going through her own divorce, she realized that the amount she would receive would end once the “divorce clock” ran out in court. When she realized her ex’s business would be earning far more soon after the divorce – she did not file or sign her divorce papers. She withheld the divorce action until after her ex husband’s business did well and “then” began the divorce on a new time frame. Since she’d remained his legal wife all along, she was then entitled to all the new money he’d made – both during and after their marriage!

That crafty move earned McMahon the original money she was due as partner spouse to the marriage but also the additional income her ex earned after they’d already split up. It was pure legal theater and highly successful. Divorce lawyers all over the country

And generous as he is known to be to women he’s happy with, Bill appropriated $2 Million of the Clinton Family Foundation to Energy Pioneer Solutions. Unfortunately for McMahon, the IRS website clearly states that any 501(c)3 should not be operated for the benefit of private interests.

Here’s the mess defined…

In 2009, Scott Kleeb a Nebraskan Democrat founded Energy Pioneer Solutions. The ownership record reveals that Mr. Kleeb owns 29% of the company, Jane Eckert (an art gallery owner) owns 29%, and another 29% is owned by Julie Tauber McMahon who is Bill Clinton’s long time gal pal (they’ve been romantically involved for more than 10 years). Conveniently, one of her many homes is located in Chappaqua, New York.

In addition to the 29% shareholders there are also two 5% share holders (but look at who they are!)… they are DNC treasurer Andrew Tobias and political campaign supplier to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Rhode Island Democratic chairman, Mark Weiner.


Here is where this gets complicated…  The Bill Clinton not only oversaw the $2 Million going to Energy Pioneer Solutions directly from the Clinton Foundation to the company where his lover is part owner, but Bill Clinton also personally vouched for the company to Energy Secretary Steven Chu.


Energy Secretary Chu is best remembered not for his professional work as Energy Secretary but for a long night of partying in Washington, D.C. where he was sleeping off a night of carousing through a series of Washington, D.C., bars and taverns.

When he woke up, he found that some jokester friends of his whom had access to where he was sobering up from the previous night’s celebrations had placed a giant crystalline-silicon solar receptor in the lounge chair next to the one he woke up in. The photo below was posted in THE ONION.

Needless to say, Bill Clinton’s vouching of the energy company of which his girlfriend is a major stakeholder, a move that resulted in an $812,000 grant for the company ~ Steven Chu now says he doesn’t remember the conversation at all.

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