[Above] Senators Schumer and Gillibrand pulled diplomatic strings to get Indian athlete into the US. The senators met Tanveer Hussain in Italy at the last snowshoe race.

Gillibrand’s trip to Italy (where she met what is called a “snowshoe” athlete) Kashmir Hussain was slipped into the United States with the help of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand who both used their political clout to get through the red tape that was obstructing this man’s US entry.

Gillibrand loses her composure completely and goes on the attack over the “marine photograph” incident but refuses to answer questions about the Indian athlete whom rubbed a 12 year old’s breasts and vagina in public as he gave her a full tongue in mouth kiss. The same athlete she and Schumer pulled strings to get into the USA.

Hussain, native of India is accused of sexual involvement with a 12 year old minor female.  A snowshoe athlete from Indian-administered Kashmir has been denied a US visa amid fears he may have fallen foul of new US immigration policy. And what a pity too, after all the work Senators Schumer and Gillibrand went to in order to bring the athlete they met in Italy into the United States!

Neither of the two senators (Schumer and Gillibrand) have said a word about this sexual assault case by a man the two of them personally brought into the United States.

Gillibrand was very vocal on the senate floor about female soldiers having their photos posted on a private Facebook page. Facebook also did not answer any calls about the matter and have allowed the website to stay up even though the photos are unauthorized by their owners.

What the mainstream media does not mention is that the special athlete has been charged with sexually assaulting a 12 year old in Saranac Lake, New York where the snowshoe athletic competition is held.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand pulled diplomatic strings to get Indian athlete into the US. The couple met the snowshoe athlete in Italy while traveling there. 

Saranac Lake police Patrolwoman Reyanin Brown and Sgt. James Joyce (rear) lead Tanveer Hussain into the St. Armand Town Hall for a bail revision hearing Friday evening. (Enterprise photo — Antonio Olivero)

Tanveer Hussain, 24, was scheduled to participate in the 2017 world snowshoe championship at Saranac Lake, New York.  Hussain’s coach says a US embassy official told him she could not help him due to “current policy” but did not elaborate.

India is not among the seven nations whose citizens are barred from entering the US under new immigration rules.


[Above]  Tanveer Hussain, left, walks into the St. Armand Town Hall in Bloomingdale in March with his attorney, Brian Barrett of Lake Placid. (Enterprise photo — Chris Knight)

Melanie Morgan accused Al Franken of inappropriate behavior as did Broadcaster Leeann Tweeden who was kissed by force by Al Franken during a kiss skit for a USO show that he wrote into the script. https://snn.bz/al-franken-assaulted-me/

Individuals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen face a 90-day visa suspension under the executive order signed by US President Donald Trump last week.

Clyde Rabideau, the mayor of the county where the tournament is due to be held, said on Wednesday that two senators had contacted the US embassy in Delhi for more information.

The embassy in Delhi would not comment on individual visa applications for reasons of privacy, but emphasized that Indian citizens are not affected by the recent executive order.

Mr Hussain’s coach, Abid Khan, said all his documents had been in order.

“We had local government recommendation and also the invitation and verification letter from the New York snowshoe federation. But as soon as a lady visa officer at the US embassy in Delhi read our names, she went inside a cabin and came back after a few minutes. She said she was sorry, but that she could not help us due to the current US policy.”

Tanveer Hussain had participated in the world snowshoe championship last year too.

Mr Rabideau said that with the intervention of US senators, they hoped the “issue is resolved quickly and we can get on with our international friendship.”

Tanveer Hussain accused of sexual involvement with a 12 year old minor and Saranac Lake Mayor Clyde Rabideau

Tanveer Hussain, 24, of Kashmir, India, stands charged with first-degree sexual abuse, a felony, and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. First-degree sexual abuse, according to New York law, means the perpetrator “subjects another person to sexual contact” without consent, in this case because the alleged victim is under age 13 and legally too young to give consent.

Police Sgt. Casey Reardon said the girl and her parents reported the alleged abuse to police. It allegedly took place around 5 p.m. Monday at a location on Park Avenue in the town of St. Armand portion of the village, but Reardon didn’t give more specifics. He did not give the girl’s exact age or identity.

After the complaint, Reardon said police located Hussain while he was walking down Bloomingdale Avenue.

“We approached with him, and he came with us willingly and has been cooperative since,” Reardon said.

Abid Khan, the other snowshoer who came here from Kashmir for the world championships, says Hussain told him he is innocent.

Khan spoke to reporters Wednesday evening at the St. Armand Town Hall in Bloomingdale, as he was waiting for Hussain to be arraigned in town court. Saranac Lake no longer has its own court, so its criminal cases are handled in the courts of the three towns that converge in the village.

Khan said the girl had followed him and Hussain around in an affectionate way during their stay here. He called her “a nutcase.”

One day when they returned to the Porcupine Inn on Park Avenue, where they had been staying, Khan said they found the girl playing pool with other guests.

“We didn’t invite her,” he said.

Khan said Hussain told him the girl tried to make an advance on him, but he turned her away.

“He says there was no contact at all,” Khan said. “‘She tried to come. I pushed her back.’ After that, he said he came back toward us and told her to go back home.”

Khan said Hussain’s interaction with the girl at that time only lasted about 30 seconds.

“It wasn’t like a half-hour or 15 minutes,” he said. “No time was spent together.”

Asked if he believes the girl made up the story because Hussain rejected her affections, Khan said “maybe.”

Reardon, asked about Khan’s account, said police have enough evidence for probable cause.

“We’re confident in our investigation and the results of it,” he said. “There were other witnesses. Social media was involved. There’s evidence that supports the charges.”

Khan, 34, is president of the Snowshoe Federation of India. He didn’t compete in Saturday’s races. Khan said the younger Hussain “is more of a naive kind of person.

“He is not aware that she is minor in first place,” he said. “We told him later that she is a minor. He doesn’t understand proper English, so he doesn’t know.”

Khan added that he and Hussain are embarrassed by this situation, both for themselves and for Saranac Lake.

“It’s embarrassment because people gave us love, respect, everything,” he said. “They opened their hearts to us. I am more responsible because it should not have happened. I’m the guy who is here representing everything. It’s even more embarrassment for the people of Saranac (Lake). We’ll not be able to show our face to them again.”

Hussain and Khan were celebrities here at this weekend’s snowshoe events due to the effort it took to get them here. Three weeks ago, the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi denied their visa applications, reportedly thinking they might not return home due to a lack of “strong ties” to their home country.

It was the Village Mayor Clyde Rabideau, who had met two senators during last year’s championships in Italy and invited them to come to Saranac Lake, New York. The senators are New York’s Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand who used their political muscle to get athlete into the US. 

Seventh-graders from Saranac Lake Middle School wrote letters to the senators on the Indians’ behalf. As their plight drew media attention here and in their home country, the senators contacted the embassy, which let the men resubmit their visa applications — and approved them.

The visa denial happened around the same time President Donald Trump issued an order barring travel into the U.S. from seven countries. India was not one of them, but many local people associated the two developments and went out of their way to welcome these Muslim foreigners.

Saranac Lakers have poured out their hearts to these men since they arrived Thursday. Porcupine owner Fred Mazzeo offered them lodging free of charge and picked them up from the airport in Burlington, Vermont. Some restaurants offered them free meals.

Mayor Rabideau started a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $1,600 in seven days to cover some of their travel expenses. Hussain and Khan spoke to the middle schoolers Friday and showed them videos of Kashmir and its winter recreation. The pair got some of the biggest cheers of the night at Friday’s opening ceremonies.

Mazzeo, reached by phone at his inn early Wednesday evening, said he had been in Plattsburgh all day and knew nothing of the arrest.

“I’m shocked,” he said. “They couldn’t be nicer.”

Told of the nature of the charges, he expressed even greater shock.

Mazzeo said the snowshoers are still staying at his inn, but “I really didn’t see very much of them after the first few days.” He said local residents invited the men over for dinner in recent days, and they had an event scheduled later in the week at Paul Smith’s College. He wasn’t sure what day they planned to leave.

Mazzeo said he noticed nothing unusual about them.  “They were both very polite,” he said.

Back at the town hall in Bloomingdale, the arraignment was delayed while town Justice Sheridan Swinyer found a lawyer for Hussain due to a conflict with the Essex County public defender’s office.

Brian Barrett attorney at law from Lake Placid, New York now represents Tanveer Hussain

The judge eventually got Brian Barrett of Lake Placid, who met with his client behind closed doors. There was a question about whether a court-certified interpreter is needed, as Khan, the only interpreter available at the time, could be a witness. Barrett made calls seeking outside advice on the matter, and when Hussain was finally arraigned, Khan was sworn in as an interpreter.

Barrett entered a not-guilty plea on Hussain’s behalf.

“I couldn’t have entered anything else but a not-guilty, based on the information I had,” Barrett said. “Based on the limited communications I could have with Mr. Hussain, it didn’t allow for me to properly evaluate the case and make an informed decision on behalf of my client.

“These are allegations,” Barrett added. “They’re merely allegations alone. Not only is he innocent, he is presumed innocent by law. That’s how he should be seen in the community and by anyone paying attention in this case.”

Hussain and Khan had planned to return home Thursday. A visibly upset Hussain, with hands shackled and still wearing a maroon World Snowshoe Championships hat, pleaded with the judge not to send him to jail.

“Sir, please,” he said. “Help me.”

Tanveer’s brother Younis Ali, who lives in the Rainawari area of Srinagar city, said their family was in a state of shock after coming to know about his arrest.

Swinyer decided not to accept a plea because he wasn’t sure if Hussain fully understood the charges against him. He remanded him to the Essex County Jail in Lewis in lieu of $5,000 cash bail or $10,000 bond, less than the $10,000 cash and $20,000 recommended by the county district attorney’s office. A preliminary hearing on his case is scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday.

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