And so, over eight years after the brutal murder of Meredith Kercher, we have the one confirmed convicted perpetrator, Rudy Guede, interviewed on Italian TV from prison on the extremely popular “Storie Maldette.”

You have to hand it to him. He has learned the art of  sincerity, whilst remaining the liar that he is. To me, that he names Amanda Knox as being definitively present with “a man with a Southern Italian accent” at the murder scene is irrelevant.

imageThey have received so much attention, that this article ignores them and questions the credibility of Guede alone.

Bespectacled, serious, respectful Rudy, whose real crime according to him is that his immaturity and fear of racial prejudice left him incapable of seeking help for the dying Meredith Kercher on that fateful November night in November 2007 certainly evokes sympathy with anyone not fully acquainted with the case.

How well has he tailored his version of events to fit the known evidence. There is, of course according to him an innocent explanation for every single trace of him in that cottage. One wonders how several courts did not believe him, so credible is he.

Anyway, the interview begins with a long preamble about his deprived childhood, and there is no doubt that this much is true. Abandoned by his mother, and parented by a father who was an amoral role model, absent more than present, Rudy was befriended by various philanthropists in Perugia, and aided by teachers who often took him home to experience a little family life. Not a good start for the young boy from the Ivory Coast, who seemed to lack the stability in childhood which predicts a potentially poor outcome in adulthood.

 Against this backdrop, Rudy’s version of the murder night begins….. Guede claims he had a “date” with young Meredith Kercher, an Erasmus student from a respected British university, and housemate of Amanda Knox and two young Italian women.

Despite nobody having seen any interaction between Meredith and Rudy on the previous Halloween night, Rudy claims Meredith invited him to the house. He had eaten a spicy kebab in the town centre, and was thirsty. Meredith told him to make himself at home and he duly drank juice from the fridge whilst she rummaged in her room looking for purportedly stolen rent money, becoming increasingly agitated and blaming Knox for the theft.

She criticised her housemate not only for her dishonesty but for her dirtiness and other matters of which she disapproved. And so Rudy stepped up, consoling Meredith, reasoning with her, because, as he told the interviewer, to accuse someone of theft is a serious thing.

So, picture the scene…he succeeds in calming Meredith, and in the living room they cuddle, kiss and have low level consensual sex. ( Don’t forget that his DNA was found inside Meredith so the story has to fit.)  Meredith asks him if he has a condom. He does not and neither does she, so Rudy, as a sexually responsible man, knowing that Meredith has had other partners, is quite content to leave it there, and anyway he needs the toilet due to the aforementioned spicy kebab….

Let’s just stop this story right there. There is no reason why Meredith would not be attracted to this athletic dark-skinned young man, but as a woman I cannot make the leap between being furious one moment and then overtaken by irrepressible sexual arousal the next. And they were able to curb this arousal because neither had a condom, and in any case Rudy need the loo urgently?

Putting to one side the fact that Meredith was already in an intimate relationship with Giacomo who lived downstairs and who was an acquaintance of Guede’s, how likely is this story? I propose to go no further with his implication of Knox, nor with the caring image of himself, staunching Meredith’s blood with towels from the bathroom.

This is his alter ego, the man he knows he ought to have been, but wasn’t. Maybe he has even convinced himself of his “story”, of  the mutual attraction between himself and Meredith, and of a murder which occurred whilst he was on the toilet.

What is very, very disturbing, is that there has been a surge of support for Guede on social media and in certain sectors of the press in the wake of this interview.

I strongly believe in the power of the human spirit to change and regenerate, and certainly commend the fact that Guede has occupied himself gainfully in education whilst in prison.

However, if he is truly repentant, he cannot cleanse himself nor be fully rehabilitated until he calls time on this ridiculous story, and tells the simple unvarnished truth of what happened that night, (whatever that may be),  in order to give the Kercher family the closure they so badly need. 

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