By Thomas Myers

Holly Holm scored a savage, utterly shocking headkick knockout over Ronda Rousey last night (Sat., Nov. 14, 2015) in the second round of the UFC 193 main event, which took place inside Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.


And it wasn’t even close — Rousey recklessly chased Holm around the cage for the entire first round and then again in round two … for as long as it lasted. Holm, meanwhile, peppered her with precision strikes, turning her nose into a bloody faucet as “Rowdy” refused to adjust her wild gameplan. I mean, she didn’t even really put her hands up, at all, which is not a good idea when facing a former counter-punching professional boxing world champion.

It wasn’t the repeated punches to the face, though, that ultimately did in Rousey. Those blows just set the stage for the final finish, a brutal headkick knockout that had Rousey unconscious before her limp body even crashed to the canvas. Holm followed up with a clean shot to the face, and another to the shoulder, as the referee dove in to save Rousey from further abuse, but the job was already done.

And it was incredible to watch — no one gave Holm much of a chance … at least not publicly. Not only did she flatten Rousey, but she did so in a surgical manner that it’s impossible to argue that Holm “got lucky” or it was “just a fluke.” Nope, Holm took Rousey to school last night, then when it was time for dismissal, she took her out behind the woodshed and gave her a beating like never before.

Simply surreal.

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