Yesterday, Rick Perry was indicted on charges of abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant – felonies that could potentially result in a life sentence – after following through on his promise to veto state prosecutors investigating public corruption.

The left-leaning advocacy group, Texans for Public Justice, has largely pushed the issue, which stems from Perry threatening to cut $7.5 million over two years from the public integrity unit in order to pressure Rosemary Lehmberg, the Travis County District Attorney whose office oversaw that unit, to resign after she was convicted of driving under the influence.

While the courts will have to rule on the legitimacy of the charges, it’s not hard to see why Governor Perry may not want Rosemary leading an office.

The woman tasked with prosecuting criminals on behalf of the government attempted a piss-poor Hokey Pokey:

Her walking of the line was about like her previous dance.

Rick Perry clearly didn’t trust her abilities.

By the looks of things, she didn’t either.

Even though Rosemary was pressured to resign, she refused to quit, just like she did on this walk.

It makes sense that Texans for Public Justice, a left-leaning advocacy group, would go after a Republican Governor, just like Rosemary kept going after that line-walk.

Certainly they can see the irony in the situation, no? I mean, enforcer of laws that runs the public integrity unit breaks laws and denies it…


Again, Rosemary, whose office runs the public integrity unit, said she wasn’t drinking.

You’d think the DA wouldn’t need a demonstration of the exercises, right?

She barely averted demonstration-disaster.

Rosemary did clearly say in the video she has a bad hip.

And that bum hip was no match for the curb.

Ultimately, she was found to have broken the law.

And that’s why Rick Perry thought she couldn’t represent the government.

But regardless of any intentions, Rick Perry’s actions that he believes are protected by his Constitutional authority will have to stand up in court.

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