RICHARD MERCURY MELENDEZ – young man on the way up wins the DGA award for ‘best show’.  Living the American Dream is still possible in they eyes of one young man who started on his path to his current success 10 years ago.

As a teenage film student at the famous film school Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, Richard graduated with top honors and set out to Hollywood to dive in to a very difficult and demanding career. He started work 12 days after arriving, and has been in ever growing demand since.


After a dozen shows in various positions on the production side, he acquired the nickname that best describes how he works: Mercury. Richard Mercury Melendez’s great reputation spread quickly. He worked relentlessly with a dream and plan of always doing better, something he attributes to his mother’s influence over the years. ‘Doing better’ has yielded results that were only dreamt of in those nascent collegiate days.


Proud mother Marilyn McEuen with prize winning son Richard Melendez

Mercury knew the winds of change were directing his full sails on the right course as he became qualified for, and approved, to become a member of the prestigious Directors Guild of America.

This achievement at his young age of 30 (though one of the youngest members of the Guild, he had fulfilled all their stringent requirements) was to lead to even better recognition.

The next year of 2015, he qualified as 2nd AD and Stage Manager for productions looking for such talent. Right off, his first show saw Melendez as part of the DGA directorial team nominated for ‘best of.’

Though not a ‘win’ last year, it was a win to Richie, as his brand name of Mercury was now in that same publication as Ridley Scott, Game of Thrones, Leonardo and Damon. And… there was this year on the horizon next.

In January of 2016 Richard Mercury Melendez found out ‘his’ show, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge- “Gods of War” (CMT) was nominated for best direction in the Reality category.

When this news came of another nomination, the first to know was his mother, Marilyn. He asked her again, to accompany him to the show, as he felt it was she who served as his life’s mentor that led him to this success.

With happy tears in his mother’s eyes when “Gods of War” was announced the winner, Mercury ran up on the stage to join his counterparts in success (Director Adam Vetri, A.D. Ian Blankenship).

Now seen by those at the top of the industry, this young man’s American Dream becomes more of a reality every day. Good work, Mercury – you are a credit to your generation, and the future looks bright for those with whom you work!

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