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Important Update:  Rachel Dolezal’s parents sacrificed both their daughters (their black adopted daughter and their white natural daughter) in favor of their white son whom was about to be tried for sexual abuse.

Who could possibly shed light on Rachel’s black sister’s allegations against the Dolezal’s eldest son? Rachel herself.

That’s when Rachel’s parents decided to destroy her. It worked. Dena Stewart of SyndicatedNews.NET called it.  NETFLIX is showing a video called THE RACHEL DIVIDE. This documentary is a MUST SEE to understand the fundamentals of the Rachel Dolezal story. This is a true African American tragedy – and even more significant, a true parent – child tragedy.

By Dena Stewart

I am not a psychologist, but I do know a little about the human condition and why some are motivated to be who they are, or aren’t. From what I’ve read about Rachel Dolezal, the former Leader of the NAACP, her parents adopted several African American children … and Rachel has been estranged from her family for many years.

rachel-dolezal resizedWith that information, I concluded that as a young person, the subliminal message Rachel received from her parents was that being Black was preferable.

After all, they chose to adopt Black children.

She just happened to be born to them, not chosen. So motivated by her natural desire to be “chosen” and loved by her parents, she took on the Black identity.

She went to a Black college, she immersed herself in Black culture.

And she excelled at it, becoming the leader of the NAACP. And she did wonderful things to promote Black causes, and she was accepted by the people around her. No harm done.

So what was the underlying need her estranged parents had to “out” their daughter other than self-righteous, self-centered, mean-spirited, nasty anger intent on destroying their daughter? She lied about her true heritage?

Perhaps her parents should ask themselves if they were responsible for their daughter feeling as if she would be better off had she been African American?

Perhaps her parents should ask themselves what they hoped to accomplish by publicly wrecking their daughter’s credibility and ultimately her laudable profession of doing good work in the African American community?


Well, now the questions have answers. Apparently, bringing Rachel’s black identity into question was designed to impact her credibility when she testified against her natural brother when he was tried for sexual assault.

Rachel’s parents explained their son’s interest in the black nude female body a minor result of having grown up around numerous National Geographic magazines. 

As a result, Rachel’s testimony was not acceptable and all four felonies against Rachel’s brother Joshua were dropped.

State of Colorado vs Joshua Andrew Dolezal by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

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