[Above] The most fondled testicles on any bull anywhere in the world are the bronze balls of Arturo Di Modica’s Wall Street bull.

President Donald Trump has assumed his role as the Chief Executive Officer.  He didn’t buy his way in and he didn’t mow people down with a machine gun to get the spot either. He won’t even take pay for what he’s doing for the United States. He accepts a dollar per year.

When everyone complained that the President, as owner of a luxury hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, down the street from the White House would have international leaders staying in his hotel – President Trump said “Fine, any money taken in at any of my hotels from foreign dignitaries – I’ll donate to the Treasury.”

That is the most generous thing ever said or done by anyone in American history. No single person, corporation or entity has ever offered to contribute funds to our Treasury – not ever.

The American press never mentions the generous gesture unless they’re sneering down their noses at it and they have never mentioned the generosity that gesture represents. The press literally does not even mention it.

Instead, the press complains that the President’s son-in-law is too close to the seat of power or that they want to see Trump’s taxes.  I can clarify that point right now… President Trump is under no obligation to show the press or anyone his taxes or anything else. And as for the emoluments clause – there are two exceptions – The President of the United States and the Vice President of the United States. That’s another interesting point the press does not share with the public.

If President Trump shares any information with anyone at all, it’s because he chooses to because the emoluments clause specifically states that the two exceptions to the clause are the president and the vice president. President Trump is aware of it. That he answers questions on the topic at all is just to appease the press. He doesn’t have to say or do anything since the emoluments clause DOES NOT APPLY TO THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OR THE VP.

If the press has that much time on its hands it should focus on Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Global Foundation where they collected so much money that Hillary was able to give her daughter $10 Million dollars to live on and another $3 Million to pay for her wedding. And who sat front and center at Chelsea’s wedding? Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend “a madame.”

In order to avoid having the Treasury, the IRS, banking laws and election contribution laws affect the amount of money given to the Clintons, money was funneled through Canada based Frank Giustra.  Delivering cash to Giustra meant that Canadian laws applied – and US law did not. Here we had an American Presidential Candidate running for office whom for years circumventing American law by collecting money in a country where American law did not apply. If a regular person did that – he or she would be sitting in a Federal prison for violating banking laws. Do you see any press member even mention that? Not a word.

Bill Clinton officiated Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s wedding.

And the public is completely unaware that when Hillary was Secretary of State, it was Hillary Clinton who personally groomed and prepared the next Secretary of State, Huma Abedin to replace her. Yes, the same Huma that is married to Anthony Weiner.

If the democratic party had won the presidency, our Secretary of State would have been a woman raised in the arms of the Islamic Brotherhood WHOM HAS NEVER RENOUNCED VIOLENT TERRORIST GROUPS.

In fact, when the FBI went to vet Huma Abedin, they were unable to do so because the same organization that finances her family business also finances several violent terrorist organizations. For that reason she was unable to pass a security background check. She in fact would have been the only Secretary of State that could not pass a background check but who was given the job anyway. Huma has never renounced the Taleban, Al Qaeda or the Islamic Brotherhood.

And the press never talks about the event when during a visit to Turkey, Hillary ran into the head of the OIC (the Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and without authorization of any kind, committed our country to him, a foreign sovereign and leader of the most widespread Islamic organization in the world. She had no right to submit our country to this organization by committing that the United States would adeopt sharia law into American law at the Federal Level.

Hillary Clinton was audacious and horrific in her treatment and disregard for people, but the press was aware that she had made this monumental commitment to merge sharia law into American law and the press never said a word to the American public. That silence made me believe the press wouldn’t mind if US citizens were converted into Islamic subjects.  It’s a perfect example of why the public does not trust the press. Here was an excellent opportunity for the press to redeem itself – yet it didn’t.

Dr. Yousef A. Al-Othaimeen (OIC Director) and Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary General of the United States. She committed to him that the United States would have sharia law inserted within American law. She had no authorization to make such a commitment on behalf of US citizens.

I shared this information with my American friends whom I love and they literally would not believe it. My European friends whom are suffering from having been fooled into accepting sharia law into their governments recognized what “House Resolution 569” was right away. My American friends thought “it must be some kind of “misunderstanding.”

Huma Abedin after having been told with certainty that she would not assume the role of Secretary of State and would not have any role in government once Hillary lost her chance at the US Presidency.

At the United Nations, Hillary Clinton successfully championed sharia law disguised as “Resolution 18/19” into the United Nations. She hosted the major meeting in which all the Islamic countries attended. In the United States, she introduced sharia law again as House Resolution 569 late in the evening of December 17, 2015 when Americans were out doing their Christmas shopping. Naturally, they didn’t notice when House Resolution 569 was introduced. The press kept that quiet too.

The American public is also unaware that during her four years as Secretary of State, she was Obama’s “point person and liaison” representing the White House within the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation). During one of Hillary’s visits to Turkey, she ran into Dr. Yousef A. Al-Othaimeen (OIC Director) at the time and without anyone’s authorization or permission, she assured him that she would get Sharia law into the United States at the Federal level.  Read the details at The National Review.

Donald Trump filled a void that had been left vacant for decades in the hearts of millions of American voters.  Let’s take a moment to dissect a bit of what is evident from having enjoyed the Hillary – Donald saga.

What most Americans did not know, was all the fun stuff that was going on in the background. Voters suspected that collusion and conspiracies might be going on but could not prove it until Wikileaks actual emails and documents verified the collusion directly as the emails were written by Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and John Podesta.

And a frightening and changing trend took over the news media from California to New York and Detroit to Dallas. With little jabs here and there, American journalists began to take pot shots at the American television viewer – yes, their own audiences.

The practice of journalists “telling the public” what they thought we should know and leaving what they felt was “too lofty or complicated” for themselves took hold and spread like wildfire. The press began to feed the public “pablum news” as though the public was feeble minded. The trend began about 15 years ago but its gone on for years.

A serious example of that was when the Department of Justice distributed their report on the shooting of Michael Brown and their review of the City, the local courts and the behaviors of the police and city managers. The press did not provide the report. Instead, they posted a sentence here and a sentence there as though adults could not read and interpret information on their own. We posted the entire report and autopsy so that the public could read it at a moment of their choice and have access to the entire document not just parts and pieces. This link will take you to the entire DOJ report.

It actually became obvious, palpable and quietly offensive but there was no doubt that as viewers, we were being spoken down to and that the mainstream media considered the public a national collection of uneducated folk.

During the Hillary campaign wasn’t the first time the media had referred to the public as the “lesser educated.” I remember spraying coffee through my nose the first time I heard it.

But then a few months later, I heard it again on another channel. It had become practice to talk down to the public and insult viewers. American television journalists did so with frequency.

Channel after channel, anchors would cull what they felt the public was able to “handle” as though the public consisted of toddler voters and they, the journalists were the sage parental members of society that would feed the public what they felt we should know.

And depending on which side of politics news executives were on, that’s how the news would be delivered. One couldn’t find plain news on any television channel, radio or even the Internet. News was delivered on the side of the news executives’ or publishers’ preferences.

The dreadful condescending manner in which the media spoke to the public as it delivered the news they thought “we could handle” is what created the combative situation that now exists. It is to that offended public that Donald Trump spoke to. It is to that insulted, adult, hard working, tax paying American that Donald Trump reached out.

During the last 6 to 8 years however, we (the public) also did not know the extent to which the Democratic Party leaders (Debbie Wasserman Shultz), Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton John Podesta and their “camps,” had gone to convince media members that they should become very close friends so that they would filter the news in Hillary’s favor.

The democrats were behaving unethically by meeting with members of the media in secret and promising them that they would be “the media elite” (as long as they allowed the democrats to charge their credit cards). We didn’t realize how far it went or how long it had gone on.

Wikileaks released databases with the names of thousands of people from all over the world, from all levels of media, corporations and all walks of life that had their credit cards charged thinking they were voting for and supporting the first female president of the United States and that their own lives would somehow benefit.

I called several journalists from foreign countries and asked them if it was legal for them as reporters to be investing cash into a presidential candidate from another country let alone the United States. They were terrified that the secret they held with Hillary would be revealed on an international level. Some begged me not to write about it fearing they would be fired and in fact, in countries where it’s illegal to invest in a foreign country’s political campaign, feared being incarcerated.

American media and sometimes foreign press members traveled distances to be dined and wined by John Podesta (a man that knows his way around a kitchen). He’s known to have his own apron, great bottles of wine and an inimitable Coq au vin recipe.

During those meetings, the democrats groomed the media into thinking they were elitists and belonged “up there” with the democratic folk supported by millions and millions of Hillary dollars. Don’t worry they told the press “When we’re back in the White House, you’ll be the media elite.”

Their plans for the coronation were magnificent. Katy Perry catered everything and the campaign leaders treated everything with a great sense of performance. They chose the Jacob Javitz Center in New York with its symbolic glass ceiling and the night would end with fireworks! But they never considered that Hillary could possibly lose.

And this travesty that was going on in the background explains why the media is still so utterly furious.

And Americans were furious 10 years ago when it became clear that American travelers would have to tolerate the same vetting and travel inconveniences suffered by those traveling through airports throughout the rest of the world. Americans are part of a very spoiled society and they don’t like being inconvenienced.

It wasn’t until they realized the United States was suffering regular terrorist attacks on our mainland that Americans realized that traveling through American airports would take more time because all people had to be vetted.

Is it true that President Trump has established a travel ban?  Absolutely, and it’s been long overdue.

Media members have spent years investing cash into the Hillary machine (a highly unethical and illegal practice) and Hillary refuses them a refund.

When a person buys heroin from a drug dealer, he or she can’t really go to the police to complain that the drug dealers were paid in full for a kilo of coke but that the drug dealer took off with the coke and the cash. The coke buyer is as guilty as the drug dealer. In law it’s known as the inability to file charges because the individual has “dirty hands.”

One has to sit patiently and read Wikileaks from start to finish to truly understand what was going on in the background. After reading Wikileaks, I understood why the democrats are so terribly angry when they failed to take the presidency and move back into (or stay in) the White House.  And we have to consider the mountains of money that was riding on that win.

The amount of money special interest causes had already vested in the Clinton Global Initiative alone was in the mega millions.

And everything would be fine now if only people hadn’t listened to the truth President Trump kept yelling at his rallies.

One of the most effective lines President Trump pointed at black voters directly, was “What the hell do you have to lose?”

Blacks – even democratic blacks heard Donald Trump loud and clear because everything he was saying was hitting them in the gut. The adult black voters at those democratic conventions had teenagers at home that were not in school and didn’t have jobs either. Thousands of blacks voted for Trump in secret as did Hispanics and other minorities. Life long democrats became closet Trump advocates.

President Trump is delivering exactly what he promised voters during his campaign. Is he brash? Absolutely. Is he a hardliner about vetting immigrants? He certainly is. And that’s exactly what the United States needs and voters want.

And what the Hollywood folk and democrats still do not grasp is that when the American media kept lying to the public, Americans stopped listening to them and began seeking their news from Asian, Canadian, European and Central and South American sources. It became obvious to every day folk, that the media was lying through their beautifully laminated teeth.

And now President Trump is making heads spin with the corporate speed with which he does business. He is shaming career politicians who have been on the tax payer tit throughout their entire careers. They have a pile of important work to do that affects citizens directly yet they leave the work on their desks and go on vacation for several months.

And then our fearless President Trump made a bunch of sissies out of the press as well when he completely circumvented them with Twitter.

President Trump reaches the planet earth directly without giving the press a chance to edit what he says or change the tenor of what he’s saying by “tweeting” directly to his millions of Twitter followers.

And you have to admit, that President Trump has a pair of brass balls. But the bull has two ends.

I love that the front end of the bull is an example of American financial strength.  The end that I enjoy and that most exemplifies our beloved President Trump is the other end.

But when it comes to business, President Trump will be long remembered for his pair of brass balls.  The many that voted for him, love it.

And I woke up this morning to more music to my ears. Immigrants on welfare are being sent home!


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