The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division will be launching a federal investigation into whether the Chicago police department has engaged in a pattern or practice of discriminatory or unconstitutional policing, sources told NPR’s Carrie Johnson.  “The U.S. Attorney in Chicago has already been investigating the death of a young man shot 16 times by a Chicago policeman last year,” Carrie reports.

Seventeen-year-old Laquan McDonald, who was black, was killed by white police officer Jason Van Dyke in October 2014. McDonald’s death gained national prominence last month, after Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder and a dashcam video of the shooting was released.

Chicago police officers had given accounts of the killing which substantially differed from the video, according to reports released Friday.

Protesters in Chicago have called for an outside investigation into the shooting, and for greater urgency from local and national leaders in addressing the case.

“Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Urban League had called for a broader probe, and recently Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel signaled he would accept that,” Carrie says.

A formal announcement of the Justice Department probe is expected this week, the Associated Press reports.

The DOJ launched an investigation of the Ferguson County Missouri Police Department as a result of the Michael Brown shooting and the tragedy repeats itself in the case of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, Illinois.

The similarities in both shooting deaths are remarkable.

However, while the DOJ may visit Police Department after Police Department across the United States, young minorities will continue to die at the hands of police while police continue to be protected under the 3 day rule advantage.

With all the investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department, no mention was made of the widely known reality that the majority of police officers use steroids and are given three days by their union where they may avoid meeting with their own Bureau of Internal Affairs or be questioned by anyone at all.

The 3 day rule gives law enforcement officers sufficient time to transfuse steroids out of his or her blood stream and appear “clean” on any drug test. The practice of “cleansing” is common in athletes and law enforcement officers whenever they have a police-civilian incident.

Until that 3 day rule is repealed or cops can be spot checked and fired for steroid use, young black men will continue to die. With all the investigation the Department of Justice did in the Ferguson case and now this Chicago case – not a word is mentioned about steroid abuse by police which is almost only whispered about in the back of these investigations.

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