[Above] John Podesta and Hillary Clinton whom have business interests in Russia

John Podesta and his brother Anthony Podesta have massive Russian holdings in Russia

Dem Super-Lobbyist Podesta Got $170K to End US Sanctions On Russian Bank (and that was just one deal!) He’s been making millions on other deals for decades. He and Hillary have Russian bank ties!

Democrat super-lobbyist Tony Podesta was paid $170,000 over a six-month period last year to represent Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, seeking to end one of the Obama administration’s economic sanctions against that country, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

John Podesta and his brother have been Russian Lobbyists for decades yet Hillary Clinton never, Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman Shultz never mention it.

Russian bank documents indicate that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton have absolute ties to Russia Banks (which is why she so hysterically kept screaming that Trump had Russian ties when in fact, it is she who has banking interests with Podesta in the Kremlin).

Remember when Hillary Clinton published this tweet?  It was absolutely FALSE!

Russian Bank Accounts belong to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

A document newly released by WikiLeaks shows how Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta, was able to shield from government regulators and the American public the shares of stocks he received as a member of the board of a company that received millions from a Putin-connected Russian government fund at the time of the U.S. “reset” with Moscow.

Last week, WND reported Podesta received 75,000 shares of common stock from Joule Unlimited Technologies, a U.S. energy company tied to Joule Global Holdings B.V., a company in the Netherlands cited in the Panama Papers offshore banking probe as a conduit for money laundered by the Russian government.

This January 3, 2014 letter (shown below), confirms Podesta transferred 25,146 shares of Series C Preferred Shares and 8,547 Series C-II Preferred shares of Joule Unlimited stock to a private company registered in Utah, Leonidio Holdings LLC. 

Podesta, however, gives the address of Leonidio Holdings as 7962 Shannon Court in Dublin, California, which is the home address of his daughter, Megan Rouse.

Rouse operates Megan Rouse Financial Planning from her home in the suburb east of San Francisco Bay.  The letter, written and signed by Podesta, is addressed to Mark Solakian, corporate secretary for Joule Global Holdings.  Podesta served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and his last performance was as Hillary’s Chief of Staff.  Podesta also served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and counselor to President Obama.

The alleged Russian money-laundering involving both Podesta and the Clinton Foundation appears occurred around two key decisions Secretary of State Clinton made in favor of Russia:

  • The transfer of advanced U.S. technology to Russia, including both military technology and solar energy technology as part of Secretary Clinton’s “reset” program with Russia, in a move that greatly enhanced the Russian military’s capabilities, according to both the FBI and the U.S. army; and
  • Secretary Clinton’s decision on the Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States, CFIUS, to approve the Russian government energy agency Rosatum buying majority control of Uranium One, a company Bill Clinton promoted along with Clinton Foundation donor Frank Giustra in Canada, that resulted in the transfer of approximately 20 percent of all U.S. uranium production to Uranium One.

Joule Global Stichting and Joule Global Holdings figure prominently as a client of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, which is at the heart of the Panama Papers investigation into offshore money-laundering operations on a massive international scale.

A search of an Internet map program confirmed that 7962 Shannon Court in Dublin, California (where these Russian companies have their offices), is actually the private home address of Podesta’s daughter (not a true independent commercial business office).

Transfer of Joule Shares owned by John Podesta by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

[Left to right] Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough (of the Morning Joe Radio Program) John Podesta and his daughter Megan Rouse (whose home address is used for her father’s fake companies). Mika Brzezinski recently made a name for herself when she suggested that President Trump should stop tweeting because he was able to control ‘what people think’ (she feels that controlling what people think is “her job.”)


Cheryl Mills Clinton Foundation by Syndicated News SNN.BZ on Scribd

Viktor Vekselberg

The money laundering methods used to facilitate paying the Clinton Foundation were complicated. It involved a Netherlands-listed private company, Metcombank in Russia and offshore entities in the Cayman Islands, which were revealed in the Panama Papers.


John Podesta’s daughter’s home seen via Google Earth. It is a private home.

“Metcombank appears to be the bank Vekselberg has used to make transfers to the Clinton Foundation, with the money flowing first through the Moscow branch of Metcombank, and from there into Deutsche Bank and Trust Company Americas in New York City, finally ending up in a private bank account in the Bank of America that is operated by the Clinton Foundation.”

John Podesta was Bill Clinton’s 4th and Final Chief of Staff. He serves as the Chairman of the Liberal Think Tank CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS. John Podesta defended Bill and Hillary Clinton when Hillary broke the law by asking Drug Dealers for cash to help pay for Bill’s re-election campaign.

Hillary also created TravelGate when she lied saying that Billy Dale, the Travel Director was an embezzler in order to get him out of the Travel Office then brought Bill Clinton’s cousin Catherine Cornelius in to take over the office.

The Travel Office fiasco ended in a judge scolding the Clintons, acquitting Billy Dale whom had already been charged with felony embezzlement and was facing a prison sentence (all based on Hillary Clinton’s lie). The judge told Hillary to fire and send back all the people she had brought from Arkansas to fill in the Travel Office jobs and reinstate everyone that was there when she arrived. John Podesta and his brother have worked with or for the Clintons for decades. Hillary Clinton never admitted wrongdoing and never apologized.

Podesta, founder and chairman of the Podesta Group, is listed as a key lobbyist on behalf of Russian Bank Sberbank, according to Senate lobbying disclosure forms. His firm received more than $24 million in fees in 2016, much of it coming from foreign governments, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Podesta is the brother of John Podesta, who was the national campaign chairman for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s losing 2016 campaign for the presidency. Former President Barack Obama imposed the sanctions following the Russian seizure of the Crimean region of Ukraine in 2014.

As reported previously, an email written Jan. 6, 2014, confirmed Podesta had exercised 75,000 common stock shares of Joule Unlimited of the 100,000 he had been granted in 2011 in partial compensation for his work on the Joule board of directors.

The following screen capture shows the key passages in the Solakian email documenting that Podesta had exercised 75,000 shares of common stock and instructed that the exercised shares be transferred to Leonidio Holdings LLC.

The instructions to transfer the exercised common stock do not give the address of Leonidio LLC, as did Podesta’s instructions for the transfer of the preferred stock certificates.

In both cases, Leonidio LLC provided Podesta an additional structured layer of protection from disclosure to government regulators or to the public.

Once the preferred and common stock was transferred to Leonidio LLC, the stock holdings no longer would appear in any financial statement Podesta prepared of his holdings.

Unless Podesta disclosed the nature of the estate agreement with Leonidio LLC, there would be no way for an outsider to know Leonidio LLC was the nominee owner of Podesta’s common and preferred stock in Joule Limited, as transferred to an estate Leonidio LLC held on Podesta’s behalf.

What is Leonidio LLC?

Leonidio LLC appears to have been named after Leonidio, a town in Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece, that may have had some significance for Podesta.

A search of the Utah secretary of state’s business listings revealed Leonidio LLC was a domestic Utah corporation in good standing, registered Dec. 5, 2012, and renewed Oct. 27, 2015, by Sam Bournakis, at 5835 S. Waterbury in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The instructions to transfer the exercised common stock do not give the address of Leonidio LLC, as did Podesta’s instructions for the transfer of the preferred stock certificates.

In both cases, Leonidio LLC provided Podesta an additional structured layer of protection from disclosure to government regulators or to the public.

Once the preferred and common stock was transferred to Leonidio LLC, the stock holdings no longer would appear in any financial statement Podesta prepared of his holdings.

The lobbying campaign targeted Congress and the executive branch, with Podesta and other lobbyists arranging at least two meetings between Sberbank officers and Department of State officials, according to Elena Teplitskaya, Sberbank’s board chairman, who spoke to House aides in August.

The discovery of high-profile Democrats like Podesta being paid lucrative fees for lobbying to lift U.S. sanctions on Russia contrasts with charges from Democrats that President Donald Trump and his key aides are soft on Russia while the Obama administration was tough on Moscow.

The irony of Clinton’s accusations against President Donald Trump, his cabinet members and associates is that she herself has direct, provable and inarguable links to the Russian government through various sources that are severe enough to be considered direct national security threats – and yet she claims Trump and co. are Russian agents. 

Podesta’s efforts were a key part of under-the-radar lobbying during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign led mainly by veteran Democratic strategists to remove sanctions against Sberbank and VTB Capital, Russia’s second largest bank.

The two Russian banks spent more than $700,000 in 2016 on Washington lobbyists as they sought to end the U.S. sanctions, according to Senate lobbying disclosure forms and documents filed with the Department of Justice.

Viktor F. Vekselberg, is the Founder, major shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renova Group. He is also the President of Skolkovo Foundation and a Member of the Bureau of the Management Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), Chairman of the RSPP Committee for International Cooperation.

The Podesta Group charged Sberbank $20,000 per month, plus expenses, on a contract from March through September 2016.

Podesta is one of the Democrat’s highest profile lobbyists who enjoys close personal and business connections to former Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton. John Podesta was chief of staff in Clinton’s White House and special counselor in the Obama White House. His latest performance was as chief of staff to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Both Sberbank and VTB Capital face severe cash shortages due to plunging oil prices, plus the U.S. sanctions. If the economic sanctions were lifted, however, both banks could legally seek funds from American financial institutions.

“The Democrats are sitting there trying to convince us that the Russians are trying to throw the election to Trump,” a congressional aide who requested anonymity and met Teplitskaya told TheDCNF.

“And then they’re with us here in the House and meeting directly with the administration behind closed doors on the issue of the sanctions. The hypocrisy could not be any richer,” he said.

Joining the Podesta lobbying campaign was David Adams, who describes himself on the Podesta Group website as a “trusted adviser” to Hillary Clinton, serving as her as assistant secretary of state for congressional affairs.

Another Podesta lobbyist was Stephen Rademaker, a former Department of State official in the George W. Bush administration.

The Podesta Group represented Sberbank and its subsidiaries, Troika Dialog Group in the Cayman Islands, SBGB Cyprus Ltd in Nicosia, Cyprus, and SB International in Luxembourg. Troika Dialog also was related to Klein, Ltd., a Cayman Island organization that once funneled tens of millions of dollars to environmental groups to oppose low-cost fracking in the U.S., which was hurting the Russian oil industry.

The Podesta Group represents dozens of foreign embassies in the nation’s capital, as well as many authoritarian regimes like Vietnam, Myanmar and Somalia. The lobbying firm also represents political parties in Moldova and Albania, according to its Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) filing.

A second lobbying shop, the Madison Group also represented Sberbank and received $330,000 from the bank in 2016, according to Senate lobbying records. Two of the three Madison lobbyists working the account are lifelong Democrats.

A third lobbying firm, Manatos & Manatos represented VTB Capital, Russia’s second largest bank, and received $17,500 per month to seek an end to economic sanctions, according to their FARA filings with the Department of Justice.

Andy Manatos was an advance man for former President Lyndon Johnson and assistant secretary for commerce in the Carter administration.The Sberbank-Podesta relationship goes back many years. Sberbank was the lead financial institution in the Russian deal to purchase Uranium One, owned by one of Bill Clinton’s closest friends, Frank Giustra.

Giustra and Bill Clinton lead the Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership, an integral part of the Clinton Foundation. Giustra has additionally donated $25 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Giustra sought to sell his stake in uranium reserves that included ore deposits in the Western United States, and Hillary Clinton, who as secretary of state, approved the sale. And in one felled swoop, 20 percent of America’s uranium ore was sold to the Russian state atomic agency.

During the pending sale, the Podesta Group represented Giustra’s company and tried to advance the transaction.



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