Pitbull went public with the contract he signed with Florida — it reveals he was paid a million dollars to promote Florida as a “Florida Ambassador.”  But he claims he only entered into the project/agreement after a politician pushed him into a corner.

Armando Christian Perez aka Pitbull, released details of the 2015 deal he struck with the Sunshine State’s Will Seccombe. The bottom line is he got a cool million bucks for one full year of promoting the hell out of Florida by doing a televised New Year’s Eve celebration … which aired on FOX. His “Sexy Beaches” music video was also used as a promotional tool for Florida.

Will Seccombe

Under the direction of Will Seccombe, the state of Florida has enjoyed record tourism levels.

However, Gov. Rick Scott has asked Will Seccombe to resign while simultaneously crediting Seccombe’s work for bringing in the highest number of tourists to Florida over the 4 years Seccombe’s agency has promoted the State of Florida.

Pitbull’s contract even required him to be a travel agent of sorts, creating 6 different “Pit Packages” … which were sweepstakes for travel packages to the state.

Florida state’s Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran had filed a lawsuit asking a judge to allow Pitbull’s deal to be made public. As we reported … Pitbull’s company had threatened to sue if representatives leaked the “trade secrets” in his contract.

Mr. Worldwide beat him to the punch and tweeted the document.

Rep. Corcoran probably embarrassed over making a mountain out of a molehill said he was only trying to protect taxpayers and “ensure transparency is the rule and not the exception in state government.”  Considering the work Pitbull did had a series of 6 sweepstakes to help build more travel packages to Florida was a highly creative program.

It seems that those representing the State of Florida are cutting their noses off to spite their faces because the multi-package travel plan is a splendid idea, the videos play online on a 24/7 basis and the Governor even said that under Will Seccombe’s management, travel to Florida has increased.

Threatening to sue Pitbull didn’t work because Pitbull is not beholding to the State of Florida. He’s already committed to his obligations within the contract. The State of Florida ego’s got in the way of what would have been a great success.

Let it be a lesson to those working for the State of Florida that when you want to pressure someone into doing something, you should first make sure the person is beholding to you. It was ridiculous to threaten him when they had no leverage.

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