In 2013, 14 million couples defined themselves as being in a long distance relationship. Anyone who has been in one where your significant other is time zones away, knows how hard it can be to make time to connect with one another.

Now there’s an app that can ease this burden. With Personal Messenger (PM), couples and loved ones are able to have face-to-face conversations no matter how far apart.

The idea for the app came after two developers from Toronto unexpectedly found themselves a world apart from their loved ones. Both had moved to San Francisco in 2010 while working on a startup. They traveled back and forth fairly often to see family, but on a recent trip they ran into issues with their Visas, and the two were sent back to Toronto. The abrupt change made it incredibly hard to keep in touch with their loved ones in San Francisco. The two wanted a way to talk to their friends face-to-face, which motivated them to create PM.

With PM, couples can have video conversations without even setting up a call. PM works by letting you and your loved one create short video messages as if they were text messages, while also keeping a history of your video messages to each other.

How is this different than FaceTime, you might ask? Though FaceTime is great when both people are free to connect at the same time, this is not always possible when your loved one is located in a different time zone. PM fills those gaps between FaceTime calls.

Now couples can have a constant steady flow of video conversations no matter where they are, or what time it is, which means no more late nights or early mornings just to talk to each other. Are you one of the 14 million couples in a long distance relationship? If so, download the app from the App Store today!

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