Without her permission or knowledge, People en Español swiped a personal photo of world renowned Hispanic Bilingual Journalist Maria E. Salinas from her social media and published it in their magazine for the world to see. The photo was used to comment on “how enviable she looks for a woman her age.”


The photo is from her social media and she never approved its publication by People en Español. It is true that the photo is flattering but that’s not the point.

The insult is that male Hispanic journalists are asked about their Presidential Candidate interviews, what their opinions are on the latest ISIS terrorist threats, whether they’ve interviewed President Obama or the First Lady, the economy, global warming or some other critical news.

Yet still, in 2016 while attracting Hispanic Business Advertising by feigning to be a pro-Hispanic publication, the magazine, having the ability to feature Maria E. Salinas in one of thousands of appropriately dressed business suit photographs or images in her professional work setting as an anchor – chose to feature her in a swim suit instead.

People en Español has revealed that its editors are not progressive at all, but sexist when it comes to professional Latin women.

At no time has People en Español asked Rick Sanchez or Jorge Ramos how they look in a speedo or published sexually suggestive photos of either of them or asked the public whether they look “enviable for men their age.”

It is outrageous that this late in the game when something as controversial as Caitlin Jenner was given an award for “courage,” People Español, an international publication still measures a woman’s value by the measure of how her breasts and thighs look in a swim suit instead of the measure of her IQ and four+ decades of journalism accomplishments and media experience. 

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People en Español could have used any one of these photos below to portray Maria E. Salinas…

Diane Sawyer of ABSC, Lifetime Achievement Awards winner Jorge Ramos of Noticiero Univision and Lifetime Achievement Awards winner Maria Elena Salinas of Noticiero Univision at the 33rd Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards; 10/1/12

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