“PASSENGERS” takes place aboard a spaceship carrying 5,000 pioneers to their new home on another planet. The trip will take 120 years and the pioneers sleep in special hibernation pods programmed to prevent their bodies from aging. The pioneers are scheduled to awake 4 months before the spaceship lands on the planet.

Everything is going well until 30 years into the flight, with 90 more years to go, the robotic-controlled spaceship malfunctions, and Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) the occupant in one of the pods, wakes up.

Jim soon realizes that being out of the hibernation pod means he will die before reaching the other planet, and while the other passengers sleep, he will be alone on the spaceship until he dies. So, he selects another pioneer Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) and releases her from her hibernation pod. Being the only two people awake on the ship, they develop a romantic relationship until Aurora finds out that Jim intentionally opened her hibernation pod, which means she too will die before they reach the new planet.

This movie takes place so far into the future that the technology was believable and the story line logically predictable. The special effects were, like most special effects these days, a little over-the-top.

“I took this movie at face value and was entertained.” Stewart Stewart

Directed by: Morten Tyldum

Jennifer Lawrence … Aurora
Chris Pratt … Jim Preston
Michael Sheen … Arthur (Robot)
Laurence Fishburne … Gus Mancuso
Andy Garcia … Captain Norris



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