[Above] Hillary Clinton, when in public wears an earpiece and is fed her lines via audio during rallies.  The earpiece is common among entertainers to help them keep up with their lines. Go to the end of this article to read about these devices.*

The public noticed the earpiece and Hillary’s camp asked writers to photograph her to prove she wasn’t wearing one during the debate. In reality, the earpieces now come neatly packaged in earrings, necklaces and in wiring systems that can be neatly hidden into Mandarin collars.


Hillary Clinton’s Mandarin Collars neatly accommodate wireless audio gadgetry

In a school setting, when a student’s records are marked “requires accommodations,” the law mandates that schools provide seating comfort, quality of air, access to appropriate bathroom facilities and that entrances and exits have access to ramps and elevators. The list of accommodations is formidable. And that’s just in schools.

Imagine how much more pressure a presidential candidate’s team would be under to provide convenient medical facilities and theatrical gadgets at-the-ready in case their candidate needs medical assistance or prompting of lines.

Before Hillary Clinton lost consciousness this photo below was taken when she was speaking to politicians. She went directly from here to her daughter’s medical facility which is based in her home at 26 East 21st Street.



The photo on the left is a section amplification of the photo above it in which Hillary Clinton is talking to Charles Schumer (on her left) and she also turns to the right to hear what New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio (standing behind her) is saying.  Notice her normal left front tooth which is slightly crooked as always.

The photo on the right is a photo of the woman that emerged from Chelsea’s medical center which is based on Chelsea’s 4th floor and was purchased by a shell company owned by her husband, Marc Mezvinsky.


In the photo of Hillary above, her front teeth are perfectly straight and professional dentists that have examined this photo state that they appear to be veneers.

The woman that emerged from Chelsea Clinton’s Medical Facility (which is now within her apartment on the same floor) is not the same woman that left the September 11, 2016 under the aide of multiple people when she suffered an “on – off” seizure freeze episode.

 But more importantly and embarrassingly, Hillary has chosen to provide a woman whom she displays (as needed) that looks a lot like her, but not enough so.

Hillary has one slightly crooked front tooth.  Her doppelganger has veneers.  How did she get that kind of dental work done in the span of an hour and then appear with the same crooked tooth again days later?

Hillary Clinton is suffering from advanced Parkinsons. It is a progressive debilitating disease that can be treated to provide the sufferer comfort but it has no cure.

This was not a stumble as the Clinton Campaign personnel have repeatedly stated. This was a video showing Hillary in full unconsciousness. The weather was extremely breezy and the temperature was 72 degrees Fahrenheit. She however seems to cover herself in winter clothing – all the time.

This video below portrays Hillary Clinton “after” she passed out. This happened on a Sunday.  Two days previous, however (her internist now claims after the fact), she (the doctor) had diagnosed Hillary with pneumonia.

The confusion centered around media properly reporting (once she lost consciousness) that she was being taken to “a hospital.”

Reporters were immediately “corrected” and ordered to “change” that statement and say instead that she was merely going to her daughter’s apartment to get “refreshed.”

Why then if she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, would she motion a child to come towards her when she knew she had a communicable lung infection?  The answer is, because it was not true – the woman that came out of Chelsea’s apartment did not have pneumonia. And those that know Hillary will tell you that she would never summon some kid over.

One need not be a physician or a therapist nor does one have to be a specialist in Parkinson’s Disease to recognize Parkinson’s Disease symptoms. There is a very serious symptom that happens to the eyes when they do not move together.

Any relative of a person suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, any therapist or day-to-day personal care taker need not have a medical degree to recognize the symptoms – the symptoms are unmistakable.

During the natural curiosity one experiences about a disease that gets attention because a politician or celebrity suffers from it, the entire world now has its eyes on Parkinson’s Disease and its sufferers. There truly are specific and unmistakable symptoms that cannot be hidden because they never improve, in fact they increase in severity over time and become far more chronic as time passes until the patient is totally debilitated.

Real Parkinson’s sufferers currently working Hollywood or whom are famous for other reasons, refuse to get into the fray but a very famous one has told SNN.BZ that one does not have to examine Hillary medically to see with one’s own eyes — that Hillary Clinton is suffering from advanced Parkinson’s Disease. Her difficulty now comes from having been on LDopa for so long.

It is a progressive disease and patients never improve or stall the process. When a Parkinson’s Disease sufferer is speaking to an audience anywhere, press members fans, and even photographers are asked not to shoot flash when taking pictures. Hillary Clinton’s campaign audiences for her rally’s are now finding that the seating arrangements are quiet. They are no longer loud as in recent past rally’s.

Hillary campaign workers and her publicists refuse comment on the matter.  Notice however that even on her plane, live, there are no more camera flash lights going off because it triggers the brain in a negative way.

Hillary’s audiences at her rally’s are no longer encouraged to yell political slogans even if they favor Hillary because loud noises of any kind are irritants to Parkinson’s Disease sufferers.

Parkinson’s disease is not fatal, but it is degenerative. Symptoms progress until the patient is completely debilitated and most do not die from Parkinson’s Disease  —  they die from complications associated with symptoms not the actual disease.   


Dr. Lisa Bardick, Hillary Clinton’s personal physician takes her pulse as they walk together.

As for this supposed Secret Service “handler…” Since when are Secret Service personnel allowed to touch Presidential Candidates? Unless they’re in danger – NEVER!

The condition usually worsens over an average of 15 years. The rate of progression and its course varies among patients. Sadly, it effects enough of the mind and its functioning that it will be impossible to serve political office because the condition does not allow for fully, independent thought.

Who is pushing such a harsh agenda on Hillary Clinton in spite of her condition? The power hungry members of her inner circle.  They’ve already determined that if they can just get her past the debates (by feeding her the answers through the pearl-like audio device she wears in her ear, in the same manner that they fed her what to say during the Matt Lauer interview they feel they can get her elected.

NYPD has confirmed that Hillary Clinton was wearing a quasi-invisible earpiece that was audible on some police channels when she was being interviewed by Matt Lauer.

The purpose for the earpiece is so that she may be told exactly what to say by her campaign handlers because her illness now advanced enough that she can no longer retain speech information of her own volition.
Additionally, the freeze symptom of her illness makes her lose her place so frequently that if she were not fed her lines she would not be able to speak publicly at all.

NYPD law enforcement officers assigned to Hillary Clinton’s detail and some law enforcement officers that were not assigned to her detail confirmed that Hillary Clinton was wearing an “inductive earpiece” operating within a 300 Hz to 4KHz bandwidth.

The gadgets can be fed from within 100 feet or from another part of the country if need be. The person feeding the lines does not even have to be in the same location they just have to be able to hear the questions.

The product is used by almost all Broadway actors in expensive productions in case they suffer from a sudden memory lapse and forget their lines. The units are generally skin toned, wireless and virtually undetectable so they do not attract much attention and differ greatly from the wired inductive earpieces worn by Secret Service personnel that are highly detectable and completely visible.

ear_deviceear-email2top_shortenedIt is suspected by many that Hillary’s Benghazi hearing glasses helped her far more than to just help her “see” without double vision. It is believed the heavy black glasses were also equipped with audio capability.

Ambitious, reckless members of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle yearning to get their hands on the seat of power and getting the Clinton family back into the White House, will stop at nothing to gain control of the country. Hillary’s health is but a minor concern to them.
Hanging on to everything and anything as she walks. She’s unable to walk by herself on her own.  And there are no more camera flashes. Anyone wishing to take photos during a Hillary Clinton rally or on her plane know they will be removed if they flash a camera.


What Are the Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?

People are usually more familiar with the motor symptoms of PD, as these are the signs of the disease that are noticeable from the outside. These symptoms, known as the “cardinal” symptoms of PD, include:

  • Bradykinesia (slowness of movement) – slowing down and loss of spontaneous and voluntary movement
  • Rigidity – unusual stiffness in a limb or other body part
  • Resting tremor – an uncontrollable movement that affects a limb when it is at rest and stops for the duration of a voluntary movement

Other motor symptoms also appear in PD:

  • Postural instability – problems with standing or walking, or impaired balance and coordination
  • Other physical symptoms, such as gait problems and reduced facial expression, may also occur due to the same disruption of movement that causes the better-known tremor and slowness

What Are the Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?

Doctors are increasingly recognizing the presence and effects of other symptoms of PD that are sometimes called “non-motor symptoms” or “dopamine-non-responsive.” These symptoms are common and can have a major impact on Parkinson’s patients. They can include:

There are numerous audio devices that allow Hillary to hear her handlers and they are designed to fit into those over-sized jackets she’s wearing.

Let’s examine some lavalier techniques that will help get the best performance out of your microphones:  Placement

• Place the mic at the top of the chest, or above the ear, or along the hairline. Avoid placing the mic too high on the chest by the throat. High frequencies can be blocked by the chin and cause the sound to be muffled or “muddy”. Microphones that offer a high frequency boost cap can alleviate this to some extent.

• If placing a lavalier on or near the hairline, consult with the wigmaster to determine the best method to hold it in place. Mics and cables can be secured in the hair using clips, comb clips, bobby pins, or even elastic headbands. You can also sew them into wigs or barrettes. If the actor will be wearing glasses, the mic can be mounted on the temple area of the glasses. A small piece of clear tape should hold it steady.

• If placement above the ear is best for your production, you can construct an “ear clip” using a hanger, pipe cleaner, florist’s wire, or a heavyweight paper clip. Make a loop on the end that goes over the ear to hold the microphone cartridge. Then, form the wire around the back of the ear and curl the opposite end up around the front of the earlobe to until there is 1/4 of an inch exposed. Cut any excess wire. For added comfort, and to hold the cable, slide some snug fitting surgical tubing or apply heat shrink tubing over the microphone cable and wire.

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