Extremely big busted Charlotte Mckinney, a Las Vegas model and other women like her often frequent the big fights to provide sizzle to the audience.

By Ruthie DiTucci

A Reuters Photographer scheduled to shoot the Olympics Boxing bouts held in one of the Syracuse Orange Dome’s smaller side gyms – fell ill with the flu.

My phone rang around 4:00 PM. He could barely speak. From what he whispered, I captured… “Too sick, can’t do the dome, you have to go for me.”

He was asking me to pinch hit for him for a sports job and worse – it was boxing.

It was my first boxing shoot and getting from further upstate New York down to Syracuse in the middle of winter meant a treacherous skating drive on what is known as “black ice” where you drive a little, slide a little and hydroplane most of the way.


Photo: Ruthie DiTucci/AssociatedPress

It was back in the era of 35mm cameras and what was referred to then as ‘fast film.’ You either had shooting skills or you didn’t because there were no motor drives and digital was still being invented and wasn’t completely out in circulation or available to the public.

While trying to elbow my way into the boxers’ dressing rooms, I was stopped in my tracks. Reason? “NO WOMEN ALLOWED” the man barked at me, as a woman brushed me aside, and went directly inside. I said “She’s a woman.” That’s different, she’s a judge. That’s all I had to hear.


Photo: Ruthie DiTucci Madison Square Garden and again in Las Vegas


Photo: Ruthie DiTucci Bernard Hopkins Atlantic City

Without saying a word to anyone – on arrival back home, I looked up the Boxing Federation’s contact number. By morning I had the judge’s application and everything else ordered. It arrived in less than a week. I studied hard.

Boxing rules numbered in the thousands… there were holds, the difference between World, Intercontinental, International and Regional Titles, the maximum weights for each fight class (Heavyweight, cruiser, light, welter, and fifteen or sixteen other weights) had to learn how to identify, score and know the difference between a knockdown, a knockout or a count.

Once my results came in and my judgeship was official, I was never told I couldn’t go anywhere at a boxing event again because I was a judge and a commercial photographer. That’s where I cut my teeth in boxing and got to meet boxing’s underbelly face-to-face. I now had my boxing “creds” which I kept until they kept sending me official invitations to come judge  boxing events I couldn’t even get to!  I contacted them and told them I wouldn’t be able to judge fights but it was fun to get on that list.

Then this weekend, while walking past a room in my house where a radio was playing, I thought the announcer said something about Pacquiao having asked for and been denied a localized shot for his shoulder. That was odd I thought, since I hadn’t heard mention of any kind of injury.

On Saturday night, I requested the pre-fight application and could not find any statement mentioning the shoulder except to learn that Pacquiao’s camp came clean about it right before the fight was about to begin. That timing is either very poorly planned or deliberate.

As usual I was told I was being too fussy and why didn’t I just ignore the point since I haven’t had anything to do with boxing for decades. Well I did let it go, only to wake up to learn it’s the biggest story in sports today. 

Manny Pacquiao did not disclose shoulder injury by SyndicatedNews



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