In NOWposter7 YOU SEE ME 2, I could only imagine the fun Jesse Eisenberg (J. Daniel Atlas), Woody Harrelson (Meritt McKinney), Dave Franco (Jack Wilder), and Lizzy Caplan (Lula) must have had while rehearsing their roles as the FOUR HORSEMEN, magicians and illusionists who work in perfect synchronicity to expose an unethical tech magnate.US banner poster

While the story itself is mind-bendingly complex –  a continuation of the first star-studded NOW YOU SEE ME films with the FOUR HORSEMEN fleeing from the FBI –  NOW YOU SEE ME 2 starts with the FOUR HORSEMEN fleeing from a stage show and finding themselves in Macau, China where this devious tech wizard Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe) forces them to steal a powerful chip that can control all of the world’s computers. Meanwhile, vengeful FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) hatches his own plot against Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman), the man he blames for the death of his father.

That being said, this high action adventure went by too fast to question whether it had any reality, and it didn’t matter. This film was a gripping, edge-of-your-seat, thrill-packed roller coaster ride that I hope leads to NOW YOU SEE ME 3.

Cover photo courtesy of Alter Gambarte sprout

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