[Above]  Nick Gordon and current girlfriend (same girlfriend he argued with 6 months ago, Laura Leal who then refused to press charges). The couple got into it again a second time and everyone has assumed the worst but in actuality it was Gordon who called the police trying to avoid problems for both of them. Unfortunately, very likely due to his history, the police arrested him straight away.

[Below] Nicholas Gordon 1st 911 Call

[Below] Nicholas Gordon 2nd 911 Call

Nicholas Gordon Arrest Report by Syndicated News on Scribd

Nick Gordon, the former boyfriend of the Bobbi Kristina Brown and the man found “legally responsible” for the death of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter, was arrested Saturday in Florida and again, on a domestic violence charge.

By Daniel Kreps

According to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Gordon was arrested on one charge of “battery — touch or strike.” After posting a $500 bail, Gordon will appear in court on April 6th.

The arrest marked the second time in the past year that police have charged Gordon with domestic violence; in both incidents, the victim was Gordon’s current girlfriend.

However, the girlfriend refused to cooperate with police and those June 2017 charges were dropped.

TMZ reports that the police report stated that Gordon struck his girlfriend in the face several times while they drove back from a bar. He also allegedly pulled her hair and threatened to crash the vehicle they were in.


Another verbal altercation occurred at the couple’s Florida home, at which point police were called. When law enforcement saw marks on the girlfriend’s face, they arrested Gordon, even though the girlfriend refused to press charges.

In December, US Weekly wrote that Gordon had relocated to Florida and was working as a landscaper in the aftermath of a $36 million civil lawsuit against him in September 2016. 

Although Gordon was never charged in the July 2015 death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, he was found “legally responsible” for her fatal accident after he failed to appear at a pair of wrongful death civil lawsuit hearings.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Bobby Brown said that, despite the $36 million lawsuit, he felt as though justice for his daughter hadn’t been served. “If he was locked up somewhere where somebody can rape him. That’s just how I feel,” Brown said. “He raped me by taking my daughter away.”


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