The National Association of Television Production Executives “NATPE” Conference has been held in Miami Beach at the fabulous Fontainebleau Hotel for the past few years, and every year it is more and more exciting.

This year Dena Stewart and Stewart Stewart went behind the scenes of the Conference where they met Grammy Award winning musician-Investigative Reporter-Talk Show Host- JOHN TESH who was there to pitch his radio show “Intelligence for Your Life” as an intelligent TV show.

Stewart had the rare opportunity to play straight man to the quintessential straight man DICKIE SMOTHERS of the “Smothers Brothers” fame. MEREDITH VIERA, on the other hand, wasn’t allowed to say why she was at NATPE. Of course, there were many more wonderful people at various stages of pitching ideas, producing content and promoting their final products.

Art Deco Weekend, now in its 37th year, was another South Beach event that attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the Art Deco capital of the world; and many of them used the steps of the Versace Mansion as the backdrop for their photo op.

When our feet ached and our bodies dragged, Bobby “Hands” Hudson fixed that with reflexology. And what better way to rejuvenate than with a fine dining experience at the Poseidon Greek Restaurant & Outdoor Lounge, 1131 Washington Avenue, South Beach.

And, thank you Debi Mazar for opening Episode 48 and Arsenio Hall for closing our show with a shout out!

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