Mena is a mysterious airport in Mena, Arkansas. It is also the name of a movie starring Tom Cruise.

Many people heavily marching against the establishment and throwing all caution to the wind because they feel they were cheated by the elections are unaware of American history before they were born or when they were toddlers. Those of us old enough to remember that episode of American history don’t want to go back to it. It was such an intriguing time that movies are made of it. “Mena” is one of those movies.

And because it is easy to suggest or imply that these articles were either “invented” or “created” with Photoshop software, we’ve included copies of the articles relating to this story as well as direct information where anyone can get a copy of these articles themselves.

We have included the top of the actual newspaper page proving that both articles were published side by side, on the same page on the same day. These articles are carried in the archives of Both articles can be found below. One was a letter written by a retired U.S. Army officer, Eric Jowers and the other article is a summarized list of people that mysteriously died around the Clinton cases.


These two newspaper articles below were published on Saturday, October 17, 1998, long before millennials were born. Those marching the streets today, do not know or realize that the corruption from the Mena Airport in Arkansas, served as the most reliable conduit through which the majority of cocaine from Medellin, Colombia was brought into the United States.


Highly unusual that this airport has “Federal” signs on it “Prohibiting” anyone from the entire property.

The corruption that went on there flowed freely during President George Herbert Walk Bush’s administration. All investigations surrounding the airport led back to Bill Clinton as he lived in Arkansas and continued on through his presidency as well.

Not only was the angry letter written by the retired U.S. Army officer directed at Bill Clinton published by newspapers across the country, but it was accompanied by the “current death list” of the investigators, lawyers, prosecutors, witnesses prepared to testify that would mysteriously die or disappear just days or weeks before they were to testify. In many cases, the spouses were also killed.

A movie is being made of this era, the time in American history when the millennials were not here or did not yet exist or were living in other countries. Many young people today are unaware of this aspect of American history.

The material in this article is not a treatment for a movie. It is a true story.

This, is American political history in its purest form. Most of the people marching the streets today are unaware of the corruption that openly existed during that era because they were very young. Many other Americans living in the U.S. now were not aware of the corruption going on in the U.S. because they were growing up in their native countries. People old enough to know better were not aware of these goings on because good responsible people are not interested in knowing about the underbelly of society.

Millions of current residents, citizens and non-citizens are new arrivals that are thrilled to be in the United States and don’t really know or care to research what went on in the U.S. during an era when they didn’t even exist, would be wise to look back and learn about it in order to understand what we “grown folk” know about American history that we refuse to repeat. The people that voted the U.S. map from blue to bright red, lived through that era, we remember it and don’t want to live through it again.



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Barry Seal was ordered to wait in a Salvation Army building to meet someone. He was killed there.


Barry Seal and his young son

barry_sealThe story from here forward comes from Daniel Hopsicker


Barry Seal

Hopsicker’s material has been confirmed with not 3 but 11 sources whom confirm this material to be true.

Published newspaper reports exist and are available at as does a detailed expose by CBS News available on YouTube.

One of the most important historical photos that explains “the cast of characters” in the operations going on at the Mena, Arkansas airport is portrayed in a photo owned by Debbie Seal, Barry’s widow. It’s the photo of 10 men below.

The State Department sent a 7 man crew down from Washington D.C. to her home to comb through all of Barry’s records in early 1995. They didn’t take the photo with them because she kept it in a safe.

The photo remains in her possession. She considered the photo a keepsake, and it has remained untouched.

The photo was in a cardboard frame of the kind used by nightclubs and tourist attractions, with the date it was taken, January 22,1963, stamped on the back.

It was taken in the nightclub of the Aristos Hotel in Mexico City’s Zona Rosa.


goss-sealThe photo shows a group of ten men, wearing black suits and skinny ties, drinking around a table. They appear to be a mixed group of Cuban exiles, Italian wise guys, and square-jawed military intelligence types.

Identifying the men in the photo took months. And when I had, I realized that it is the only extant photograph of the members of  the CIA’s super-secret assassination squad known as “Operation Forty.”

A young (24-year old) Barry Seal is seated third from left.  Seated to Seal’s right is former CIA chief Porter Goss. Front left, beside Goss, is the notorious Cuban “freedom fighter” Felix Rodriguez.  Rodriguez, a vice cop under the corrupt Mob-run Batista regime in Cuba, later became an Iran Contra operative and a confidant of the first George Bush.

felix-rodriguez2Felix Rodriguez has long been known to be one of the CIA’s most vicious assassins. According to law enforcement authorities, he keeps Che Guevara’s hands in a jar atop his dresser.

On the other side of the table, the only celebrant displaying any regard for tradecraft is  covering his face with his sport coat. However, his swept-back “Big Wave in Hawaii” pompadour made him fairly easily identifiable as Frank Sturgis.


Frank Sturgis has often been mentioned in connection with the JFK assassination.  sturgis-seymour2Sturgis will later become famous as one of the Watergate burglars. Beside him, front right, is a man well-known among Kennedy assassination researchers.

William Seymour was the New Orleans representative of the Double-Chek Corporation, a CIA front used to recruit pilots (like Seal).  Researchers identify Seymour as the man said to have impersonated Lee Harvey Oswald, while Oswald was out of the country.

It is certainly a well-connected group. Just the fact that the man who would become the biggest drug smuggler in American history had been  consorting back in 1963 with a man whose job was recruiting pilots for the CIA makes allegations of CIA involvement in the drug trade far more than just another conspiracy theory.

So, if there had been a get-away plane flown out of Dallas after the Kennedy assassination—and assuming there had been an authentic investigation into the assassination, which there was not—Barry Seal would have been high on the list when authorities told the police to call in the “usual suspects.”

But that puts the cart somewhat in front of the horse. Is there evidence that there was a get-away plane?  The answer is “yes.”

At about 1:00 P.M., on November 22, 1963, half an hour after president John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot, neighbors who lived along the road that runs by the Redbird Airport, about 10 miles southwest of downtown Dallas, began calling the police.  A small private plane, they reported, was behaving very strangely.

For an hour, it had been revving its engines, not on the runway, as per usual, but parked at the end of the airstrip on a grassy area next to the fence. The noise was so loud it prevented nearby residents, glued to their TVs for the news about the terrible event downtown, from hearing their TV sets.


The police, perhaps understandably, were too busy to check it out. The question became moot when shortly thereafter  the plane took off.

An FBI file of March 10, 1967, describes statements made by Louis Gaudin, the government’s air traffic control specialist at Redbird airport, who recalled observing three men in business suits board a Comanche-type aircraft at about 2:00 P.M.

Thirty-seven years later, Louis Gaudin was tracked down and found living his retirement in the tiny town of Long Branch, Texas. “I filed that report in ’67 for only one reason,” Gaudin told me. “Sometime in 1967 I received a visit from an Assistant District Attorney in (New Orleans District Attorney) Jim Garrison’s office.”

“He showed me pictures of four possible pilots involved in the incident that day. One was a weird-looking character with a funny-looking wig. Then, shortly thereafter I saw on the news that David Ferrie had committed suicide,” said Gaudin.

Redbird Airport (today Dallas Executive Airport) is  a  small airfield between Dallas  and  Fort Worth. But it wasn’t just any old airport.

“The  FAA  had  its  general  aviation  headquarters there, said Gaudin.  “Howard Hughes had a huge old WWII hanger there, with heavy security. People from Wackenhut all over the place. And there were the Porter planes from General Harry Byrd’s outfit.”

mdbyrde3-300x241General D. Harry Byrd’s links to the Kennedy assassination begin with the fact that he owned the Texas School Book Depository building (the location from which Kennedy was supposedly gunned down).

Then, too, he founded an aircraft company that became one of the largest U.S. defense contractors during the Vietnam War, Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV), which also—and perhaps not coincidentally?—tested missiles at the Venice Airport in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

“What had happened was this,” Gaudin continued. “I was an air traffic controller working in the tower at Redbird that day. When I came on shift at 2 PM,  we received a bulletin to report any suspicious activity immediately to an FAA Security number. And we kept calling that number all afternoon, but got nothing but a busy signal. And then, after we heard they had caught the ‘lone gunman,’ I guess they called it, we stopped calling, and let the matter drop.”

From his perch atop the control tower, Mr. Gaudin, between handling twenty or thirty flights into and out of the airport per hour, had noticed something suspicious about three well-dressed men in business suits standing with several suitcases, beside a Comanche painted green-and-white.

So suspicious was he, Mr. Gaudin related, that when the plane took off on runway 17, he asked the pilot if he needed any assistance. The pilot said no. Gaudin asked which way the plane was heading. The pilot stated “south.”

Gaudin watched as the plane flew south for two miles, then made a hard left, and then flew north to Love Field.

The pilot had lied.

Suspicions aroused, Gaudin went over to the control tower’s receiver and listened as the plane made an approach and landed at Love Field, eight miles north of Redbird.

An hour later, the plane was back at Redbird. This time only two people were aboard. The third passenger—let’s call him the shooter–had been left at Love Field.

And that’s where the matter rested until Garrison’s investigator’s came calling.

Then, after Gaudin became alarmed at the death of a man whose picture he had just recently been shown, he called the FBI, and filed the report which, he said, became something of a burden to him for the rest of his life.

“There was no Freedom of Information Act back then,” he says today. “That’s what’s  created some problems for me.”

This would be just a ‘suspicious sighting’ except for something that happened later, which clearly indicated to Gaudin that he was a witness to something he had no business seeing.

From the control tower, he says, he was too far away to be able to identify anyone who boarded the plane. But there was one person who could: Merrit Goble, who ran the fixed-wing operation, TexAir, at Redbird Field.

“Merrit and I were friends,” Gaudin relates. “So one day, after filing the FBI report, I went down to see if the FBI had been by to visit him as well. They hadn’t, he told me. So I asked him if he had anything, any gas receipts, any record of the fueling of the plane in question. And Merit acted very strangely. He told me, in effect, that it was none of my business. He said, ‘I will only answer questions from a bonafide law enforcement authority.’”

“I always thought that was strange: ‘I will only answer questions from a bonafide law enforcement authority.’ Because like I said, we were friends.”

Merrit Goble died taking any secrets he possessed about the suspicious plane to his grave.

Tom Cruise is about to play the role of Barry Seal in an upcoming movie.



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