A federal Pennsylvania judge dismissed a case against Cosby. How many cases is that? What does he have in his shaving kit that’s causing such a stir?  He clearly knows where everybody’s bodies are buried.

The Renita Hill case?  Gone.  Judge Arthur Schwab dismissed the three claims against Cosby, ruling that the statements “don’t live up to defamation as defined by Pennsylvania law.”

Hill’s claims of defamation cite three instances in which Cosby and his team said the accusers needed to be fact-checked.

In November 2014, following Hill’s public accusation of rape, Cosby and his lawyer told The Washington Post that the women coming forward had “unsubstantiated, fantastical stories.”

In essence they said that all the accusers are liars. When asked about the charges by a Florida paper, Cosby said he didn’t have to answer to “innuendos.”

Camille wrote to The Washington Post complaining that newspapers weren’t checking any facts and just railroading her husband.

Judge Schwab found no grounds for defamation.

It took 50 years for Cosby’s lawyers to perfect the protective set up they created so that they could keep that revenue stream alive and they all drank from the same trough and continue benefiting today.

Of course Hill’s lawyers will appeal, but throwing my arms up like Hillary Clinton, we should all scream the question…  “What difference does it make now?”


Celebrity lawyers and their firms make a great deal of money protecting wealthy clients. 

Why would anyone expect these attorneys to walk away from what they consider perfectly viable income?

There are still a list of Cosby cases yet to be tried and in the end, none of it will matter because the established members of the United States justice system are torn between “the way things were” and the guilt its members feel about the ‘good ol’ boy’ traditions they too enjoyed.

Making sexist jokes in corporate offices, in factories and even in legal settings such as law firms and even courts was not unusual – it was acceptable before “for its time.”

The American Justice System does not dispense justice equally. The United States justice system provides as much justice as a defendant can afford.

Jared Fogle did not have the mega millions that Jeffrey Epstein has. Jared got 14 years while Jeffrey got to sleep in a jail near his home. He wasn’t ‘doing time’ in the jail at all, he was just sleeping there. And he was free to come and go as he pleased all day – every day. He slept in the jail for about a year. Jeffrey Epstein used more teens than Jared did. How did Jeffrey Epstein get such a light sentence and Jared a 14 year sentence?  

Look at this newspaper article below about Cheryl Kaltschnee (now Sherry Benedon) who sued Hugh Hefner decades ago. What that proves is that drugging women in the Playboy Mansion circle and men who frequented that house was routine.  Kaltschnee knew she had been drugged and reported that both her food and her drink had been drugged and it affected her balance causing her to fall and severely hurt her head.

41 years ago, a woman sued Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion for drugging her food and drink. She knew she had been drugged. It was a common practice then and it has continued to be a common practice for decades. Only the names of the drugs have changed. Now they’re called ruffies.

Why was drugging women such a popular practice?  Because our American society did not respect women then and does not respect women now.

USA Today published an article stating that 70,000+ rape kits have gone untouched – some for over 10 years.

Call 911 and tell them your car was stolen and watch how many squad cars show up. Why does a stolen car merit more importance than a woman being sexually assaulted? 

And last year, when SONY’s email was hacked, the emails from so many, married SONY executives’ mistresses were a surprise but not as surprising to read a SONY Executive’s response to a movie he had reviewed asking, “Can we fit a rape scene somewhere in here?

Hollywood still markets movies towards teen aged boys not girls. And a rape scene is still considered something that will make a movie more marketable at the box office.

When logic overrules emotion…

Many of you have come to SNN.BZ seeking justice and we’ve posted your stories.  In fact, we have posted every verifiable story that has come to our desk about CPS injustice, Drug Raping women, Cyber bullying and a host of other real life stories.  We stand with all of you and will help you when ever we can.

But now we have two specialists in their field that are going to lead very important causes. KidWatch will continue their fight with CPS, Family Courts, Abusive tactics by CPS and Family Court personnel.

As for the aspect of violations against women in terms of jobs, pay equality, sexual discrimination, sexual assault and other important topics that affect women, Miki Garcia will lead that charge.

We will allow them to continue the work they began years ago and we are going to refocus onto our other projects.  As always, we are open to opinion and conversation.

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