Mixed Martial Arts brought to you by Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA). Jorge CFA founder and CEO Jorge De La Noval was not aware that Fallon was a transgender female. Click here to see the MMA application for the State of Florida.  The license is under review. Fallon brought her State of Illinois Driver’s License identifying her as a woman to the Florida Boxing Commission to apply for a boxing license (MMA licenses are obtained through the established Boxing Commission). The State of Florida granted her an MMA boxing license but she had claimed that she had been previously licensed by the State of California. We called the California Boxing Commission and they did not issue her a license. Her application for a license is still under review in California but it was never issued as she had stated.

Championship Fighting Alliance CFA 10’s press conference set the stage for the big event Saturday at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables. CFA CEO Jorge De La Noval said he is pumped for the promotion’s debut of the women’s tournament where the CFA featherweight title and $20,000 are at stake. “Women bring something different to the cage,” she said at Bongo’s Cuban Café, where the CFA 10 press conference took place. “They are all the time on the aggressive mode.” Kelsey De Santis was excited to make her debut. She faces Allanna Jones 1-1. “I am excited,” she said. “Hearing the ladies talk is clearly exciting.We are going to do great things. This will bring us to the next stage. “There will four fights to start off the tournament also featuring Peggy Morgan vs Revelina Berto; Ashlee Evan-Smith vs Tori Adams and Fallon Fox vs Ericka News. Aside from the women’s tournament, CFA 10 will feature James McSweeney vs Dion Staring in the main event. The main event promises to be a non-stop war. “I’ve trained very well for this fight,” he said. “It’s going to be a war for sure.”Staring said he was humbled for the opportunity given to him. Moreover, Shah Bobonis suggested a stipulation to his foe, Joey Rodriguez. Bobonis said that if he won he was going to create a shirt of himself, so Rodriguez would wear to his next fight. However, Rodriguez turned down the offer. De La Noval also stated that a fight between Jose Caceres and Kamarus Usman was taken off the fight card because Caceres said he wasn’t ready to fight. Make sure to watch the weigh-ins live on Ustream starting at 6 p.m. www.ustream.com/cfafights.
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