The Travel Office fiasco


Bill Clinton and Catherine Cornelius (his cousin).

By Ruthie DiTucci

The groundswell of millennials that admire Hillary Clinton’s musical guests on so many of her political stages were not born when Hillary herself was already ass deep in politics and behaving the same way she behaves today. She arrived at the White House with her eyes on the prize.

Unfortunately, one of the first things she set her eyes on was the Travel Office and every one of its jobs. Solution?

Get rid of the Director whom had served seven presidents with integrity and every one of his staff members. Then move Bill Clinton’s cousin, Catherine Cornelius (25 at the time) in and bring all her other friends from Arkansas to replace every member of the current staff. 


Catherine Cornelius is Bill Clinton’s cousin

The Travel Office Director, Billy Dale, hadn’t done anything wrong and didn’t see any reason to give up his job but that’s not what Hillary wanted. Her plan? A diabolical one of course.

If he wouldn’t leave on his own terms he’d leave on hers. She concocted an entire lie about how Billy Dale was an embezzler figuring it would urge him to leave.

Well he wouldn’t leave but young Hillary didn’t realize that as the first lady and as the wife of the country’s leader – the authorities had to take her word and pursue Hillary’s lie.

Billy Dale was accused, arrested and spent near a million dollars trying to clear his name. A judge saw through the nonsense, the jury found him innocent on all charges and ordered that he and his staff (every one of them) be exonerated, made whole and returned to their jobs for the wrongful termination.

Embarrassingly for Bill Clinton, an entire congressional investigation ensued along with the very public chastising and embarrassment of having to send all those people back to Arkansas and re-hire all the people Hillary had wrongfully acted against. To this day, she has refused to apologize for that fiasco that cost so many people so much damage both financially as well as the damage it did to their reputations.

This newspaper clipping is from decades ago. The crime is the same, “deception and fraud” and the results were the same back then as if it had happened today. Hillary made an accusation, stepped back, and watched as the authorities as the persecuted the accused. She’d often accuse someone else, the person would be charged and arrested and she often got away with it.  The victims changed through the years but the bullying behavior remained the same.


Millennials are too young to know that this behavior has been going on for decades. Read the article – John Podesta right in the middle!


Billy Dale was accused by HRC of embezzling from the White House Travel Office which he led through seven presidents. HRC wanted him out and wanted Bill’s cousin Catherine Cornelius to take over the Travel Office.  A judge ordered that the original staff be returned and that Hillary’s friends be removed from those positions. HRC has denied it to this day even though records show she specifically accused Billy Dale of embezzlement because he wouldn’t just “leave” when she told him to. It took him almost a million dollars to clear his name.


History repeats itself but millenials are too young to remember. And look who had to answer questions back then… “Yes, it’s John Podesta!” He cleaned up her messes back then, and he is called upon to clean up a mess or two today.


The Clinton’s sent Vivian Manerud, a Miami fundraiser to get a campaign donation from a Cuban drug smuggler, Jorge Cabrera

Vivan Mannerud in front of her bombed out Miami offices.

Clinton couple had Vivian Mannerud meet Cuban drug dealer in the Copacabana Hotel to ask for cash

What this article above should teach us all is that one can closely predict what a person will do in the future if one examines what the individual has done in the past.

Not only did the Clinton’s establish themselves as people that took advantage of anyone and any money available for the taking but their behavior is exactly the same in 2016 as it was 10 years ago and the players are also the same.

During this most recent presidential election, Hillary Clinton lost to President Donald J. Trump. Hillary lost for many reasons, the most important of them which was:

Huma Abedin – She grew up within a family that believes in the Islamic Brotherhood. They work for the Islamic Brotherhood and strive towards its benefit and success.

Being Hillary Clinton’s “top assistant,” if Hillary Clinton won, Huma Abedin would be running the White House, thus the country. As weak and sick as Hillary is, Bill would have handled global affairs and Huma Abedin was staged to become Secretary of State.

The American people were not going to stand idly by while the Islamic Brotherhood moved into the United States White House.


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