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Meryl Streep is still upset because Karl Lagerfeld (know for his impromptu verbal outbursts) claimed she was rejecting wearing a “Chanel” because another design house had offered her cash to wear their design instead.

If it were an absolute lie, I would champion her cause but this is not the first time an artist chooses the paying outfit versus the one a design house wants her to wear so that she can get more exposure.

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At her level of acting, she doesn’t need any ‘exposure’ – she’s doing the design house a favor it’s not the other way around.

But the evening meant much more to her (or so she claims) because it was her 20th nomination and she went on with more complaints.  Lagerfeld of course apologized for the stir but did not apologize for saying what he said.

Like millions of other Meryl Streep fans I would watch anything she worked in just because she was in it until she decided that Roman Polanski hasn’t really performed rape and that he should be allowed back in the US to receive his film award.

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