George wasn’t the only journalist investing money in Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign.  The Clinton camp lied to journalists the world over telling them that they were the “special” press members that they had “chosen.” The journalists felt they were controlling the outcome of the election since they were investing money in it. George Stephanopoulos was only one of thousands of journalists. They invested in the campaign because they were under the impression that no one would ever know.  See the ethics code at the end of this article.**

When George Stephanopoulos was proven to have invested both time and money into the Clinton Global Initiative, ABC brass was highly embarrassed and worried about being sued. They barred him from moderating any of the political debates but now he’s trying to slide back into the anchor chair as though the public is dumb and will never remember.



Lene Ostby, a Norwegian journalist was one of the foreign press members investing money in the U.S. Presidential Campaign.

The public thought that articles written by reporters from their own countries were “fair, even handed, unbiased” they did not realize that the journalists had provided the Hillary Clinton campaign with their personal and sometimes their business credit cards.

In many of these journalist’s cases, their countries prohibit them from investing money in foreign Presidential Elections.

They likely did not inform their employers that they were actively investing financially in Hillary Clinton and the American Democratic Party with a serious slant towards her winning. Hillary Clinton was able to charge their credit cards on a monthly basis.

The press members were also financially investing in the Hillary Clinton campaign by having their credit cards charged monthly. Go to the end of this article to view the Professional Journalists standards.

The amount in the last column on the right was what their credit cards were charged on a monthly basis. To view the entire report go to Wikileaks. The direct link is:

first_name last_name email city country telephone job amt
Paul Comrie-Thomson [email protected] Sydney Australia 612 99531756 Reporter 349.00
Mark Corcoran [email protected] Bronte, Sydney Australia 61+2+83334754 Reporter 349.00
Patrick Walters [email protected] Forrest Australia 61262707000 Reporter 349.00
Birgit Cerha [email protected] Eichgraben Austria 0042277342555 Reporter 598.00
Dragan Blagojevic [email protected] Brussels Belgium 003223432748 Reporter 99.00
Joe Fitzgerald [email protected] Halifax Canada 902-209-0160 Reporter 99.00
Ian MacLeod [email protected] Ottawa Canada +613-596-3746 Reporter 24.95
Jon Boyle [email protected] Paris France +33147001191 Reporter 99.00
Brian Cloughley [email protected] Voutenay sur Cure France 00 336 8665 3922 Reporter 199.00
Marc Epstein [email protected] PARIS France +33.1.75551282 Reporter 199.00
nabiljumbert Jumbert [email protected] Boulogne France 33146080070 Reporter 39.95
Alexander Jenniches [email protected] Herford Germany 1234567 Reporter 349.00
MARK TREVELYAN [email protected] BERLIN Germany 493028885135 Reporter 99.00
DIMITRIOS CHATZIGIACHTSIDIS [email protected] ATHENS Greece 0030 6932 456915 Reporter 349.00
Athena Koufopanou [email protected] Athens Greece 00302108033412 Reporter 99.00
Pinhas Inbari [email protected] Maaleh Modiin Israel 972-8-9283740 Reporter 199.00
Pascale ZONSZAIN [email protected] JERUSALEM Israel 972 505 28 19 70 Reporter 99.00
davide frattini [email protected] milano Italy 00393357351046 Reporter 39.95
Hristo Petrov [email protected] Rome Italy +39 3388135342 Reporter 199.00
Stefano Pizzetti [email protected] Rome Italy +390633176071 Reporter 99.00
Takashi Arimoto [email protected] Tokyo Japan 0081338199303 Reporter 199.00
toru okabe [email protected] tokyo Japan +81-3-5455-4043 Reporter 199.00
ed blanche [email protected] Beirut 11072070 Lebanon (961-1) 786604 Reporter 199.00
Rudolf Ten Hoedt [email protected] Oegstgeest Neth (00260)1.252.135 Reporter 598.00
Alan M Bevin [email protected] Hastings NZ 0064 06 8768469 Reporter 349.00
Chris Trotter [email protected] Auckland NZ 64 9 6310179 Reporter 199.00
Lene ├ÿstby S├ªvr├╕y [email protected] Oslo Norway +4741423311 Reporter 199.00
Oystein Bogen [email protected] Bergen Norway +4755908096 Reporter 349.00
Atle M Skjaerstad [email protected] Bergen Norway +47 908 61 268 Reporter 199.00
Laszlo Palotas [email protected] Moscow Russia 7 495 9701058 Reporter 19.95
Andres Ortega [email protected] Madrid Spain 34913377796 Reporter 349.00
Bengt Albons [email protected] Hagersten Sweden +46-8-738 1056 Reporter 349.00
Bruno Lezzi [email protected] Z├╝rich Switzerland 0041 1 259 10 34 Reporter 349.00
Fikret Ertan [email protected] Eskisehir Turkey 902222316606 Reporter 349.00
Alistair Alexander [email protected] London UK 07974 072273 Reporter 99.00
Thomas Fenton [email protected] London UK 020 7838 9423 Reporter 349.00
Robert Fox [email protected] London UK +442076076148 Reporter 349.00
lindsey hilsum [email protected] London UK 44 7860 334501 Reporter 99.00
adriaane pielou [email protected] london UK 020 852 8885 Reporter 99.00
Jeremy Rees [email protected] London UK +44 20 8993 5894 Reporter 39.95
Sean Ryan [email protected] London UK 0044 207 782 5700 Reporter 349.00
Carey Schofield [email protected] London UK 020 7589 7293 Reporter 19.95
David Watts [email protected] London UK 447909926118 Reporter 349.00
Peter Alford [email protected] Tokyo USA 81-3 3279 2987 Reporter 99.00
Christopher Allbritton [email protected] San Francisco USA 9176606193 Reporter 349.00
Dimitrios Apokis [email protected] Washington USA 2026862522 Reporter 349.00
Jodi Berls [email protected] Katy USA 281-463-6728 Reporter 349.00
Gary Black [email protected] Sun Valley USA 2086227753 Reporter 349.00
Brian Borawski [email protected] Waterford USA 248-886-1626 Reporter 199.00
Jonathan Broder [email protected] Washington USA 202-419-8561 Reporter 349.00
Elaine Cobbe [email protected] Paris USA +33173012561 Reporter 349.00
Paul Crespo [email protected] Coral Gables USA 305-669-0217 Reporter 349.00
Mark Danner [email protected] Berkeley USA 510-526-8062 Reporter 349.00
Arnaud de Borchgrave [email protected] Washington USA 202.775.3282 Reporter 598.00
Dominic Di-Natale [email protected] London USA 07887614113 Reporter 599.00
patrick dollard [email protected] Los Angeles USA 310 927-6941 Reporter 349.00
RON DUDLEY [email protected] BROOMALL USA 610-293-8774 Reporter 199.00
Fred Edwards [email protected] South Pasadena USA (727)360-2936 Reporter 99.00
shara fryer [email protected] houston USA 7136636552 Reporter 199.00
John Galer [email protected] hillsboro USA 217-532-3933 Reporter 199.00
Doug Ganley [email protected] New York USA 917 673 7464 Reporter 39.95
Dale Hurd [email protected] Virginia Beach USA 757-427-6700 Reporter 349.00
Philip Ittner [email protected] Moraga USA 9253768598 Reporter 99.00
Jon D Jefferson [email protected] Scottsdale USA 480-251-1800 Reporter 59.00
Howard Kee [email protected] New York USA 2127692292 Reporter 199.00
Tom Kennedy [email protected] Arlington USA 703-469-2638 Reporter 99.00
Philip Lawler [email protected] South Lancaster USA 978 365 6046 Reporter 199.00
Robert Lilly [email protected] Port Washington USA 718 928 5898 Reporter 19.95
John Loeffler [email protected] Hayden USA 208-765-8337 Reporter 349.00
Georg Mascolo [email protected] Washington USA 202-347-5222 Reporter 349.00
Gary McCarty [email protected] Rowland Heights USA 626-810-8135 Reporter 19.95
Robert McManus [email protected] New York USA 2129308536 Reporter 349.00
FRANCIS MEANEY [email protected] North Chatham USA 617-512-7743 Reporter 598.00
Marvin Moore [email protected] Caldwell USA 208 454-9762 Reporter 99.00
SAMUEL LORING MORISON [email protected] CROFTON USA 301-261-0710 Reporter 19.95
Yoichi Nishimura [email protected] NW, Washington USA (202)-783-1000 Reporter 349.00
Enrico Pedemonte [email protected] New York USA 212-755-5444 Reporter 349.00
Nikolay Petrov [email protected] New York USA (202) 360-7199 Reporter 99.00
Barry Porster [email protected] Belleville USA 734-697-8467 Reporter 349.00
Barry Porster [email protected] Belleville USA 734-697-8467 Reporter 349.00
richard riggins [email protected] canyon country USA 16612992373 Reporter 349.00
nathan riley [email protected] new york USA 212 932 3938 Reporter 450.00
Richard Ritenbaugh [email protected] Charlotte USA (803) 802-7075 Reporter 349.00
Martijn Roessingh buiten[email protected] Amsterdam USA + 31 20 562 2735 Reporter 99.00
Edward Rothstein [email protected] Brooklyn USA 718-859-4410 Reporter 349.00
pierre rousselin [email protected] Paris USA 33157085176 Reporter 199.00
charles saydah [email protected] hackensack USA (201) 646 4553 Reporter 99.00
William Schober [email protected] Chicago USA 7732279395 Reporter 99.00
Sebastian Silva [email protected] Santiago USA 00 562 223 68 75 Reporter 199.00
James Srodes [email protected] Washington USA 202-232-5312 Reporter 349.00
Matthew Stannard [email protected] Oakland USA 415-777-7122 Reporter 349.00
Bret Stephens [email protected] New York USA 212 416 4903 Reporter 39.95
Mercedes Stephenson [email protected] Calgary USA 647-439-2002 Reporter 349.00
david strickland [email protected] houston USA 713-663-4501 Reporter 349.00
david strickland [email protected] houston USA 713-663-4501 Reporter 598.00
Martin Suter [email protected] New York USA 212-366-0327 Reporter 349.00
John Thomson [email protected] Key Biscayne USA 305-361-0788 Reporter 99.00
Chris Tomlinson [email protected] New York USA +254-733-622-038 Reporter 199.00

How do the Clintons consistently break the law? They have their donations given to their Canadian partner’s version of CGI (run by Frank Giustra) because Canada does not require donors to identify themselves. That’s how they defy American law.  Once the donation is taken in, the money is then transferred to the Clinton’s CGI in the United States – It’s pure corruption if not money laundering!

Anderson Cooper also gave the Clintons money but has brazenly moderated political debates because he knows it’s very awkward and politically incorrect to scold a gay person even for lack of ethics and lack of integrity. More importantly, everyone wants to appear politically correct and are fearful that Anderson Cooper who is known for being abrupt and rude, would easily embarrass anyone on the air. That is the reason no one has called him on it. 

The Clinton Global Initiative is constantly being investigated because it is clear now that the Clintons truly believe that they are above the law.

If any American citizen received monies in those quantities from people or countries with whom the United States did not even have diplomatic relations with, the citizen would be arrested for treason.

Now months later, media members think they are above the law as well. In spite of their names appearing clearly on the list of CGI donors – they want to moderate presidential debates even though having given CGI a great deal of money, puts them in a serious conflict of interest position. Any reporter that donated money to CGI should not have any involvement in the presidential debates or have anything to do with election activities.

A journalist’s financial or “gift in kind” donation to the Clinton Global Initiative speaks for itself. It says clearly that the donor wants Hillary Clinton to have the presidency. Donating to CGI or similar organizations owned by candidates should DISQUALIFY the PRESS MEMBER from participating in the political process.

The scandal reminded ABC of the Brian Williams‘ credibility problem. ABC almost fired George but he was their senior anchor. The solution was to eliminate him from the pool of journalists that would moderate the Democratic Debate. Christiane Amanpour was a CGI contributor so she too was out of the moderating pool. How did they get away with having Cooper Anderson moderate the debates when he both worked for the CGI and made donations? Because barring an openly gay man would have encouraged backlash from the gay community. It was too politically “incorrect.”


SNN.BZ filed a Freedom of Information Request months ago and received CGI’s most recent contributors. On that list were several anchors and journalists, among them were George Stephanopoulos, Christiane Amanpour, Tom Brokaw, and Anderson Cooper among others. We published the article on August 13, 2015.


Other journalists, correspondents and reporters that invested in the Clinton Global Initiative are learning that when the going get’s rough – the Clinton’s get going!

The very reporters that interviewed the Clintons about the Clinton Global Initiative didn’t tell anyone that they had actually invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Clinton Global Initiative.

Reporters interviewed Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as though the CGI was a news story. When the journalists were in fact “investors” in the CGI so called “charity.”

No longer credible and impartial journalists are Greta Van Sustern FOX, Christiana Amanpour CNN, Anderson Cooper CNN, Katie Couric CBS & YAHOO!, George Stephanopoulos (is actually part of CGI 2010, 2011), the list of journalists/correspondents/anchor men/women that have invested 2 or 3 hundred thousand each is amazing. Lionel Barber Financial Times, Thomas Friedman, NYTimes, Nicholas Kristof, NYTimes, Matthew Bishop The Economist, Tom Brokaw NBC, Judy Woodruff PBS, Fareed Zakaria Newsweek (to name but a few).

Many have donated money via businesses they own or control so as to not show their personal names. Whether their personal names are obscured or not, they are business “partners” to the Clintons none the less – they are no longer objective journalists. And how did many obscure their name completely? By investing the money via Frank Giustra. He and Bill Clinton own a Clinton Global Initiative clone charity in Canada where donors are not required to identify themselves.

Insiders at ABC News said higher-ups were blindsided by Stephanopoulos’ hefty undisclosed donations to the Clinton Foundation, saying the contributions may have made damaged goods of their biggest star.

liar“This is a bigger crisis than ABC will admit,” a source told The Post.

“George is the centerpiece of their 2016 coverage. By donating to the Clintons, he has blown his credibility in one catastrophic move.

“How can he moderate a debate or question a Republican candidate without questions over his impartiality?”

Stephanopoulos is ABC’s chief anchor and chief political correspondent. The “Good Morning America” anchor admitted last week that he has donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation since 2011.

After apologizing on air Friday during the morning show, he repeated the mea culpa Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” possibly under threat of suspension.

“ABC is hoping this doesn’t spiral into a full-blown Brian Williams-style disaster,” the source said. “If more information comes out about George’s ties to the Clintons, things could get worse.

“While ‘GMA’ is the big ratings vehicle, ‘This Week’ is the show George most loves, and they could suspend him from that, so he was forced to apologize again on Sunday.”


Stephanopoulos said on air Sunday: “Over the last several years, I’ve made substantial donations to dozens of charities, including the Clinton Foundation. Those donations were a matter of public record, but I should have made additional disclosures on air when we covered the foundation.”

Williams was suspended for six months without pay from his $10 million-a-year job as “Nightly News” anchor after misrepresenting events that occurred while he was covering the Iraq war in 2003.

“George is one of the smartest guys in the business,” the ABC insider said. “Why would he be stupid enough to make this donation and then even more stupid not to disclose it to both his audience and his bosses?”

But Stephanopoulos, who was a senior policy adviser in the Clinton White House, may have had other motives for the donations.

Another source said Stephanopoulos’ relationship with the Clintons was at a low in 1999 after his first book, “All Too Human: A Political Education,” was published following his departure from the White House during President Bill Clinton’s second term.

“Through the donation to the Clinton Foundation, it appears that George was trying to get back into the Clintons’ good graces,” the source explained. “But the question is why. It is not like it would give him special access to them. In the grand scale of Clinton Foundation donations, $75,000 is a drop in the ocean.”

Stephanopoulos, meanwhile, continued to be hammered.

“Obviously, Stephanopoulos has favorable feelings toward Hillary and Bill Clinton; he gives their foundation his money and his time,” Peter Schweizer, author of the book “Clinton Cash,” wrote in USA Today on Sunday.

Additional reporting by Aaron Short

An article by Jeryl Bier published in a WEEKLY STANDARD blog called SPEAK WITH AUTHORITY details the disappointing revelation that numerous mainstream media members have been publicly parading themselves as unbiased journalists and correspondents while delivering the news, while secretly deceptively having paid anywhere from $19,000 to $300,000.00 or more each for memberships to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s GLOBAL INITIATIVE.

If he had not been found out, he would have unethically proceeded to act as “moderator” for the Presidential Debate in spite of his conflict of interest.

John Sexton of Breitbart News took Bier’s article a step further by continuing to ‘follow the money,” and coming up with several surprises. As a result George Stephanopoulos, is being called an out-and-out hypocite for not revealing his own donations of $75,000+ to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Records show he was a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) foundation for several years.

The foundation’s website lists Stephanopoulos along with other previous and current members such as Tom Brokaw, Anderson Cooper, Greta Van Susteren, Rupert Murdock, and T. Boone Pickens.

The Definition of the Cinton Global Initiative (CGI)

The Clinton Foundation (originally founded in 2001 as the William J. Clinton Foundation, and called during 2013–15 the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation) is a nonprofit foundation under clause 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code.

It was established by former President of the United States Bill Clinton with the stated mission to “strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.” The Foundation focuses on improving global health and wellness, increasing opportunity for women and girls, reducing childhood obesity and preventable diseases, creating economic opportunity and growth, and helping communities address the effects of climate change. The Foundation works principally through partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments, often serving as an incubator for new policies and programs. They have offices located in New York City and Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Clinton Foundation encompasses a number of different efforts and entities, including the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI, spun off into a separate but related organization in 2010), the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI, split off after 2009 but reintegrated after 2013), Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), the Clinton Development Initiative (CDI), the Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative, the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, the Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI), the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and the No Ceilings Project. However, there is criticism that the foundation becomes a tool of the permanent campaign for Clinton Family’s political activities.

Through 2014 the foundation had raised almost $2 billion from U.S. corporations especially Wall Street; foreign governments and corporations; political donors; and various other moneyed interests. During its lifetime the foundation has received praise from philanthropic experts and has had support from both Democrats and Republicans, with the latter including members of the George W. Bush administration.

Charitable grants are not a major focus of the Clinton Foundation, which instead keeps most of its money in house and hires staff to carry out its own humanitarian programs.

Because of this unusual structure for a foundation, Charity Navigator, a charity watchdog, has said it does not have a methodology to rate the Clinton Foundation. Nonetheless, they added the foundation to their charity “watch list” (an action the foundation has said is unwarranted, for which Charity Navigator disagrees, stating the Clinton Foundation needs to publicly address the revelations made by reliably-sourced media outlets if they ever want off the CN Watchlist). A different charity monitor, the American Institute of Philanthropy, says that 89 percent of the foundation’s money goes toward its charitable mission and gave the foundation an A rating for 2013.

Questions have been raised about the foundation’s financial practices, about its fundraising from foreign governments and corporations, about the transparency of its reporting of its donors, and about possible conflicts of interest between donations to the foundation and the actions of Hillary Clinton when she was U.S. Secretary of State during 2009–13 and in connection with her subsequent 2016 presidential campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.20.58 PMpost

Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick now entering the political arena…

ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUAL DONORS Donated at least… But not more than…
The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation $25,000,000.00 N/A
UNITAID $25,000,000.00 N/A
AUSAID $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
Stephen L. Bing $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
COPRESIDA-Secretariado Tecnico $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
Fred Eychaner $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
Frank Giustra, Chief Executive Officer, The Radcliffe Foundation $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
Tom Golisano $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
The Hunter Foundation $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
The ELMA Foundation $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
Theodore W. Waitt $10,000,001.00 $25,000,000.00
Government of Norway $5,000,001.00 $10,000,000.00
Nationale Postcode Loterij $5,000,001.00 $10,000,000.00
Haim Saban and The Saban Family Foundation $5,000,001.00 $10,000,000.00
Michael Schumacher $5,000,001.00 $10,000,000.00
The Wasserman Foundation $5,000,001.00 $10,000,000.00
S. D. Abraham $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Alltel Corporation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Nasser Al-Rashid $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Smith and Elizabeth Bagley $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Richard Caring $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Gilbert R. Chagoury $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Citi Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative – Canada $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Victor P. Dahdaleh & The Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Charitable Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Robert Disbrow $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Dubai Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Elton John AIDS Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Entergy $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Mr. Issam M. Fares & The Wedge Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Wallace W. Fowler $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Friends of Saudi Arabia $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Mala Gaonkar Haarman $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The James R. Greenbaum, Jr. Family Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Robert L. Johnson $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Howard and Michele Kessler $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Michael and Jena King $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Lukas Lundin $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
MAC AIDS Fund $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
John D. Mackay $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Lakshmi N. Mittal $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Open Society Institute $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Victor Pinchuk $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Presidential Inaugural Committee $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Princess Diana Memorial Fund $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Paul Reynolds $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Robertson Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Bernard L. Schwartz $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Walter H. Shorenstein $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Arnold H. Simon $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Bren and Melvin Simon $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Amar Singh $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Michael Smurfit $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Harold Snyder $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
State of Kuwait $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
State of Qatar $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Sterling Stamos Capital Management, LP $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Streisand Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Suzlon Energy Ltd. $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Swiss Reinsurance Company $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Alix Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Government of Brunei Darussalam $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Howard Gilman Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Rockefeller Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable & Educational Trust $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Sidney E. Frank Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Sultanate of Oman $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Wal-Mart Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Zayed Family $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
T.G. Holdings $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
The Walton Family Foundation $1,000,001.00 $5,000,000.00
AIDS-Life $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Malini Alles $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Bank of America Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Simon P. Barcelo $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Frederick Baron and Lisa Blue $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Richard C. Blum $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Susie T. Buell and Mark Buell $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The Sherwood Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Cisco $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Clinton Family Foundation and William J. Clinton $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Confederation of Indian Industry $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Lewis B. Cullman $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Duke Energy Corporation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Elena Franchuk Anti-AIDS Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Global Artists, Inc. $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Brian L. Greenspun $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Hewlett Packard Company $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Patricia A. Hotung $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
ICAP Services North America $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Irish Aid $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Walid A. Juffali $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Dave Katragadda $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Peter B. Lewis $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Magna International Inc. $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
James R. Murdoch $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Paul Newman and Newman’s Own Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
News Corporation Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
OSI Development Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Pfizer Inc $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Procter & Gamble $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Kjell I. Rokke $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Ruettgers Family Charitable Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Sanyo North America Corporation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Joachim Schoss $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Gerald Schuster $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
David Sidoo $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Soros Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Steven Spielberg $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Jackson T. Stephens $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The Anheuser-Busch Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The Annenberg Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The David Geffen Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The John C. Armitage Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Fund $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trust $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The Swedish Postcode Lottery $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The Ted Arison Family Foundation USA, Inc. $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Thomson Reuters $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Mrs. Carole Shields Westbrook and Mr. Hugh A. Westbrook $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
The Winnick Family Foundation $500,001.00 $1,000,000.00
Accoona Corporation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Acxiom Corporation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Abbas Al-Yousef $250,001.00 $500,000.00
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees $250,001.00 $500,000.00
American International Group, Inc. (AIG) $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Autodesk, Inc. $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Anson and Debra Beard $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Carlos Bremer Gutierrez $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Charles Dunstone Charitable Trust $250,001.00 $500,000.00
China Overseas Real Estate Development $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Gustavo Cisneros & Venevision $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Michael J. Cooper $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Energy Developments and Investments Corporation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
The Engleberg Foundation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
James L. Ferraro $250,001.00 $500,000.00
J.B. Fuqua $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Rolando Gonzalez-Bunster $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Google $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Green Family Foundation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Ajit Gulabchand $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Vinod Gupta $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Hanwah Engineering and Construction Corporation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Hanwah L&C Corporation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Frank E. Holmes $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Glenn H. Hutchins $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Ibrahim El-Hefni Technical Training Foundation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
InfoGROUP $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Kevin Jardine $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Michael Lee-Chin $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Philip Levine $250,001.00 $500,000.00
David Lyall $250,001.00 $500,000.00
George M. Marcus $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Microsoft Corporation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
New York’s Health & Human Service Union, 1199/SEIU $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Orbitex Management Inc. $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Richard C. Perry $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Bernard Rapoport $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Denise Rich $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Michael Rienzi $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Ms. Nancy Ellison and Mr. William Rollnick $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Sabey Limited $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Donald L. Saunders $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Mr. Stanley S. Shuman & The Marc Haas Foundation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Carlos Slim Hel $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Joseph A. Stroud $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Lalit Suri $250,001.00 $500,000.00
The Coca-Cola Company $250,001.00 $500,000.00
The Eastern Culture Foundation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
The Fuserna Foundation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
The Landrake Foundation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
The Salem Foundation $250,001.00 $500,000.00
The Weill Family Fund $250,001.00 $500,000.00
US Islamic World Conference $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Agnes Varis $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Martin Varsavsky $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Mark L. Walsh $250,001.00 $500,000.00
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Niklas Zennstrom $250,001.00 $500,000.00
Douglas C. Ahlers $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Aker Kvaerner ASA $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Hamza B. Al Kholi $100,001.00 $250,000.00 Corporation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Loreen J. Arbus $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Fred Bacher $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Dennis W. Bakke $100,001.00 $250,000.00
The Barrack Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Barrick Gold Corporation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
George and Boyce Billingsley $100,001.00 $250,000.00
BrainWave Communication – Brand Academy $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Edgar M. Bronfman $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Peter Buffett $100,001.00 $250,000.00
The John and Margo Catsimatidis Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
CDI Contractors $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Paul L. Cejas $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Charles Schwab & Co. $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Stanley M. Chesley $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Citigroup Inc. $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Stephen J. Cloobeck $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Timothy C. Collins $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Communications Workers of America $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Jon Corzine $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Michael and Beth Coulson $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Crabby Beach Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Credit Suisse $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Bob Cross $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Ian Cumming $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Daiwa Steel Tube, Inc. $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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Lynn F. de Rothschild $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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Drug Chemical and Allied Trades Association, Inc. $100,001.00 $250,000.00
EKTA Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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Fantasma $100,001.00 $250,000.00
FedEx Services $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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Paul I. Goldenberg $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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Hamilton College $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Hanwah Stores Company, Ltd. $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Kathryn and Craig Hall $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Craig M. Hatkoff $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Patrick Heiniger $100,001.00 $250,000.00
The Hermelin Family Support Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Robert Hernreich $100,001.00 $250,000.00
HSM Americas, Inc. $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Chi-Kao Hsu $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Hyundai Motor America $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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IF Hummingbird Foundation Inc. $100,001.00 $250,000.00
India Today Group $100,001.00 $250,000.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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Mohegan Sun $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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MTV Networks $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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Oak Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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The American Jewish Committee $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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The Clarence and Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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The Estate of Mary Perry $100,001.00 $250,000.00
The Forward Electric Company, Ltd. $100,001.00 $250,000.00
The Monte dei Paschi di Siena $100,001.00 $250,000.00
The Nurture Nature Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
The Spirit Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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The University of Judaism $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Jonathan M. Tisch $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Andrew Tobias $100,001.00 $250,000.00
United Nations Foundation $100,001.00 $250,000.00
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Visa Inc. $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Wallace Global Fund $100,001.00 $250,000.00
William Wardlaw $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Mark Weiner $100,001.00 $250,000.00
Poju Zabludowicz $100,001.00 $250,000.00



SPJ Ethics Committee Position Papers

Political Involvement

The SPJ Ethics Committee gets a significant number of questions about whether journalists should engage in political activity. The simplest answer is “No.” Don’t do it. Don’t get involved. Don’t contribute money, don’t work in a campaign, don’t lobby, and especially, don’t run for office yourself.

But it’s a bit more nuanced than that. These are the most pertinent parts of the SPJ Code of Ethics:

— Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived
— Remain free of associations that may compromise integrity or damage credibility

While those are the most directly relevant provisions, the following also apply, but in different ways:

— Disclose unavoidable conflicts
— Be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable
— Distinguish between advocacy and news reporting. Analysis and commentary should be labeled and not misrepresent fact or context
— Recognize a special obligation to ensure that the public’s business is conducted in the open and that government records are open to inspection

Objectivity in today’s superheated political environment may be impossible, but impartiality should still be a reporter’s goal. Even those who are paid to have opinions — columnists, editorial writers, talk show hosts, bloggers (OK, maybe not always paid) — should at least be aware of all relevant points of view.

Skeptics of journalistic objectivity are quick to point out that some publishers and owners of news media outlets may not follow the rules they lay down for their employees. A few get more deeply involved, and they may contribute to candidates. Is this ethical? It’s at best a double standard, and a questionable practice. But at the very minimum there should be public disclosure — in their own media — when media magnates get politically involved in this way.

Reporters covering politics are at the other end of this spectrum of what may be tolerated. For them, almost no political activity is OK. Some reporters interpret this as meaning it’s off-limits even to register to vote as a Democrat or Republican or third-party member. Some take it to extremes and even decline to vote in a general election. Those are extreme positions, and unnecessarily prim. The proof of a reporter’s impartiality should be in the performance.

Families and close relationships create another set of ethical dilemmas. If a reporter’s spouse, family member or other relative — or even a close friend — runs for office, the reporter should not be covering the campaign. The same is true if a spouse or relative is working in a campaign. Issues campaigns — public referendums, bonding for public works projects, tax questions, etc. — are less likely to be considered partisan than candidate elections. But even here, a reporter covering a campaign shouldn’t take sides.

For political reporters, yard signs, bumper stickers and even campaign buttons should be considered off-limits. For a broader range of journalists — whether they’re covering politics or not — political activism should be avoided. The editor/publisher of a Denver newspaper once told his employees not to attend a concert whose proceeds were being donated by the band to a candidate for the U.S. Senate. That applied to all employees, from newsroom to mailroom.

Many employers’ codes of ethics are much more specific than SPJ’s code about their employees’ involvement in politics. The SPJ code is merely advisory, but a journalist can be fired for violating an employer’s ethical rules. NPR’s code, for instance, says quite bluntly that “NPR journalists may not participate in marches and rallies” concerning issues that NPR covers — which is pretty much everything.

Newspapers, in particular, have a longstanding practice of endorsing candidates in competitive political races. Although some readers think these endorsements signal a bias in the publication’s news coverage, SPJ encourages editorial pages to promote thoughtful debate on candidates and politics; letting readers know through endorsements which candidates share the newspaper’s vision is part of that discussion. Part of an editorial page’s responsibility, though, to take every appropriate opportunity to explain the firewall between news and opinion.

Reporters are not columnists or editorial writers. SPJ’s recommendation is that reporters not take a position on an issue, or in a candidate race, that they are covering. They may do so privately, but they definitely should not do so in a public or visible way.

Ironically, journalism is a profession protected by the same First Amendment that grants to all citizens the right to run for office or to support, by word, deed or cash, the people they would like to see elected. But journalists who want to be perceived as impartial must avoid any display of partisanship.

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