It took me a while to realize that “Me” before “You” meant who Will Traynor was before Louisa “Lou” Clark came into his life.

Sam ClaflinWill Traynor (Sam Claflin) was a wealthy, athletic, handsome, smart, young banker totally enjoying his life and girlfriend when one rainy day he was hit by a motorcycle and became a quadriplegic. Two years later, wheelchair bound, an aid caring for all his physical needs, his girlfriend now marrying his one-time close friend, in constant physical pain, in and out of the hospital with pneumonia, Will wants to end his life of suffering. Having lost all hope, his loving and very wealthy parents agree to take him to a clinic in Switzerland (to fulfill his wish) on condition he give his life another six months. During that time, Will’s mother hires Lou (Emilia Clarke) as Will’s companion, Lou being a pretty, quirky, cheerful, optimistic, young woman who desperately needs a job. download

We were handed a packet of tissues as we entered the theater so we kind of knew this movie was a tear-jerker. What I had not expected, however, was the ending. And yes, I cried.

I recommend this movie to anyone who needs a “good cry”. There actually are some issues to discuss after seeing the film regarding “right to die” and “reason not to” but I don’t want to give away the ending and ruin it for those who will see the film. The movie was a bit long and slow at times, and definitely manipulative, but the chemistry between Amilia Clarke and Sam Claflin was worth watching.

Stewart thought the movie was two hours too long and gave me his tissues!

Directed by Thea Sharrock, screenplay by JoJo Moyes distributed by Warner Bros. UK, adapted from the book Me Before You.


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