Marcus Kowal known as a formidable Mixed Martial Arts fighter held his toddler’s hand as he switched off his baby’s life support. The baby and his aunt were hit by a 72 year old drunk driver in Hawthorne, California.


  • The little boy, Liam Kowal was in his stroller being walked by his 15-year-old aunt
  • Liam Kowal was brain dead by Sunday. Life support ended Tuesday.
  • MMA fighter Marcus Kowal posted a heartbreaking Facebook page about it 
  • Marcus is offering his sons organs to babies about his size in need
  • Donna Marie Higgins, 72 years old was arrested on felony murder charges
  • Higgins tried to take off and had to be stopped by multiple police cars
  • The baby’s aunt sustained critical injuries, is undergoing surgery and remains in ICU

GoFundMeMixed Martial Arts fighter Marcus Kowal and Mishel Eder went through the most heartbreaking experience any parent has to face. The actuality of having to turn off the life support to their baby.

Little Liam has been on life support since he and his aunt were hit by a car driven by the drunken Donna Marie Higgins in Hawthorne, California. The baby’s aunt remains in ICU but doctors recommended that the machine be turned off on the baby as he showed no signs of life.

Kowal is Swedish and posted his final images of the baby online. The photo shows the baby’s little hand, scratched from the accident with a caption that reads…  “Good night baby, you will always remain with us. Pappa älskar dig (Daddy loves you).

The baby’s mommy, Eder added a photo where she’s holding her baby’s hand next to a plushy toy. The captain read… “Good by to my light, my love before he goes to save lives. This pain is unbearable. Liam, I love you. Hug your children, kiss them always. Don’t lose patience. Laugh with them often. Get off your phones and play games. #rememberliam”

The day became a nightmare for the parents as they received desperate calls from parents asking to harvest Liam’s organs for their babies in need of organ transplants.

The baby was being walked in his stroller by his mother’s 15 year old sister but the drunken Higgins not only hit the two but then proceeded to escape.

Witnesses followed her car and blocked off her routes waiting for the authorities to arrive. The teenager sustained serious injuries but the baby could not hold on. He was found strapped in his stroller, not breathing and had no pulse.

Both were moved to UCLA’s Medical Center. The baby sustained serious internal injuries and never woke up. He was declared brain dead at the medical facility.


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